March 28, 2013

Equals sign!

I am really disappointed in people. A friend of mine changed her profile picture to the equals sign and now she is under fire for it. I have to admit I had no clue what it was when it first started popping up on FaceBook. It looked like half of a picture and that FaceBook wasn't allowing you to see the entire thing. (You know like the picture was bigger than the allowed square for viewing.)  But later on found out what it meant and what it's for. Awesome.

    So as many of you know I am MORMON. yup I am one of those and proud of it. But I also share some of the same views as you do.  I believe that we need to separate this whole church/state thing. The line has seemed to have become fuzzy.  I also believe that we are allowed to have our own opinion and not put someone down because of it. I believe in God, some people don't. It doesn't make either of us right or wrong. Who am I to judge someone else's beliefs?  Of course I believe my Church is right, but if someone doesn't believe in the same things that doesn't make them wrong and me right, or vice versa.

   Now back to the whole equal rights debate and prop 8 thing (and let's be clear that I am not fully educated on prop 8). You know we all need to remember that we are different individuals. just because we believe in one thing and not another, or choose to like someone that I think is different from my own choice does not give you or any other person the right to be cruel to each other.

Just remember to be kind, to not judge, to not make fun of, and to just show love (or kindness if you can't do love) to each other. You really have no idea what one individual person is dealing with or what demons they are tormented with on a daily basis. Be kind.

XoXo- Mama Bear

Busy Bear's!

The Three Bear's have been busy Bear's lately.  Papa Bear took a week off of work that he has been trying to take since February.  The day he was to go on leave it hadn't even been approved yet. So he had to make some calls. That was on Friday. Monday it was finally approved. lol  We went to Baby Bear's Sign Language class, then Chuck-E-Cheese on Monday with some friends who wanted to take us out and celebrate a very be-lated birthday for Baby Bear We had a lot of fun, and Baby Bear loved playing skeet ball.
     Tuesday was Bear's speech Therapy which he always loves because I think he is in love with his speech teacher Miss. Melaine.
      Wednesday I  had a Dr. appointment, and after Papa got called into work to deliver all the motorcycle stuff up to BT. so it took a few hours to take care of.
      Thursday the Bear and I went to the Wild Animal Park together for the day and had a blast. It was warm enough that we even got to play at the little water park. We went on the tram ride, and petted the goats which I think is Bear's favorite part of the trip.
      And Friday we went to California Adventure, and DisneyLand as a family. We were completely underwhelmed by California Adventure, so we left and played at Disneyland the rest of the time. I felt bad because I have been wanting Papa and Baby Bear to see Fantasmic at DisneyLand. So I finally got Papa to agree and we found a great place to sit down and watch it. Well poor Baby Bear was scared almost the entire time.. He clung to Papa Bear every time the fireworks went off or really anytime anything happened he would just cling to his Papa. I felt really bad. My poor little bear. We opted to head home after that.

   So we have been super busy this last week. But now it is back to our regular schedule.

xoxo-Mama Bear