December 29, 2011

Real Classy ladies!!

Well I was about to head off to bed, but I saw an article on MSN and it got my creative blogging juice flowing. (Okay did that make sense? lol) Okay so here is what happened.....

I was sitting on my comfy couch....(still am) and I was shutting down the ole pink computer when I saw a news article......The title: Moms Protest Target Stores I clicked on it thinking why.....what happened at Target. I need to stay up to date on things like this now...even though I am new to the Mommy life....I am still a Mama Bear now, and need to be aware. (at least that is what I tell myself)

    So I click on the article and find that it is really about a boat load of women who were breastfeeding in public out of protest all because another woman in some small Texas town whined about it on her facebook status and that caught the attention of the NIP....or in other words....the group of women who.....(Dun, Dun, Dun.....) Nurse In Public!!!! (lighting just flashed across the screen flashing black and white!!!) Yah I wasn't scared when I read it. Personally I wondered if it was a bunch of women who don't shave their legs or armpits. You know the Granola girls....

     So someone wasn't treated just right when they were nursing in public at a Target store. Apparently she was in a corner being discreet about it. Cool....Good for her. She was hassled by some employees, and then given incorrect info from a CS rep that said the law does not apply in the Target store. Now personally......If this had happened to me I would have been really embarrassed about the entire thing. Yes I would have been upset.....but not so much as to condone a Nurse In where hundreds of women go to a store in protest of the horrible way she was treated and Nurse so openly in public.

    Now don't get me wrong......I understand that a Baby needs to eat. I understand that they don't wait for wait on them hand and foot....and sometimes dang it you have to drop what you are doing and feed them NOW...or 5 minutes ago......or their entire world might fall apart. lol But I also don't feel it is something that has to be done while standing in line at the store. I mean personally I think it is something very, very special between you and your child. I think it is a way to connect to with your child. How are you doing that while walking down the isle trying to pick out a new shampoo, or nail polish color?  I think it is something private.  I am not saying women should have to hide while doing this....but I am saying that I think it is something very private. I personally would go to my car or a dressing room in the early days when I was trying with my son. He could never latch, so I have ended up pumping this entire last year.  And that means interrupting shopping, eating, and whatever else I am doing to go pump. I mean people would have a huge cow if I was pumping while shopping. I have done it in a dressing room, restroom, my car, a few friends bedrooms, a few hospitals when I couldn't make it home in time. I have even pulled over on the side of the road, and while driving.

   My point is.....I really believe this is something that should have been dealt with by contacting the branch GM, and if it didn't seem resolved or that they were not aware of the law....then contact the corporate office and let them deal with it. I mean is it really necessary to have this big showy nurse In and flaunt it all over the a way harassing Target Inc. for a few employees mistakes?

I view breastfeeding as something sacred, special, and private. NOT a public affair. And also I don't want some perv watching me.

I would love to know your thoughts.   Only kind words....No arguments please... ;0)

XoXo-Mama Bear

-So maybe my point did not come across the way I wanted it. I never said all nursing mom's should hide. I don't believe in that. I have no problem with a Mama nursing in public, Church. I thought I came across as supportive to nursing, just not the Nurse In. I meant when I said only kind words....not to attack with words...I wanted your point of view in a kind way, I did not say only my point of view. I love you ladies, and I love being a mom. Just because I choose not to do this so openly, does not mean I think that other women don't have the right to do so. I usually need a plug to pump, so if that means I have to sit in a locker room be it. I never meant to come across as if I choose to be private then others should as well. It is how I choose to live my life, not how I think others have to. I just don't think a Nurse In is the way to go about things.
Thanks ladies!! ;0)

December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas Baby Bear!!

Wow what a great day...and a great year at that!!!

   Through careful planning and saving toys all year long We were able to spoil my little man so much!! It was such an amazing day!! I started saving toys about a month before he was born, and I am so thankful I did. With our move, and all the chaos that has been going on.....I had most of the christmas shopping done before November. ;0) Phew!!
      Santa arrived in San Diego at midnight on 12/25 (according to Norad) and right then Baby Bear woke up. Did he hear Santa and the reindeer? Hmmmmmm!!!! I wonder!! I mean aren't children the only ones who hear the bells on Santa's sleigh and reindeer?  Papa Bear was able to get him back to sleep.....and that's good.....because we can't start sneaking up on Santa at such an early age. lol ha ha ha

     Mama Bear got to sleep around two. And that was a big improvement from the 4a.m. I got the night before when I was cooking all night. lol  Baby Bear woke again at 6:45 a.m. I tried and tried to get him back to sleep so Papa could sleep in, but alas.....Baby Bear wasn't having it.  I couldn't bring him in the Living room because then he would see what Santa had left him and want to play with it.  So we hung out in his room until a little after 8 a.m. and then we woke Papa Bear up and let him know that it's Christmas time......and that Santa had come!! Papa got up and took Harley outside first. Then Mama plugged the Christmas lights in, and my boys came in to see all of the awesomeness!!! Baby Bear wasn't to sure what was going on. There was so much new color going on. We took him over to his stocking and the ball pitt first.

Baby Bear was a little confused by all the presents. He thought it was cool and stuff, but what was it all about? It was so exciting, but at the same time he wasn't to sure what it all meant. We put him in the ball pitt to see what he would do. His current favorite toys are balls, and cars and trucks that can race across the floor. We placed him in the middle of the pitt....and he just kind of looked at us like what on earth is all this coolness for?
He had some fun, but there was so much to look at, he couldn't stay in one place. ha ha ha Next was the stocking....Papa and I decided on only doing Christmas for Baby Bear this year, so we could spoil our bear even more. He couldn't believe his luck at all the cool toys...and more balls......wowzers!!!

I found it a little challenging to find a treat that he could have that could be part of his stocking bundle....but I found a few little things. Like a marshmallow on a stick....and it was a yoda head. ha ha ha

    We probably spent a good hour on his stocking while breakfast cooked in the oven. I prepared our families traditional dutch breakfast. Poor Baby Bear was starting to get over stimulated showing signs of starting to melt down. We moved as fast as we could into present opening so that we could eat breakfast. I was really wanting Baby Bear to get excited about opening gifts and love the fun of tearing open paper even though he didn't understand it all....but most of the time the wrapping was a little loud and scary. lol I sure love my sweet little bear. ha ha ha  I had made sure I opened all of the gifts before I wrapped them and made sure they had operating batteries, and that no wrapper rage happened. ha ha  There is nothing worse than opening a cool present, and then not being able to play with it, because it has been secured in it's box. ha ha Here is an example of why wrapper rage happens.....
See this? This is a cute little fabric cookie jar from Melissa and Doug. It helps kids  learn about taking things out and putting things back in to the jar. Or it teaches about Motor skills. lol It is super cute.  Gwama, and Gwampa Bear gave it to Baby Bear.  Well here is how it was secured in the box.....
Now this isn't to bad, but two plastic ties, and the gingerbread man on top.....was sewn to the jar and lid in three different places.....I mean really?!!! I am curious to know why. I mean is ole Ginger boy going to commit suicide and jump out of the jar? And why is it secured twice in the back when it is packaged in a secure box? I just find it funny. I mean you have all seen this where you go to remove something from a box and it is tied down, latched it, and you will never be able to remove it. lol You usually end up cutting yourself somehow. (at least I do?) Ha ha ha I just don't understand these things. ha ha ha  (all right back to the regularly scheduled update. lol)

So Baby Bear opened presents...lot's of them. Or rather Mama and Papa Bear  opened them and Baby Bear played with them. As each minute passed could tell he was slowly wearing down.  He would stub his toe, and that would set him off, and then he would come back and play some more, then he would melt down again. So we rushed through the  Here are some pictures:
 The awesome block tower that Santa left!
 Somebody is a happy happy bear!
So many cool things!!
Trucks and Trains!!! He is in heaven!!

His new favorite toy!!!

He can't get enough of it

such fun bowls

So much fun just wears a boy right out. He is soooo tired

He loves the presents....but is unsure about unwrapping them

 Cool eggs.....they make squeaky sounds

Hanging out and playing with Papa

This drum is super fun and makes sounds as you drum to a beat

Yummmy......Presents taste good! ha ha

We learned how to pick the ball up, and drop it in

 Wait where did he ball go?

Ohhh wait I found it!! ha ha ha

This was his other favorite toy of the day. lol

He couldn't get enough of playing with the lid. He puts it on, takes it off, puts it on, takes it fun!!!

The awesome Gingerbread man from Nicole!!!

Yummmy......Papa's Bubble tape is good. lol

A pony for Baby Bear

Super fun!!!!

I think I am in love!!!!

I could ride forever Papa....This is so much fun!!!
Look what my girlfriend Payton gave me!!

It is a racing turtle!!!

This is so much fun!!!! I hope it never stops!!

Papa was eating one of his Rice Krispie Treats.....Baby Bear snuck over and stole it right out of his hands.
This tastes so good!!!!
Papa Stole it back....wait Papa!!!
Papa No!!!! I want it!!!
No Papa not the whole thing!!! No Papa!!!
That is awful.....Papa you stuffed the whole thing in!!!
Papa I want it back

This isn't funny.......I said give it back now!!!

I mean give it up!!

You thieving Hobbit!!!

Papa it's mine



This is child abuse!! How can you take Candy from a BABY???

Whatever Papa.....I give up!


After presents we had a nice Christmas breakfast. The Dutch breakfast tasted amazing, and I even made a small pan of French toast for Baby Bear. He loved it!! We watched him closely because of all the eggs in it. I mean there were 6 eggs added to the dish, and two cups of milk, so we just wanted to make sure he was doing okay and didn't have a reaction.  He gobbled up the food, and loved it. Then he started to fade on us. So Papa put him down for a nap.  He crashed out pretty fast and took about a half hour or hour long nap. Mama sure was thankful because I needed to pump. lol  Papa crawled under the house to work on the plumbing  for Baby Bear's bathroom since it's been giving us problems. Afterwards Papa took Baby Bear into town and tried to go to Walmart to get a part...but alas they were closed. I took a nap since I was falling asleep  while pumping. I got to take a glorious   1 1/2 hour nap!! It felt great since the last few days I have been staying up late cooking goodies and such. lol  When I got up Papa Bear was feeding Baby Bear some lunchy munchie....and the t.v. was on. I turned it off since I don't agree that he needs to watch it on Christmas Day.  But I soon lost that battle. BLAST!! I played around with Baby Bear and cleaned up all the wrapping. Baby Bear and I crawled into his ball pitt and played together. ha ha ha  We had a lot of fun playing. This was the chaos of the aftermath:

Dinner was pretty good. And I baked 4 pumpkin pies, and one Banana pie. We actually never got to eat them because it got so late. ha ha ha And while I was rushing around baking...I forgot about one of my pies....and burnt the crust. BLAST!!! So I pulled it out of the oven scraped off the burnt part, and still made the pie. lol

We had such a great Christmas day. It was perfect, Magical, and amazing. I hate hate that it ends so fast. I look forward to Christmas all year long, and then in a matter of hours it is over. But what a great day it was. And next year is only going to be better.  Better planning, Better presents, and better activities. We will have so much fun. ;0)

Merry Christmas friends and Family!!!