May 29, 2011

Sunday's Shenanigans

1- I LOVE that you are learning to reach for things, and grab them

2- I am sad that you are growing up so dang fast, but LOVE to see you do it

3- I LOVE that you got to meet your gramma and grampa bear and you love them

4- I LOVE that you are my cuddle bug

5- I LOVE that you are a part of my life, and that you LOVE me!!!

XoXo-Andrea Carla

P.S.- Mama Bear LOVE you!

May 27, 2011

Five for Friday

1- Mah Na Mah Na!!

2- I LOVE that you do silly movie quote with me andconstantly keep me guessing

3- I LOVE that you indulge my crazy side sometimes. ha ha

4- I LOVE you!!!

5- I LOVE that you always fix things, put things together, open things, reach things, and generally help me with all things whe I can't do it myself.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

P.S.- I love you

May 25, 2011

Hamming it up!!

I'm ready for my close up!!!

Yesterday Baby Bear had his 4 month pictures taken, and it was such an amazing time. I went to Caitland Photography to have his pictures taken, and I can tell it was sooo worth the 20 hour car ride for it.

It was so amazing to see all the time, work and energy that goes into taking one photo. I have to admit that I was one of those people that kind of figured hey she has a camera and takes a few cute what. But after seeing Caitland with my son and all the love that she put into each photo was special for me to see. Now Caitland came to San Fran for baby bears newborn pics, and we got some great photos, but baby bear was being a bit of a beasty and was making her job a little more challenging. But yesterday he was such a little angel. She even got him to nap....I mean really take a a newborn!!! Wowzers!! ;0)

We had such a good time talking, and laughing out how cute Baby Bear was being with the camera. I swear this little guy is the biggest flirt ever!! ha ha

But really, I believe it was a total of 185 pictures, and several, several poses that she took. I even convinced her to take a picture with a silly hat that I love. She really is an amazing photographer, and is so talented.

So without further is a small sample of Baby Bears 4 month old pictures! ;0)

XoXo-Andrea Carla

May 23, 2011


Chuck's almost done with Staff academy!!! Wooohooo So far we have survived playing the single parent role. Granted there were a few days where I wasn't sure I was going to survive and Baby Bear was probably wondering what the heck I was doing or thinking. But he always got fed on time, and changed. The little guy was taken care of just fine. lol I may not have been completely sane the entire time.....but hey it's all good. I didn't lose it completely. lol

I feel bad that I haven't really been keeping up with my writing lately. I have barely been able to keep up with my five for Friday's and Sunday's shenanigans. lol So I don't have to much free time at the moment, but I thought I would try and update ya a little.

This last week has been busy. Yesterday Riley got to meet some of his cousins for the 1st time. Like always he was a huge hit and a little flirt. They brought him a cute giraffe toy that he loves. It has blinking lights, and you can stretch out his long legs. It's pretty cute.
The other night it was about midnight when I was finally able to crawl into bed for the night. I had finished pumping, doing the dishes, and getting everything ready for the night shift. I crawled into bed in my old bedroom at my parents house and out of the corner of my eye I saw someone else in the room. As I turned to scream in surprise and wake Baby Bear.......I realised that it was just my reflection in the mirrors. Yah! My closet doors are these huge mirrors. And I am nerd enough that I forgot for a moment, and scared the tar out of myself! NERD ALERT!!
I have recently found that no matter is physically impossible for me to hold onto bubble wrap and not try to pop it. Even when it is wrapped around something delicate and it has to protect it on the long journey home and if I pop it I will have to buy more to protect that item.....I still can't help myself....I HAVE to pop the bubbles!!! I think it's a condition I have. Maybe it's called BubbleWrap poppingitis. Even if it might wake Baby Bear........I can feel the urge to pop it trying to take over. lol It's out of control. lol

It has been really crummy weather here in Idaho these last two weeks. It was sunny and pretty for a very short time, and then it just shifted and got crummy. So lots of rain, and a little bit of snow. Poor Harley thinks that he got the shaft on this trip as he can't go play in the fields and all over the property like he normally does because I don't want to have to bath him each time he comes back in from playing. Poor boys. Harley is doing a bit better since Paige passed. He has become really clingy to me. As in he follows me everywhere. More so than he used to. Poor boy. But can you blame him? His sister died, and his daddy left him all within the same week.

Well Baby Bear is calling so I need to go. I will try for more of an update later

XoXo-Andrea Carla

May 22, 2011

Sunday's Shenanigan's

1- I LOVE that you are such a flirt when we go out in town

2- I LOVE that you recognize my voice and look for me when you hear me

3- I LOVE that when you see your Mama Bear, your whole body lights up and you wiggle, giggle, and smile

4- I LOVE watching you sleep, and how innocent you are

5- I find it funny how you loaded your diaper, and scared your Grampa Bear a little with it. lol

XoXo-Anrdrea Carla

P.S.- Mama Bear LOVES you!!

May 20, 2011

Five for Friday

1- I LOVE that you got 100% on your speech at Staff Academy

2- I LOVE that you are so forgiving of others

3- I LOVE that you are a kind teacher to your Marines

4- I LOVE how gentle you are with Baby Bear

5- I LOVE how patient you are with me

XoXo-Andrea Carla

P.S.- I LOVE you!!

May 19, 2011


Can a kid ever have to many? I mean you have to have one to match every outfit, and the funner they are, the cuter you look....right?!!!

So here are some of Baby Bears great hats!!!

XoXo-Andrea Carla

This one is supposed to be a boy Giraffe, but Gramma Bear calls it our Alien hat

This one is our Giraffe hat and one of Mama Bears favorites

This is Baby Bear in all his ruggedly handsome vikingnesssss!!!

M...I...C...SEE YA REAL SOON....K...E....Y WHY? BECAUSE WE LIKE YOU.....M..O...U...S...E!!

Our to small awesome Zebra hat

A Baby Bear or Polar Bear? You decide.....

Kiss me I'm really a Prince...

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail....hopping down the bunny trail.....hippity hoppity Easter's on it's way

Pom Pom....need I say more?

My little Elf or Gelfling

Four Months and counting

Oh goodness. Despite me telling Baby Bear that he can't and it's not allowed......he has turned 4 months! He is getting a lot bigger and taller. I am thinking that when he has his next doctors appointment that he will show a lot of improvement. (at least I hope so)

Baby Bear has had a very busy week. His mommy packed up her car with some help from a friend to get the scargo on top of the car and when gramma bear flew out we drove to Idaho to visit the family, introduce baby bear to his Grandad, and to take his 4 month old pictures. Who would have thunk that a trip that normally takes 10 or so hours would actually end up being a 20 hour trip!!! Yikes! Yah it took for flippin ever! Baby Bear did great the entire trip. He had one small little meltdown because he had a wet diaper, but he did great the whole trip. He was a real trooper, and slept most of the time, and doesn't hate his mommy or the car seat. I was uber tired from driving, and when my mom took over the last leg of the trip from Brigham city.....I know I was awake for part of it, but I don't even remember that part of the drive I was so tired. lol

Baby Bear has had some adventures out here in the country. He got to pet horses and feed them carrots for the first time. He has seen it snow, and felt the Idaho chilly weather. And he has sat in the grass and watched the world go by. He got to go to Gramma Bear's church and meet all her friends, and meet some of Mama Bears friends and leaders from when she was a teenager. Gramma bear was very excited to be able to show Baby Bear off.

Baby Bear got to experience the goodness of Tater Tots from Taco Time (well he got to hang with Mama Bear while she ate them. lol) I have dragged him around town a few times, and I think he is ready for a car and car seat free vacation. lol

Baby Bear got to see a train and found it pretty fascinating. He has also discovered the amazingness of the ceiling fan. lol He will lay and stare at it for ours if he could. It is pretty funny. Gramma Bears bedroom has a fan and it has a remote control to it. So Baby Bear and Mama bear were lying in bed this morning playing with it. We turned it on high so he could feel the wind on his face, then turned it down low, then turned the light on and off. It was pretty funny to watch him.

Well that is all for now. We will update you all again soon hopefully. Probably when Baby Bear takes another long nap. lol

XoXo-Andrea Carla

May 16, 2011

Sunday's Shenanigans

1- I LOVE that you braved 20 hours straight in a car with your Mama Bear and Gramma Bear.

2- I LOVE that you were fine with being passed around and being shown off to Gramma Bears friends at church, and that you hammed it up for the ladies.

3- I LOVE that you got to meet your mommies friend Clint from her 4-H days as a tween, and that soon you will meet his son Ty who is only 9 days younger than you.

4- I LOVE that you have become such great friends with your Gramma and Grampa Bear

5- I LOVE that you have learned this week to grab things better. Although you don't really need to practice that skill on Mama Bears earrings when they are still in her ear. lol

XoXo-Andrea Carla

P.S.- Mama Bear LOVES you!!

May 14, 2011

Five for Friday

A little late....but it's all good!

1- I LOVE that you sacrifice so much for our family

2- I LOVE that You work so hard to constantly improve yourself

3- I LOVE that you let me think I am better at something than I really am and don't tell me differently. lol

4- I LOVE that you have fallen in love with your son

5- I LOVE that no matter where you are or what he situation can find the good in it, or find a way to make light of the situation. (top picture being bored in Iraq)

XoXo- Andrea Carla

P.S.- I love you

May 8, 2011

Sunday's Shenanigans

I decided to do the Five for Friday each week, but that just focuses on my man I decided to start a Sunday one that will be solely for my little man. I wanted to come up with a name that would be ours and ours alone. It's not easy coming up with a word that would sound okay with Sunday. But shenanigans is a great word. This weekly blog will be about 5 things that I love, appreciate, or funny happenings about my little man.

I came up with this in the shower last night. Okay so it wasn't a shower as more of a streaking through water as little man was waking up from round 1 of sleep for the night. But I like to plan ahead for events. I am always scared that I might die, and little man wouldn't know how much I loved him. Sure people might tell him.....but I want him to know from me for sure how I feel in case the worst ever happened. Now don't worry I am not dwelling on my doomsday. I just want to make sure that I create something amazing for him just in case the worst happens. I don't ever want him growing up not knowing how loved he is. I plan on having things made for him when his dad deploys for the same reason. This boy is loved and I don't want him to ever doubt that.
Now let's say I don't get killed by a satellite from space that falls on me....or a toilet that falls from the sky and I live a long healthy life to the annoyance of a Then this can become a gift I can give my son someday. I can have it printed off and when he is old enough...he will enjoy it. lol (hopefully)

1- I love how you don't mind me trying all sorts of cute little things with you. Like seeing if you like a new toy (swing) or cute little clothes or hats...and you don't put up to much of a fuss. lol

2- I love that you need your mommy to rock you to sleep, or hug you and comfort you. I know someday you won't need me I am loving it now.

3- I love that you have started to suck your thumb, but have created a funny habit of sticking one finger up your nose, and then your fingers or thumb in your mouth. It is the funniest thing to see.....and that's so Riley! lol

4- I love that you have started to recognize me across a room. And you have started to smile at me on your own. It melts my heart each time.

5- I love that you are such a cuddle bug.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

P.S.-Mama Bear loves you

May 6, 2011

Five for Friday

Here is Five for Friday. Every Friday I will write 5 things that I love or appreciate about my husband.

1- You work hard to do your best at work instead of doing the minimum. You don't accept average in yourself, only your best.

2- You have and continue to teach me about the Corps so I understand better about your life instead of having to stand by and watch from the sidelines in confusion.

3- You allow me to keep my insanely large amounts of books that we own. And the 9 rather large and heavy bookcases that keep some of them.

4- You buy me jewelry from Tiffany & Co. which I absolutely!!!

5- You don't make fun of me to bad when I completely geek out over a movie I am excited about or a book that is coming out and an author appearance. lol

XoXo-Andrea Carla

P.S.- I Love You

Surviving the week

So lately I have been playing the single parent role as Papa Bear is at Staff Academy. Now normally when he is away for a deployment or in the field I do fine. I would even be so bold as to say I thrive sometimes. But I can for sure say this time I am barely keeping my head above water. lol Now I must warn you...


If you show up on my doorstep without calling, texting, or my prior understanding that you will be arriving at a certain time.....I reserve the right to look like crap! I reserve the right to look like a complete mess. Now I will not look like this in public, but if you show up unexpected and I am kind enough to even answer the door.....don't judge me. lol My home is my safe place to hide out. I am allowed to relax and not have to worry about putting on a brave face, looking nice, or even caring what people think.

Now this is fine if you do not share my values on this, or opinion. But that's the great thing about's my home and I can do what I want in it! lol

Tuesday was a good day. Riley went to a friends house and was babysat for 3 whole hours!!! I desperately needed a nap so that is why I had asked her to watch him. I brought him over at 8a.m. and then rushed home. I walked Harley, pumped, and made something to eat. By then it was 9:45a.m. so I tried to sleep for a bit but because of the time crunch and the fact that I needed to pick him up soon I couldn't fall asleep. So I got up streaked through the shower, and got ready for the mommy and me class. I picked up Baby Bear and my friend said he was good. She said he got a little fussy but then fell asleep. I was really relieved that he was a good baby as I needed the small little break.

We drove down the street and went to our class. We had fun in our class, but It was a little sad when all the mommies talked about what they get to do for mothers day and what they would like to get or they got themselves. I have always been so excited for my first mothers day, but now I have will be alone for it. I guess I always pictured a celebration of sorts like we did for my mom growing up. BLAST!!! Oh well. I guess if Papa Bear isn't deployed next year, then maybe we can do it then.

Wednesday I took Baby Bear to the Oakland Children's hospital. We went to see a specialist about his eating, and drooling. I wasn't really sure where it was or how to get there, so I left a little early. Well as it turns out I left so early that I in fact showed up an hour early. lol Oh well better early than late.

I felt very uncomfortable at the hospital. It did not feel clean or comfy at all. His appointment went well and she told us Riley just needs to retrain himself the way he eats. So it will just take a little more effort on my part to try and get get him to the point where he is doing it on his own. We have a follow up appointment in a month to see how he is doing.

Thursday Riley had another Dr. appointment with his pediatrician. Poor little guy keeps getting poked and prodded this week. My little sack of potatoes weighed in at 10 lbs. 5oz!! He is slowly gaining, but he that's better than nothing, or even dropping weight. Yesterday we cried UNCLE....and had to turn on the air conditioning in the house as it got way to hot for us and poor Baby Bear was actually starting to sweat. I tried to hold out as long as possible as I hate running the a/c.....but it was 95 outside, and 83 in the house. ICK!!! At Riley's appointment he got more shots. Poor little guy. The nurse gave him 3 shots....and instead of staggering them out one on his right leg, then the left, and then the right again....she stabbed him twice the first time in his left leg and the poor little guy bled a lot! In fact it got all over his little Nemo outfit. ;0( I made another nurse come in to hold him while this went on because I know I will turn into that mom that snatches her baby away and I would like to avoid that. After his took me 20 minutes to calm him down and get him to stop crying. My poor baby boy. He was so cute and happy and all smiles....then we had to go and ruin it by giving him shots. I took Riley out for an ice cream cone at McDonald's after for being such a good boy. Now since he can't have ice cream yet....I made the sacrifice and but that bullet for him by eating the cone for him. I know....I was a huge sacrifice....but it needed to be done for my poor little Baby Bear. lol I drove around for a while after his appointment to make sure he was good and asleep. After we got home, he slept for another hour which was nice, and then that nice he slept for 6 hours which I got a little over 4 of that. wooohoooo!!!!

Well that is all for now.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

May 1, 2011

Sunday's Shenanigans

What a great day today!!

Baby Bear and I were able to make it to church on time, and even made it through the whole 3 hours. ;0) He has been a great little guy today and has even helped me clean in the house. lol

Here are this weeks Shenanigans:

1- You gave a real giggle this week. You thought it was funny when I grabbed your cheeks and made funny sounds and you laughed and laughed!!!

2- I love that you pooped on your dad while he was in his Cammie's, in front of the Captain, and made the Captain run from the room. It was hilarious!!

3- I love that you sit and talk to me, making little cooing sounds.

4- You went to the park for the first time on Friday April 29, 2011 and you love it. On Saturday the 30th you saw ducks and geese for the first time and thought they were fascinating.

5- I love that you have become so curious lately. You want to look and talk to everything. You are able to focus your eyes now and so you love to look at new things all the time.

P.S.- Momma Bear loves You!

XoXo-Andrea Carla