May 19, 2011

Four Months and counting

Oh goodness. Despite me telling Baby Bear that he can't and it's not allowed......he has turned 4 months! He is getting a lot bigger and taller. I am thinking that when he has his next doctors appointment that he will show a lot of improvement. (at least I hope so)

Baby Bear has had a very busy week. His mommy packed up her car with some help from a friend to get the scargo on top of the car and when gramma bear flew out we drove to Idaho to visit the family, introduce baby bear to his Grandad, and to take his 4 month old pictures. Who would have thunk that a trip that normally takes 10 or so hours would actually end up being a 20 hour trip!!! Yikes! Yah it took for flippin ever! Baby Bear did great the entire trip. He had one small little meltdown because he had a wet diaper, but he did great the whole trip. He was a real trooper, and slept most of the time, and doesn't hate his mommy or the car seat. I was uber tired from driving, and when my mom took over the last leg of the trip from Brigham city.....I know I was awake for part of it, but I don't even remember that part of the drive I was so tired. lol

Baby Bear has had some adventures out here in the country. He got to pet horses and feed them carrots for the first time. He has seen it snow, and felt the Idaho chilly weather. And he has sat in the grass and watched the world go by. He got to go to Gramma Bear's church and meet all her friends, and meet some of Mama Bears friends and leaders from when she was a teenager. Gramma bear was very excited to be able to show Baby Bear off.

Baby Bear got to experience the goodness of Tater Tots from Taco Time (well he got to hang with Mama Bear while she ate them. lol) I have dragged him around town a few times, and I think he is ready for a car and car seat free vacation. lol

Baby Bear got to see a train and found it pretty fascinating. He has also discovered the amazingness of the ceiling fan. lol He will lay and stare at it for ours if he could. It is pretty funny. Gramma Bears bedroom has a fan and it has a remote control to it. So Baby Bear and Mama bear were lying in bed this morning playing with it. We turned it on high so he could feel the wind on his face, then turned it down low, then turned the light on and off. It was pretty funny to watch him.

Well that is all for now. We will update you all again soon hopefully. Probably when Baby Bear takes another long nap. lol

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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