March 5, 2015

Chuck visits and other fun stuff. September through October 2014

Chuck came for his first visit in August, and we had a pretty good time.  We visited the fair for he first time as a couple, and it was Bear's first time as well. We also took Bear on his first ever fishing trip. And he caught the first and best fish!!

Playing in the cool fort they built

going to the movies

The Fort

The Fort

 First fishing trip. He has no idea what we are doing or why. lol

His first fish he caught with his Papa!! He was pretty proud of himself!!

watching our fish get cleaned

His first fair ride. He wasn't a huge fan

 Chuck took me out on a date to the movies

Arm wrestling Papa

Sporting an awesome hat!!

Papa took him on a motorcycle ride

Papa gave him a cool Monster truck
So in September Chuck came to visit. By then I was really working out at the gym a lot, and going to the spa almost daily for hydration and tanning.   I had already lost a lot of weight 60lbs. so far, and was really feeling confident about myself.

Chuck surprised me with a night away for our 14 year wedding anniversary. This is the first time we have gotten away for it. wooohooo I was pretty darned excited.

He made a reservation at The Anniversary Inn in Logan.  And he got the best and biggest room. Juliet's Balcony. It was soooo sweet and romantic!!
This is what you see when you enter

The upstairs bedroom. The bed was so amazing and comfy.

The upstairs walkway and sitting area

 Dinner at Oliver Garden my favorite place.

He bought me two Tiffany necklaces. And!

The towels by our Hot Tub

 Our morning breakfast tasted pretty amazing!!!
It was such a sweet and romantic evening. It was much needed to help in repairing us after so much time apart and damage. I hope we can do it again someday. ;0D

The next morning we missed the gym, and just went straight home to see our bear. It was the first time we have spent away from him and I was afraid he might have had a rough night.  When we arrived he was on his way outside to play, and was super excited to see his Papa again. He had stayed up pretty late watching movies and having a fun night of his own. ;0D

We went fishing again and just weren't having much luck. So we bought most of our fish. lol

He danced in the fountains at the City Creek mall in Salt Lake City. He was soaked from head to toe, and he had a blast doing it. We just ran across the way to a store and got him some dry clothes on sale for super cheap for the ride home. lol The sales lady said kids come in all the time soaked from the fountains. lol

We stopped by Target on the way home since we don't have one near us, and checked out prices on headphones since Mama has been thinking about a better pair for when at the gym

The Three Bears

Silly ole Bear. Bear's didn't know it, but we were secretly price shopping for a big boy bike for Bear's big Christmas present.

Ha ha ha Papa got him one now instead of waiting. lol Once Bear's saw it and got on it, he couldn't put it back. Papa Bear was mush is Baby Bear's hands. lol

 We took him on his first big bike ride and he rode for over an hour. I am surprised he lasted so long. lol

Taking Papa to the airport to say goodbye. We won't see him again for 13 months. ;0(

We took Bear's to an Easter Egg hunt at the Zoo with the cool Iron Man costume his Papa bought him. And Bear's started school at his new school in Utah

Second day of school

Fall is really in the air now

I got to see Kat, whom  hadn't seen since my wedding day 14 years earlier.  Ohhhh I missed her.   On my way home that day from seeing her I cried and cried that I would never have the sweet and amazing little family that she is blessed with.  How if something happened to my bear I wasn't sealed to him for time and all eternity in the temple. My heart ached for the fact that I wouldn't be having any more kids, and for the little girl I longed to have.

The next day my beautiful friend Kat came through town on her way home. We let the boys play together for a little bit at the park. Ohhh how I wish we could do this more often.

After the park The Bear and I went to the zoo.  A turkey nipped his little finger and almost ruined the whole thing.

Telling me how his finger hurt. lol
 The next day was a Sunday and the Bear and I were lounging around  watching cartoons. Then I got a phone call from Chuck saying he has sent me something and to check the front porch. Holy Moly Chuck was right on my door step!!! Bear's was super excited to see him, I was in shock. lol I had no idea he was coming. lol

It was a whirlwind visit. And he was only here for a few days. We got some family pictures taken, and tried to do the whole Trick-or-Treat thing with Bear's but he was coming down with a cold. So we went out to dinner instead.

The Best picture Ever!!!

Bear's is very territorial about his Papa. I am not allowed to hug or kiss him. lol

The Bear and I got pretty sick  right at the end of Papa's trip. But we had a great visit. Little did I know I had got pregnant while Chuck was visiting this time. Ooops!!
XoXo- Mama Bear