December 31, 2012

December's Shenanigans

1-I LOVE that you are excited about all the Christmas Decorations

2-I LOVE that you love your daddy and are best buddies

3-I LOVE how much you love your teacher Miss Melaine

4-I LOVE how big of a boy you were about having your endoscopy

5-I LOVE watching your face on Christmas morning after seeing all that Santa left for you.

XoXo-Mama Bear

December 25, 2012

A very Bearrry Christmas!!!

Today Baby Bear had his second AMAZING Christmas!!

   I woke up before him and started getting things ready. I got him a bottle and went into his room pulled his Binky out and stuck his bottle in. Then I went and turned all the lights on, and  plugged the battery into my camera (yah I even thought ahead on that one. lol) 

Then I made sure that Papa and the Bear were up, and started to take pictures as they came down the  hall. I tell you what saving presents all year long really pays off well. lol
      I took pictures of Bear's face and he wasn't so sure of what was going on in the living room. He was a little confused. ha ha ha

So Papa Bear put him down and the fun started!! He couldn't believe his eyes.  There was just so much awesomeness to behold. ha ha ha Bears started opening presents and it was great watching him and how astonished he was at everything.


So we had a pretty great day, and Riley had such an amazing time. ;0D He was sooo pleased with himself the entire day. Finally at around 1:30 Papa Bear decided to put him down for a nap thinking he has been so amped up he has got to be tired. So we made him a bottle and Papa took him in to rock him to sleep, and the poor little bear passed right out before he could even drink his bottle. LOL I guess he was a little tired. ha ha ha He slept until about 4 and then woke up fully energized again.  It was awesome to watch how happy he was and how amazed with everything he was. lol

Well we finished off this great day with a fantastic dinner made by Papa Bear, and watching the movie Men in Black 3. It was super duper funny.  Now some sleep!

XoXo- Mama Bear

December 4, 2012

It's a Scentsy life for me!!!

Things are going great with Scentsy. I have been working hard but I don't feel I have been working hard enough trying to get enough customer sales for the Holidays. I worked so hard to get some sales for November, but due to a slow server I couldn't get the order to close in time and it posted at 12:01 December 1st. So I lost out to a lot of commission for November's commission and a paycheck in time for Christmas. Booo

    So I am really going to work it this month.  It is difficult to get new customers, but I really am going to try. Our Company C.O. stopped by this evening so he could pick up a bag with all the scentsy testers inside and that is awesome. He is our neighbor and a really great guy. So crossing my fingers it works out.

    I also left a bag of testers at the place Baby Bear goes for speech and OT. I will pick them up on Friday and see if anyone HOPEFULLY wants to order.

I need to find some other places to hopefully get some orders from . Tomorrow I think I will drop off a bag at my Dr.'s office and let the girls behind the desk check it out and pick up the next week.  Thursday I will be going to Papa Bear's shop BQ's because it is field day for them. So I am going to take all my stock and hope that someone or a few people will want something. lol  My goal is to get at least a $1,000 order for the 15th. That would help with my goal of trying to go home in January for Baby Bear's birthday.

So I have to work, work, work for it!!!   I even joined a networking group online to try and help get my name and what I do out in the world! ;0D Well I guess I should get off of here, and start advertising!! ;0D

So for those who don't know what I do....Please check out this video. This is how Scentsy started.

And this is what the Scentsy warmer is.....

Thanks for reading. Don't forget to check out my websites. And buy some for you or holiday gifts!
XoXo-Mama Bear

November 30, 2012

November's Shenanigans

1-I LOVE that we went to DisneyLand just the two of us

2-I LOVE that you were flirting with the Queen of Hearts and blew her a kiss

3-I LOVE how much you love bubbles

4-I LOVE that you love fireworks

5-I LOVE that you love me

XoXo-Mama Bear

November 23, 2012

It's what I do!

So for those who don't follow me on facebook or haven't checked out my websites, I wanted to show you some of my stuff. 

I was able to place my first large order for my Grace Adele business. Thanks to my friend S for falling in love with some of the purses. ;0D I was so excited to get them in the mail. I would check my website a few times a day to see when it would ship. lol (I wasn't excited at all. ha ha) Finally Wednesday it came at 7:30 p.m.. Of course this day of all days my UPS guy who always shows up around noon was running late and didn't show up until late in the evening. Ughhhhh My impatience was killing me. ha ha

Finally the boxes came and I tore into them. wooohooo. Here is the stash of awesome that arrived:

I am so excited!!! I love them!
Don't forget Christmas is on it's way!!!!
XoXo-Mama Bear
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November 15, 2012

A date with Mama to DisneyLand

So on Monday the bear and I had a hot date to DisneyLand. Papa had decided to go on a bike ride with his friends for Veterans day. And so the Bear an I decided instead of sitting around doing whole bunches of nothing, we would go play in NeverLand for the day. 

So we packed up the car. and took off.  We got to the park and started taking pictures and having fun. Baby Bear was awesome and was using his sign language really well to ask to go on the rides he wanted.  We had so much fun. One of our main goals was to find the Veterans Day Pin that they had. But every where we went and asked I was told that only DisneyWorld had them this year. But I was determined to find it. Finally I found a shop and the guy knew what I was talking about. And he had a few left. So luckily the Bear and I were able to add one to our pin collection. ;0D

We watched the fireworks, saw the lights, and watched the Parade. We had so much fun together, and of course Baby Bear was flirting with all the girls. Her are the pictures I have. ;0D

XoXo- Mama Bear

We just entered the park to start our day

Bear's first Chip and Dale show! lol

He loved the white Rabbit

Bear's even blew the Queen a kiss

The little boy by Mickey got away from his parents and was tugging on Mickey's pants it was soooo cute

My sweet little boy

Ready for our day of awesome fun

The castle looked amazing

 a Knight on his mighty steed

He kept saying GO GO GO!!

This is by far Bear's favorite ride

He loves going fast

You end up paying how much to go to DisneyLand and the one thing that entertains him the most is the guy who was picking up garbage who had bubbles. lol He waled up to him and asked in sign language for bubbles. It was so cute, and he was so excited!!

By far my favorite picture of our trip

He is loving the parade

He kept saying WOW!

The snowflakes were on roller skates

Poor Eeyore's sled broke down on him.

Bear's second favorite ride

The Beautiful castle at night!

It's a small world

They had sparkly dream catchers and they looked so cool




He was soooo excited to go on the Orbiter ride

When it snowed he squealed he was so excited!!