February 28, 2010

Sunday Afternoons

Chuck and I missed Church today because I wasn't feeling so hot earlier. We had to run to Wal-Mart because I wasn't finding what I needed at Target or Walgreens or any other store. So we decided to go slumming at our local Wal-Mart in Martinez. Now if ya know me I love my Wal-Mart. I used to be an avid shopper at our one in El Cajon. That one was awesome. It had 2 floors, and everything you wanted...and then some. But when we moved North...we found that our beloved Wal-Mart was pretty scuzzy looking. We have only been to this store a few times. Even though we always find what we want.....That place gives me the Hebe-jebe's!!

On our way back from Wal-Mart, and on our way to the best Ice Cream ever....we pulled up along side this beauty!! Can I have one? It's only $82,000.00 Yes Please!!! ;0)

XoXo-Andrea Carla

Everything and The Kitchen Sink!!

Today Chuck took me to a place that has officially ruined me forever!!! First we went slumming at our local Wal-Mart...Yes it really is that scuzzy. ha ha Then we decided we needed some good ole Ice Cream since it was about 70 outside!! ;0) I said we should hit up the local DQ since we get free coupons for it all the time online. I always get the Mint Ice Cream with Snickers mixed in!! ;0) When you are dealing with places like Dairy Queen....You gotta change it up a little, and make your own weird concoctions. ;0) Well Chuck said we needed to try the San Francisco Creamery in Walnut Creek.

One of Chuck's Marines said him and his girl ate there, and had tried the Crab sandwich and it was pretty good. I haven't found a good crabby sandwich since we lived in Fallbrook. Dominiques Delacatisen was the bomb diggity. So Chuck and I decided to try the crab sandwich. It was all right, but I don't think it was all that. But I wouldn't say no if it was given to me! lol
Now Adam from Man vs Food was actually at this location, and did the challenge of eating the Kitchen Sink!! We saw several groups try this while we were there. And none of the adults were able to do this. Even this group of 7 adults that was sitting next to us couldn't finish it. But.....6 little girls who were probaly 8 years old put one away!! lol I thought it was pretty funny!!! Teeny Tiny little girls put this thing away!! lol

What we got was called the:
Candy Train Sundae

It's as if Willy Wonka blew up the whole chocolate factory over this sundae! All aboard for an unforgettable chocolate ride! Rocky Road, Cookies & Cream and Mint Chocolate Chip ice creams topped with chocolate syrup and marshmallow toppings. Outfitted with whipped cream, M&M's, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and a cherry
We substituted the Rocky Road Ice Cream for a scoop of Chocolate Fudge Brownie!! My favorite ice cream is Mint Chocolate Chip!! I love Mint!! And well.....This Mint Chocolate Chip was the best I have ever had!!! It was AMAZING!!! The other flavors were great, and I am now ruined for life!!! This Ice Cream was just the Bomb Diggity!!! If you are in the are, you have to go here!!!

We throw everything at you with this gigantic sundae served in our own specially made sink! We take three sliced bananas, scoops of your choice of up to 8 choices of ice creams, 8 servings of toppings, mounds and mounds of whipped cream, chopped toasted almonds and cherries. Served one (if you dare) to six people. Perfect for birthdays and special celebrations. Includes a picture to take home and one on our Wall of Fame - 39.95

The Kitchen Sink Sundae Contest - Win Free Ice Cream for a Year !
For all you Man v Food fans who are wondering why Adam Richman got 1 hour and you only get 30 minutes, here's why:

When Adam came here to do the challenge, our current record time to beat was 1 hour. One week after the Man v Food show aired, we had a beast of a man eat it in 7 minutes! (Yes, we watched him and timed him!) The current time to beat should be 7 minutes, but we don't think that's attainable for most. So we rose the time to beat to 30 minutes.

Come on in to see pictures of all of the winners of the Kitchen Sink Challenge, including Man v Food's Adam Richman.

Here are the rules:

*You will have 30 minutes to completely eat the entire contents of the Kitchen Sink Sundae, including anything that spills onto the tray or table. You must consume the Kitchen Sink Sundae by yourself. No help is allowed - Any help from someone will result in immediate disqualification. A qualified San Francisco Creamery Co. staff member will monitor your progress and let you know when you have completed the challenge or when you have run out of time.

*Your Kitchen Sink Sundae must consist of 3 bananas, 8 scoops of ice cream, 8 toppings, whippped creams, nuts, and cherries. You may substitute the nuts with another topping.

*Please use the restroom prior to the start of the 30-minute time period as you may not leave the table once the time has started. You are allowed to stand up and stretch if you desire to do so.

*You are allowed to drink beverages or eat food along with your Kitchen Sink Sundae. All beverages and food must be ordered from our menu.

*If at any point during the 30-minute period, you vomit, throw up, barf...well you get the picture, you will be immediately disqualified.

*Participation in this contest is strictly voluntary and of your own free will. By participating, you agree to hold harmless to San Francisco Creamery Co. and its representatives for any and all damages to you and/or your property while participating in this challenge.

*The Kitchen Sink Sundae must be eaten with a utensil (we have big spoons available if you want to use one). You cannot grab the ice cream with your bare hands.

*If you finish the Kitchen Sink Sundae in less than 30 minutes, it will be free! Also, you will receive free ice cream for a year (limited to one single sundae per day). The free ice cream is non-transferrable and can only be redeemed in person by the winner.

*If you have the fastest time, you will get your picture placed in a special frame so that you can be worshipped and admired by legions of ice cream fans for one year or until a worthy challenger can beat your time.

Good Luck

Here are our pics.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

February 27, 2010

I might die!! The end is near........

Yesterday we received a letter in the mail that I thought was junk. Normally I throw this stuff out, and I almost did with this one. But by chance today I opened it. And what did I find? A recall letter for something I got Chuck at Christmas time. I got him Blue Raspberry Sugar Floss. Well apparently something is really really wrong with our batch. They didn't say what was in it that was so bad, but they did say slivers of something. The instructions to get rid of it, weren't just throw it out, but to destroy it in a certain way. Then they said the FDA would be contacting me about this. ;-O I am a little concerned!! They also said we had to document the destruction of the floss, and the box. So here are the pics from the event.

We could die, and we don't even know what from!!! This has been such a trying time for us. We don't know how we could get through this without Bud and Paige.....If we never see each other again....Just know that we love you all!!!!

XoXo-Andrea Carla

Bye Bye Birdies

I feel so awful when I have to do this, but this little girl and her boyfriend are like bunny rabbits! So almost weekly I am taking her babies from her. I used to let them hatch, and it was very fun to watch the entire process. But alas I don't have enough room in the cage for more birds. Well I mean I guess I could. But then we have brothers and sisters, and mom's and dad's hooking up, and that is no good at all. So for now I am the bad guy and removing the eggs. I love finches. You don't need to spend time earning their trust so they will sit on your finger. You don't have to listen to their angry screeching like you would with parakeets, or cockatiels. They have a very beautiful little song and I love hearing them all the time. They never are annoying.

The Zebra finch with their Orange beaks are beautiful and fun. But by far my favorite is the society finch male. He is so fierce and and bold. He is so protective of his girl, and I love that. Also the Male's have the best looking hair!!! Their little mop on top is so messed up, and it makes me love them even more. ;0) Here are a few pics of my little babies!! ;0)

XoXo-Andrea Carla
A palace! ;0)

Mom and her babies....

The Boys....so protective

The girls. They are so cute!

Society Finch Male He is so handsome. ;0)

12 Rounds Review

All right. I just had to put some eye candy up for the girls first. Now I did not watch this movie just for the eye candy, but....it did make it even better.

I missed probably the first 15 minutes of the movie, and so I am not sure what happened. But I guess that means I will have to watch it again. darn.... ;0)
The movie from what I saw started out very strong. The pretty girl flirts with the cop, a gun battle starts, and then girl dies. Cena entertains as a great actor, as well as eye candy for the girls who could care less about action movies.

The suspense of the 12 rounds is fun. The action is good, and it is I think a good all around movie! I would rec. to anyone who enjoys a good action type movie. I give it 4 out of 5 stars!! ;0)

XoXo-Andrea Carla

February 26, 2010

Purge....I say...Purge!!

Not to be out done by the Bain's at all, I simply have to say that I as well cleaned my room today. And what did I find on the floor?

10 everyday shirts
6 Marine Corps shirts
16 Tank Tops
2 sweaters
1 Ty baby crab
1 belt
1 Nightie
1 pair of slacks
17 Jammy shorts
38 YMCA Shirts (and that was not even close to all of them)
and last but not least
2 over the shoulder boulder holders!!

I feel so refreshed after purging my closet. I still need to do it again, but I think I need to work a little harder on things I am willing to get rid of. But not bad for an afternoon right? ha ha ha Now I am watching the movie 12 Rounds...I will do a review on it later.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

My name is in the Credits of a movie...or at least it will be!

Have you ever had a fantastic idea or dream, but the odds of getting the funds, or means to make this dream come true were slim to none, so you gave up? I have.... Do you remember having your dreams crushed when you were younger, because a parent or bank account didn't think your idea was worth investing or wasting money on? I think most people can answer yes to that......But today I read about a couple of teenagers who have very creatively found a way to make their dreams come true. They are asking the public, and celebrities to help, and It is so cheap and easy....I think it is worth it. I mean really it is only $10 How many times have you wasted that small of a sum on candy, food, soda, a lame movie??? And these kids have given you the opportunity to have your name attached to their project. It's genius!!!

Here is the article I read on the Wonder Wall today:.....

Jude Law backs teen effort to fund film The Associated Press, February 26, 2010
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NEW YORK (AP) -- Their movie isn't out yet — or even made — but three teenage filmmakers already have video promotions from Jude Law and Stephen Fry.

"Now more than ever it's incredibly difficult to get a film funded even if you've been doing it for years and have a good track record," Law says in the video he shot for Adrian Bliss, Ben Robbins and Toby Stubbs, who discovered "Clovis Dardentor," an 1896 novel by Jules Verne, and decided to make a movie of the comic story about two friends who try to get adopted by a wealthy man.
Jude Law backs teen effort to fund film The Associated Press, February 26, 2010
Related: News, Jude Law
NEW YORK (AP) -- Their movie isn't out yet — or even made — but three teenage filmmakers already have video promotions from Jude Law and Stephen Fry.

"Now more than ever it's incredibly difficult to get a film funded even if you've been doing it for years and have a good track record," Law says in the video he shot for Adrian Bliss, Ben Robbins and Toby Stubbs, who discovered "Clovis Dardentor," an 1896 novel by Jules Verne, and decided to make a movie of the comic story about two friends who try to get adopted by a wealthy man.
"No matter how passionate you are, or how good your film could be, it's still a monumental struggle to get the money together. What could make it harder is if you're a teenager like Adrian, Toby and Ben who found a forgotten Jules Verne novel in the British library and they knew instantly they wanted to make it into a film," says Law, speaking alone on camera with a "Sherlock Holmes" sign behind him.

Determined to become filmmakers, the trio hatched their plan during their final year in a London secondary school. But Stubbs, 18, says they knew they had to find a creative way get funding.

"We knew we couldn't just go around to these studios and ask for money because of our age, because we were even younger back then, a year ago," he says.

"Well, we did try, didn't we? We called up. It was, 'No, no. Sorry.' And then they hung up," Bliss, 19, adds.

So, they used the Internet, social networking and a bit of bluster to get their production off the ground. Many people have turned to micro-financing to launch record albums or films, employing the Internet as a fundraising tool. But Stubbs, Bliss and Robbins found a way to involve celebrities.

"We thought about it and thought what could we sell to
people that there are lots of in a film and that's when credits came up," Stubbs says. "Everyone wants to see their names on the end credits of a film."

The result is http://www.buyacredit.com, which sells end credits for $10 a name. Stubbs, Bliss and Robbins, 19, are also selling advertising space on the site. The teens, who need $2 million, say they have already raised about $150,000.

"Essentially, you can be a movie producer and see your name on the end credits of a film knowing that you've helped to make it happen," Law says in the video, which was made available to The Associated Press. "The aim
of the project is to provide a window into the world of movies and to show ... a real-time 'making of' through the Web site, blogs, YouTube and Twitter."

Larger donors are offered set visits and even cameo roles.

Fry has already appeared in a 10-minute film the three produced called "Jam" and will have the lead role of the wealthy Mr. Eustache in "Clovis Dardentor." Fry says he "admired in an amused manner the chutzpah, determination and the charm of these three young fellows in their determination to get into the movie business this way."

The teens landed Fry after sending dozens of tweets to his Twitter page.

"I clicked on their site and I thought, 'Oh, that's very sweet and very clever. So, I re tweeted it and drew other people's attention to it and Adrian, who's sort of the leader of the gang, he got in touch with me to thank me and his way of thanking me was asking for more favors."

Fry also appears in a video on the teens' Web site and asked friends such as Sir Ian McKellen and Rowan Atkinson to offer their backing as well.

Law got involved after Bliss talked him up outside a London theater.
"When we found out that he was in London doing 'Hamlet,' ... we thought, 'Well, there's a chance to try and contact him,'" Bliss says. "So I ... waited outside the stage door for him to come in and I met him there and I told him about the project ... and he was really interested and that's how we sort of got his support from the start."

The teens say Law was soon giving advice. He looked over their script, offered to make the video and hired his own camera crew to shoot while doing publicity for the film "Sherlock Holmes," in which he played Watson to Robert Downey Jr.'s Holmes.

They hope Law's pitch will resonate with wannabe producers so the young filmmakers can reach their $2 million goal.

I have already added my name....Will you? And just think.....Why not? You are doing something great for a few kids who will never forget you. This will be the biggest thing in their life, that they will forever remember. Why not help them make this an Epic Success, instead of a huge failure?!!! Here is the website once again....I hope you go and at least consider it!!! www.buyacredit.com

Love you all
XoXo-Andrea Carla

Stake Temple night

I had every intention of going to the Stake Temple night last night. I thought it would be fun, and instead of being crowded in the small cramped room like Ward Temple night....We would be in the large room. The more I thought about it, the more I thought about how crowded it would be. I mean it's not like a normal stake back home, where it is just a few wards. This is a massive massive stake. I am talking like the Kent Concert Hall big from USU...But me being me....I was still determined to go. I was really going to be lucky to get there on time, because I am busy every Thursday from 5-6pm so I was going to have to rush afterwards to beat through the evening traffic, make it through the tunnel, and then get to the Temple on time.

In my TuTe (Institute) class 2 of the guys there work every Thursday at the Temple....I think that is pretty awesome! They are already creating an amazing lifestyle for themselves and I think that is very admirable. Last night was their first night officiating!!! For those who don't understand....It means they were running the show, the Ring leader if you will. Well Jeff was officiating at 5, and there was no way I could make his since I would be already occupied at the time. Nick told me he was officiating at 8, and asked me to come if it fit in my schedule....I thought about it, but was pretty set on the fact that I was going to Stake Temple night. I said thanks, but didn't think I could, since I was starting at 7 and his was 8. The more I thought about it thought, the more sane it sounded. I mean really me fighting to find a parking spot against the entire stake at 7? Am I mentally insane?

Yesterday I had a good class at Tute....they never seem long enough, and I am sad that Tues/Thurs are only one class.....I like my two class days. But as the day went on, I just seemed to be in an awnry mood. The Hubs really irritated me, I had to cancel on the sisters (which I hate, hate to do!), and I felt like wringing the young and stupid neck of the Michael's employee.... (Breath in.....Breath out....ZEN...ZEN...ZEN...) So the more I thought about it, the more I thought I really shouldn't purposely piss myself off ya know....So I opted to go to the 8 pm session, and at least support Nick.

Sometimes I amaze myself at how I talk myself into something and it turns out to be the best idea!! lol My trip to the Temple was fun and relaxing. I was able to unwind in the car with my own personal concert and signing at the top of my lungs!!! Sometimes it is nice to do that when no one else is in the car. And whenever I go to the Temple....I have that 20 minutes or so depending on traffic of being by myself and listening to whatever I want and singing as loud as I want! lol So back to the Temple....I pulled into the parking lot Singing Emma very very loudly I might add...(I wonder if you can hear me outside of the car?) I drove around and around looking for a parking splotch, but alas I could not find one. I was not about to park across the street in the dark lonely parking lot. So I drove behind and below the temple, and what do ya know I found one at the very bottom of the parking lot. Could I feel the burn as I hiked up the lot to the top? Oh yah...Was I about to die? Oh heck yah!!! lol But once I got in the Temple it all died away. I think the Temple is my once place I am safe. Safe from the world, safe from others, and I can be truly calm and relaxed. I can never experience that anywhere else. I think maybe that is why I enjoy going so much...it is an amazing feeling to feel so calm. And especially when I run on high all the time it can be exhausting to be me, and be around me all the time! lol

When I walked in, Nick was standing at the front. He looked a little surprised to see me. I don't blame him since I had kinda said I didn't think I could come. I thought maybe Jeff would be there, but nope. He did a great job, and I never saw him even make 1 mistake! Way to go Nick...Woot Woot!!! It did get so loud from the stake session getting out, that we could hear them during our session, and I was surprised at that....Don't forget kids...we use our whispering voices when inside the Temple!! lol

The evening was awesome, and it was really nice and relaxing...Also I think it was my first session where I didn't feel like falling asleep!!! I know shocking!! Maybe it was because it was so late at night, or maybe it was because I couldn't fall asleep when a friend is officiating....that would be rude! Maybe I should go to Nick and Jeff's sessions more often. It will help me be more alert perhaps!! lol After I was done, I thought there was one more session, so I hurried around to do one more, but alas everyone was gone!!! BLAST!!! So I changed over, and went and sat in the lobby to record in my Temple Journal who I helped this time. I keep track of everyone I have ever helped!! I have everyone but one person's name! I have a personal goal of helping at the very least 100 people before the end of this year. Anyone want to help me with that? On the way out of the Temple of course the close up parking lot was empty as could be. So I walked all by my onesies to the lower lot, and then to the even lower lot which I call outer darkness...because it was literally in the dark. I try to do what my mommy taught me, and park under a light when I am by myself. And since I am a country bumpkin in the city I try to abide by that as often as possible But this time I parked as close as I could. I swear every sense on me was on alert. I am sure nothing would have happened, but if you know me, everything seems to happen to me. I would say Bad things are drawn to me.....now you might say that is a bleak look on life. I say it is me accepting what is, and being prepared at all times. I hurried as fast as I could down the hill to my car, jumped in, locked the doors...and vroom me and Bells (my cars name) were off! lol Of course I hit traffic on the way home, but that gave me more concert time in the car. Now this was great going at this time, but I was so hyper afterwards and just high on life. lol Here are a few pics for entertainment..

Well that is all for now. Love you all, and I can't wait to see you all at the Temple again!!!

XoXo-Andrea Carla

Paige Upset with me for leaving her to go to my TuTe class. lol My little Princess!

Harley not wanting me to go to the Temple when Chuck is trying to trim his nails! He is such a Mommy's boy! lol And he really isn't a lap dog even though he thinks he is! lol