December 4, 2012

It's a Scentsy life for me!!!

Things are going great with Scentsy. I have been working hard but I don't feel I have been working hard enough trying to get enough customer sales for the Holidays. I worked so hard to get some sales for November, but due to a slow server I couldn't get the order to close in time and it posted at 12:01 December 1st. So I lost out to a lot of commission for November's commission and a paycheck in time for Christmas. Booo

    So I am really going to work it this month.  It is difficult to get new customers, but I really am going to try. Our Company C.O. stopped by this evening so he could pick up a bag with all the scentsy testers inside and that is awesome. He is our neighbor and a really great guy. So crossing my fingers it works out.

    I also left a bag of testers at the place Baby Bear goes for speech and OT. I will pick them up on Friday and see if anyone HOPEFULLY wants to order.

I need to find some other places to hopefully get some orders from . Tomorrow I think I will drop off a bag at my Dr.'s office and let the girls behind the desk check it out and pick up the next week.  Thursday I will be going to Papa Bear's shop BQ's because it is field day for them. So I am going to take all my stock and hope that someone or a few people will want something. lol  My goal is to get at least a $1,000 order for the 15th. That would help with my goal of trying to go home in January for Baby Bear's birthday.

So I have to work, work, work for it!!!   I even joined a networking group online to try and help get my name and what I do out in the world! ;0D Well I guess I should get off of here, and start advertising!! ;0D

So for those who don't know what I do....Please check out this video. This is how Scentsy started.

And this is what the Scentsy warmer is.....

Thanks for reading. Don't forget to check out my websites. And buy some for you or holiday gifts!
XoXo-Mama Bear

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