March 16, 2014

Packing Up

Ohhh my this is hard.  I have been packing things up, and throwing junk out. I have donated a lot to Bear's school, and I am sure will have more to donate soon.  I have taken apart most of bear's school area and donated the stuff.

I have to say it is a bit heartbreaking doing all of this. But not much I can do about it.

Today I was watching a movie that I love a lot, and one of my favorite lines came up and the first thing I wanted to do was share it with chuck. But alas that isn't my place any more.  So I took a picture of it instead on the screen.

It was the scene in Notting Hill where they describe to each other about the picture of the goat playing a Violin.  She says: " It feels like how love should be. Floating through a dark blue sky.  Happiness isn't happiness without a violin-playing goat."
I have always loved that part of the movie. ;0D but funny enough I have always mixed that painting up with this one. lol oops!
                                          This painting makes me think of happiness. ;0D

I think the worst part of all of this is the unknown.  What will happen? Where will we end up? Will we get screwed over?

I am hoping I can find a little place that will allow us to stay there for a little while.  Some place with a back patio and yard for the bear to play. Some place that he can have his sand box since he plays in it almost daily.  A place that is cozy and feels like home.  I wish I could buy us a little house, but alas the whole not really working that much for the last few years and being a stay at home wife and mom really puts a stop to that dream. lol

Well not much else to report.  Life is kind of the dull drums, but we are trying to manage. 

We will keep you updated.... Now if I could just kick this cold that I still have. ughhhhh!!!

XoXo- Mama Bear