February 8, 2014

Bear's Monster Jam Birthday Extravaganza 2014

I had a ton of things to do before we could leave. I had to cook the turkey that had been thawing in my fridge for a week.  So I dropped it in the cooker and let that thing go. I didn't spend time injecting it and such like I normally do because the only reason I was cooking this one was to strip it bare and use the meat for meals.  So that took a few hours. I flat ironed my hair and got myself ready. I packed some things up for us to take, and realized that Mama really didn't have a hat and gloves. At least not where she could find them. 

After the turkey was done, we loaded up the car and headed out. We stopped at a Wal-mart so I could grab some gloves and a little hat. Then some cash for parking.

When we got to the event, we asked if we could leave so I could go somewhere and hook bear's up to feed before the event. I was told no, that it would cost me an additional $20 to leave the park and re-enter. So we found a parking space and got out. we went into the pitt pass area and wow it was loud. way louder than I remembered. I tried to get Baby Bear to take pictures but he couldn't. My poor bear was really uncertain about everything. And so I got him the ear protection to help him. Bear's really liked watching the bikes doing tricks as he said. lol

Bear's was super excited about the rides they were giving. It was super cheap to ride, but he was hooked to his pump, and I am not sure if they would have let him on being so small. Maybe next year.

He couldn't stop watching, but he sure didn't like the noise.

I loved this one!!!

After the Pitt pass was over, The Bear's and I headed back to the car and hung out for a bit. I hooked Baby Bear up to the pump and started him on his evening feed.

Next we headed into the stadium at the end of Bear's feed to find our seats and get settled.  I had purchased handicapped seats over the phone so that I could bring Bear's stroller with so his pump, blanket, and everything else would fit and if we needed to make a fast escape we could.  Well when we first entered the stadium it was about an hour before the event started.  We went to find our seats but we were getting confused. We flat out could not find our seats. And due to who knows what no employees could be found anywhere. We found a cop who got just as confused as we were. Finally they sent up an employee who stated that our seats were at the bottom of a stair case. Really!!!?!!!
I explained what we had purchased and such, I had even spoke to a person over the phone and explained what we needed so that no confusion would be had when we attended the event. sheesh a whole lot of good that did. So the employee found us our right seats, and we got settled in!!! ;0D

Then we found out that our seats were sold to someone else. So we moved.

settled in again, and got to watch the show for 30 minutes. Bear's liked it, but the sound scared him.

photo courtesy of the Bear

notice on the screens. One has a church sermon on, and the other is covering the Monster Jam. lol

half an hour into the show our seats were sold again. We were told that we could go to the other side of the stadium and see if they had any there. I was getting really annoyed at this point. So we packed up the stroller. I unhooked the Bear from his pump, and then headed downstairs to customer service.  They didn't understand how our seats were sold. So they directed us out of the park to the Ticketmaster booth.  Well once you leave the park you cannot come back in. I tried to fix things but couldn't.  I tried to talk to the Ticketmaster people. Even asked for a supervisor, and she told me that is was physically impossible to oversell tickets. I almost laughed in her face. I just wanted to say really it's physically impossible with a computer and people both dipping hands in the jar for seats? lol yah right. But I held my tongue. I wanted Bear's to get to have a good Birthday. But this woman was about as joyful as a bag of rocks. Her solution to the problem was for me to spend an additional $100 for new seats. WHAT????? I could barely afford the first set of tickets. And I already paid for seats that Ticketmaster messed up. But she was not in a good mood, and didn't care. I asked for a partial refund since we had been to the pit pass and watched half an hour of the show. She very sternly told me NO and that Ticketmaster does not give refunds. Who knows if she had some nasty customer before us, but she was treating us like garbage. I told her I barely had enough money to get gas to go home and could not afford to purchase new tickets. She told me she was sorry but there was nothing else she could do. I asked for my tickets back and told her "Thanks so much for being understanding!" and I left. Grrrrr.....   I drove home and Bear's passed out in the car from having such an exciting day. I stopped at the gas station and grabbed a chocolate muffin from the gas station for his early birthday candle in the morning. When we got home Bear's showed off his ear protection he got, and his cool dude shirt that he got for his birthday. lol

rawrrrrr This smile melts my heart!!!
XoXo- Mama Bear
p.s.- After we got home I e-mailed Ticketmaster which it so happened at the time that I sent the e-mail while Monster am was still happening. I let them know what happened, and how this was supposed to be something fun for Bear's for his Birthday. It took them almost 2 weeks to get back, but they refunded the money