February 25, 2011

Walking Zombie here.

Sorry I haven't blogged this week really. I have been so tired, that it has left little time for other things.

This week Riley has decided that napping during the day isn't as big a deal as I do. He will sleep for a few minutes, but then he is awake shortly after. So the precious time that I do have alone has been divided between cleaning and trying to nap. I say trying because when Riley falls asleep, and I lay down to sleep....he wakes up right as I am dozing off. And it feels so cruel to have to get right back up when I am in that Mmmmm warm sleepy state. So I really have given up on naps this week. Since I have done so.....it has made for one sleepy mommy. For example just the other day I finally got Riley down for a nap. I needed to pump and that takes about half an hour. So I got some pumping time in and knew that I wouldn't have much time left for a nap. So I opted for a shower since it had been 2 days and counting since my last one. (hey don't judge) I started the shower and set the Summer Infant video monitor on the bathroom sink so I could see Riley, and then see the lights flash if he cried. I put my shower chair in the shower as well and climbed on in. I was probably enjoying my shower to much and Riley picked up on that. I bathed, brushed my teethies, and once I got soap in my hair and it was all lathered up......Riley wakes up and starts to cry. So I roll my eyes and accept the fate of my shower. I tried to rinse the soap out of my hair as quickly as possible, but my hair is so thick it takes forever. I was rinsing and rinsing and brushing at the same time to get the tangles out, but Riley was starting that silent screaming thing which means he is mega mad and he ends up swallowing air and it gives him worse gas. So I jumped out of the shower, wrapped my hair up and dried off. I ran in to rescue my poor boy from exploding with rage. After my hair dried and such.....I realised that I still had soap in it! Awesome!!! Normally I still find traces of soap in my hair because it is so thick it's hard to rinse out. But normally I don't find this much. It just means that I will need another shower real soon I guess. lol

This week my poor boy has had really bad gas. I am sure if he knew I was telling the world about his flatulence problem he would be incredibly embarrassed. But I need help. What is causing this. I mean he cries and cries until he can get it out. I feel so bad because it is very obvious that it is hurting his poor little tum tum. And is it normal for babies to poop every other day? All he is getting is Authentic mommy milk. So what is causing it? I feel so bad. When he frowns while crying and pouts....I turn to mush. His little quivering lower lip does me in. It's so cute, and I feel bad that my little man is sad.

Riley finally healed up from the big snip snip. The Dr. that everyone raved about who did it, didn't get the string tight enough on there, so it didn't heal right, and then it was having issues falling off, and so we had to go in for more snip sniping. poor little guy. But all is good in that department now. I think next week we go back in for Riley's six week check up and shots. I am not going to like this, and my poor boy isn't going to either I am sure. When he was in the NICU and he had 7 shots in a row he didn't cry at all. But I am not sure if he will be able to pull it off this time.

I am loving being a mommy. I may be smelly from a lack of showering, awnry from lack of sleep, and look frazzled from a lack of pampering and doing my hair. But watching his little faces as he sleeps is so fun. I love seeing all the new little faces he makes, or when he discovers there is something cool to look at and his eyes get really big. He has learned to recognize Chuck's voice so when he comes home from work and says something Riley will turn his head toward the sound of his voice now. Those two seem to have a good bond. Each night Chuck feeds Riley and puts him to bed. It's kind of like their little guy time. Sometimes they watch t.v. or play a game together. It is pretty cute.

I have been struggling with my feelings lately about Riley. I love him more than anything, and I am so thankful that I had him and that he is healthy and strong. But I don't feel he is mine. Like I thought I would have such a feeling of accomplishment when I had him, and a feeling of wow....look....I made that. But since I didn't see him after I had him for so long.....I never got those feelings. It has been kind of hard. I mean it was 9 months of anticipation, and feeling him kick. And then I had surgery and it was gone and a few days later I took a baby home. It's weird. I am not ungrateful at all. I just feel a little loss as I did not get to feel that ans was looking forward to it and almost counting on it to start that bond process. I don't know.

Well it sounds like my little man is waking up from his nap and I am almost done pumping now. So my luxury me time is now over.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

February 19, 2011

Little Man

Poor Riley had another Dr.'s appointment yesterday. It was his one week check up after getting the snip snip done the week before. Things were supposed to be all healed up and the ring fallen off, but alas of course something didn't go right and so things weren't finished yet. So unfortunately Riley had to get a little more snip snip done to him last night. But it seems like things are on the mend now and this morning his ring fell off, and so all should be good now.

Afterwards we ran to Target to get a few things that I forgot to get last time, and then Chuck wanted to stop at Fudruckers on the way home. We had never tried it before, and I wasn't to keen on going anywhere as the lack of sleep caught up with me yesterday and I just felt blah! The place looked really fun, but was very loud. Luckily Riley was passed out and was able to sleep through the whole thing thanks to the Tylenol that the nurse gave him. ;0) The food was really good, and cheap as well. And my Chicken sandwich was amazing! I think hands down it is the best Chicken sandwich I have ever had!! The fries were pretty good, but I didn't care for the seasoning on them. And Chuck indulged a little and got us a treat to share afterwards. ;0) The thing I like the best about it is that I was able to add my own toppings, and make the sandwich how I like it. I was able to add Ranch Dressing and everything to it, and it was YUMMO!!! They even have different kinds of soda there to try. (different as in ones you don't normally find in the grocery store). All around I give this place a 4 out of 5. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 is that it was insanely loud, and it felt over crowded like we were packed in like sardines.

Today has been good. Chuck has a full honors funeral he worked today in a place called Windsor. I guess it is about an hour North of here. So he was gone pretty much the entire day. He was awesome enough to get up with Riley last night and feed him and change him. But I ended up trying to get him to go back to sleep, and that kept me up until past 5a.m.!!! Then Riley's next feeding was at 7. So Chuck changed Riley and got him started on a bottle while I got up and got myself ready so I could take care of him. Chuck left early for work, and Riley and I hung out the rest of the day. We got some laundry done, and clothes folded and hung. It was pretty nice. I also got some dishes done, and the kitchen tidied up. I washed some of Riley's bottles and picked up in the living room.

Things have been going well for Riley and I. It is so fun to watch him sleep. He makes the cutest faces. And watching him smile is awesome! I can't wait until he figures out how to smile on purpose. He has such a cute little smile! ;0) Being a mom has been so awesome so far. I really love it. Sure I am sleep deprived, and I hurt from pumping. But it is all worth it. I feel like my old self again and so have been able to slowly reclaim the house cleaning. And Riley is such a mellow little man that he doesn't mind just hangin out in his swing while I pick up around the house.

I have loved taking him places. And everyone always comments on how handsome he is. I love it. Well that is all for now, I need to figure out what we are having for din din tonight. Here are some pictures that we have taken.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

Chuck caught Paige sleeping in Riley's bed!! ooops!

February 18, 2011

95 years of History!

95 years of history is what my grandma was able to experience.

1-Born during world war 1

2- experienced world war 2

3-The shooting of the Romanov family

4-landing on the moon

5-The great depression

6-Freedom for African Americans (Rosa Parks)

7-The Korean War

8-The Vietnam War

9-Desert Storm

10-Operation Enduring Freedom

11-Operation Iraqi Freedom

12- The roaring 20's

13- Prohibition

14- The industrial Revolution

15- Invention of the cell phone

16- Invention of refrigerator

17- Invention of Computers from large to small

18- The evolution of music

19- The repeal of Prohibition

20- The hippie movement

21- The birth of modern air travel

22- Lived during 17 American Presidents

23- Saw the best and the worst president's

24- The assassination of JFK

25- Martin Luther King

26- L.A. Riots

27- She was alive during the only invasion on U.S. soil

28- The two biggest catastrophes in U.S. history...Pearl Harbor, and 9/11

29- The building of the Hoover Dam

30-The birth of Las Vegas

31- Al Capone

32- Valentines Day Massacre

33- The birth of Nascar

34- Evolution of the Television

35- The Dust Bowl

36- The birth and death of the planet Pluto

These are just a few things she experienced. I would really love it if each of you would comment on this post with something else in history from 1916-2011 that she would have experienced. Thanks everyone! She was an amazing woman, and a wonderful friend and grandmother.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

February 17, 2011

A great woman

I have been lucky enough in my life to know my grandma. And now only know her, but we had a great relationship together. I remember when I was in elementary school and my mom showed me how to dial her number on the phone. She lived in California in an awesome custom redwood and cedar home that smelled like a cedar chest. Really though the walls were cedar and redwood, and so was the outside. I think it is one of the reasons she lived so long......the house was preserving her. ;0) I was in elementary school in Utah. I remember a few times a week I would get off the school bus and run home to call my grandma. I even memorized her number. Now that I think about it.....I called her a lot and would talk to her for long periods of time not understanding that it was long distance and probably costing an arm and a leg. But I was oblivious to those things at that age.

Growing up Grandma would come visit us every summer in her R.V. I loved that thing. It was awesome. She would drive to Utah and spend a week or so with us. And she never failed......every time she arrived, she had a box of animal crackers in the circus box for me. I looked forward to those. lol We were like to peas in a pod. We would do everything together. Take long walks around the neighborhood, and gather firewood together. I would get to sleep at night in her R.V. which was a special treat, and in the mornings she would make me the yummiest breakfast. I called it eggs like grandma makes. ha ha ha She would make me soft boiled eggs and place them in one of her 70's style Corel cups. Then she would make toast and rip it up into tiny pieces and stir it into the eggs.....mmmmmm yummy! I loved breakfasts in her R.V. She would teach me about star constellations, and even bought me a book about them that I still have. She showed me where the big and little dipper were, and the Milky way. She bought me a little book on birds that I still have and taught me how to identify all the different ones in our yard. She took me camping once after I had got my brace off from breaking my collar bone. She was my buddy. Grandma and I got along great! We were best buddies.

When we would visit grandma in California, she always had the most interesting things in her house. And she lived right by the Ocean. You could look out her kitchen window and see the Ocean. We would always go play at the beach, and then have to get the sand hosed off of us in her backyard before we could go in the house. She had some amazing trees in her yard that were perfect for climbing. One in particular was the perfect climbing tree.....I spent a lot of time in that tree.

My grandma has lead an interesting life, and even lived in Cuba with her husband and kids for a while. She was a different person to me and one of my cousins than she was to her kids and the rest of her grand kids. We were the chosen ones.....lol All through elementary, middle, and high school we talked and I shared things with her. I could always be honest and tell my grandma how it was and she didn't care. She understood me when I thought or felt no one else did. She was still my buddy when I was a bratty teenager.

When I got married and moved to California to be with my husband, I didn't know anyone. I felt alone as I was a newlywed, and my husband was a busy Marine. My grandma became my best friend. We would get together usually once or twice a week, and hang out. I would help her around the house with things she needed to get done. We had a great relationship. When Chuck would have 24 hour duty, or would go into the field I would spend the night at her house.

I was very privileged to know her and hear about the amazing life she lived. I love my grandma so much, and even though she passed yesterday....I am so glad that I believe she is in heaven with my grandad and is healthy, young, and pain free.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

February 16, 2011

Nonnie's no good very bad day

I took this title from one of my favorite kids books and just adapted my name to it. ( http://www.amazon.com/Alexander-Terrible-Horrible-Good-Very/dp/0689711735 )

Today was going to be great. Riley and I had an amazingly great 1st day alone together, and so the plan was to have another great day. We got up early, but not to early. Riley let us sleep in just a little. And let me tell ya mommy really was happy about that. Riley ate some chow while mommy snacked on a pop tart and snuck one of Chuck's Pepsi's out of the fridge. (shhhhhh don't tell) ;0) While we were eating, I got a phone call from family saying my grandma had slipped into a coma. This was really depressing news to hear, as I am close with my grandma and love her so much. While Riley napped a little I pumped for 30 minutes, and then got myself dressed, and did my hair. Then Riley woke up and I changed and dressed him. I got the diaper bag packed and everything ready to go. You see we were on a mission today. We needed to go to the store, buy some more diapers, because my Riley bug seems to have a nasty habit of pooping a lot. ha ha ha And we needed to buy some hangers, dusters, and a few little odds and ends. We also were going to go to the Tute (Institute) because on Wednesdays they have a forum, and lunch. Everyone comes out for Wednesday forum so I thought it was a great time to turn in my parking permit, see everyone, and show off my Riley bug. Once everything was done and ready to go I placed Riley in his swing and locked the dogs in the bedroom so they wouldn't bother him. I went outside and down the street to get my car and pull it up to the house since it was sprinkling outside and I didn't want Riley to get all wet. I got in my car and it wouldn't start. ;0( REALLY?!!! So I came in the house and called Chuck. He said he was in Sacramento and so he couldn't come jump my car. I called around and one of the guys from the ward came over and jumped my car. I was so thankful for this. Things were looking up a little, as we would still make it to the forum in time. So I pulled the car up to the house and was worried to leave it running while I got Riley and strapped him into the car. I thought the car would be okay, so I turned it off. Then I was worried so I tried to turn it back on, and nothing!!! Aughhhhhh I wanted to pull my hair out! The guy that jumped my car had said if I had another problem, then to give him a call and he would come over. But I felt bad enough for asking for his help in the first place. I always feel like such an inconvenience to people and hate to have to bother them. So I called Chuck again. He laughed at me for turning off the car. Thanks babe! ;-P

So I called around to everyone in my contacts list that I thought might be in the area. Out of all the people I called......no one could help. ;0( I called my visiting teacher again as her phone was off......and glory glory she answered and came to rescue me. She picked me up and drove me to Concord. While on our way we got stopped in the road by none other than a flock of wild Turkeys in the middle of the city next to the 680 freeway! What?!! It was funny to see them and reminded me of all the turkey's at my home in Idaho. I was dropped off in Concord at Chuck's work so I could get the Yukon. Thank You Brouge for saving the day!

We didn't make it to forum on time, and missed mostly everyone. But we did get to see a few friends, and Riley was a huge hit. While a friend held Riley, I checked my phone and realized I had missed 3 calls and 3 text messages, and had voicemails. My grandma had died at 2:48 p.m. and I had missed every one's call. ;0( This was hard to hear as I have been holding on to the thought that I have always wanted my grandma to meet my child. But it took me 10 years to get Chuck to agree to having children.....and apparently that made it to late. ;0( But she is young now, without pain, and with my grandad in heaven. So I need to be grateful for her because I believe she is so much happier now.

We went to Target and got the supplies we needed. As I loaded everything in the car and was strapping Riley in I realized we forgot a few things. I sat in the backseat contemplating if I should load Riley back in the shopping cart and go back in the store, or just wait and Chuck and I could go when we picked him up from work. I felt so tired and beat from the day that I opted to wait for Chuck's help. We drove to his work and waited for him. By the time we got out of there it was to late, so we grabbed a little chow at Diggers and went home.

Riley got some din din and we were off to bed. Riley and I had a good heart to heart about him sleeping until 4 a.m. I mean I would love to sleep till 5, but I would settle for 4. ha ha ha Well apparently Riley listened and thought that he would help his mommy out a little and he slept until 4:30 in the mornin!!! I did a happy dance!! He started to wake up but hadn't got fussy yet, so I got up and warmed his bottle while he hung out in his swing. I picked him up and carried him into his room so we could rock in our chair, and I could feed him. I walked in his room and found that Paige had pooped on the carpet!!!!! Aughhhhhh ;-O I was mad! She is house trained!!! What the heck!!!! So I woke Chuck up because by now Riley was getting upset that I was holding his chow in my hands and not giving it to him! Chuck was awesome and got the wet vac and cleaned it up for us. Thanks Babe!!!! You saved us from a mommy and baby unified melt down!!!

So that was my day! But tomorrow is going to be better! ;0) I love my grandma, and am happy she is pain free now.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

February 15, 2011

First day

The day is almost over so I thought while my little man is napping........I will let you know how our first day on our own has gone. I am happy to report that it has gone splendidly well!! Last night we never woke Chuck up to help us with feedings or diaper changes, and it went well. Riley woke up around 3 and and after about an hour.....we finally got back to sleep. It was great. Then we woke up shortly after Chuck left for work, and we never really got back to sleep. Well Riley got a 26 min nap then woke up again. I was working on sleeping....but didn't get the opportunity to. Riley was a little fussy this morning but after I was able to fill his belly with some warm milk.....he finally went down for a nap at noon. I really wanted to take a nap as well, but knew that things needed to happen around the house. So I placed Riley in his bouncer, and turned on the vibration which he doesn't seem to be able to fall asleep without it. And I was able to pump for 30 minutes, and then start a load of dishes. I picked up a little and then Riley woke up. I changed him, fed him, changed him again, sang to him and then he passed out for another nap. Then I ran around and did another load of dishes, picked up a little in the bedroom, and then cleaned the kitchen counters. I cleaned out the fridge a little, picked up the doggy toys and put them away. filled the garbage can with junk that was hanging around, and moved some things around in the house. I made a trip out to the garbage, and moved the kitchen table aside to make a better area for Riley's swing to fit into (while he was sleeping in it). The 3rd load of dishes is almost done, and I need to pick up the fluff from the dog toys on the floor, and fold Riley's laundry. Then I am calling it quits for the day. It really feels good to start to reclaim my house again after 9 months of me not really feeling well enough to ever get a good cleaning done in it. ;0) Maybe if we have another good day tomorrow, I might even tackle the bathrooms!

Yesterday I also cut off all of my hair! It is Uber short! lol

Well that is all for now. I will keep you updated.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

February 13, 2011

Last Day

So tomorrow is the last day with Chuck before he heads back to work. I am not to sure how this is all going to go, but hey we will figure it out I guess. That or Riley and I will be complete basket cases and Chuck will have to come rescue us. lol

So Chuck and I were wondering something. Does it make you a better parent if you get Pooped on, peed on, or thrown up on? If so.....I am a horrible parent. lol And Chuck is a great parent! ha ha ha ha Yah that is right he has been sprinkled on, tinkled on, and sprayed on. lol Poor guy is really experiencing all the joys of being a parent while on leave. Most people spread all those experiences out over a few months or a year........but hey he wanted to do it all at once. lol You know experience it all up front. ha ha ha

Chuck has really been awesome with helping with Riley lately. He has helped a lot at night with Riley, and would take Riley in the morning so I could get just a little extra sleep. ;0) It has been really nice, and I feel a little spoiled. Yesterday Chuck was gone most of the day with his friend on a Harley ride. Riley took a nice nap and I got a little cleaning done. Then I kept hearing all the voices of friends who were saying you need to nap when baby is napping. So I carried his bouncer he was sleeping in into the bedroom and got all ready for a nap. I laid down got uber comfy, and then.....Riley woke up and decided he was hungry for some chow. I tried to get him back to sleep.......but he really wanted some chow. So instead of sleeping, I got him some chow. After he finished, I got him back to sleep, and then I was finally able to fall asleep. Paige crawled into bed under the covers and Harley slept at the end of the bed. We took a beautiful and glorious 2 hour nappity nap!!! It was awesome and I can't even begin to tell you how much I really needed it. So I made myself get up and got some chow myself. Then I moved Riley to the living room where he slept through me vacuuming the living room. ha ha ha it was funny. I was vacuuming around him and he slept through the entire thing. lol So it was pretty nice....I got a great nap in, and the house got a little cleaner as well. ;0) It was a pretty good day all around.

Well that is all for now.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

February 12, 2011

Snippity Snip

Yesterday we all hung out at the house and vegged out for most of the day. Chuck played the X-box while Riley took a nap laying side ways in his bouncer. He really likes sleeping on his side. It was pretty cute to seem him all curled up on his side. lol
But the boys were all hanging out together. I did a few things around the house, and then it was time for Riley's bath. Chuck bathed him while I got ready, and we went to the Dr. Unfortunately Riley had to get the big snip snip done.

We have been fighting to get it done for him for 3 weeks now. We got the run around at the hospital with everyone saying it would just be easier to get it done at the Dr.'s office. And that it would be better to do it at the Dr.'s office because Riley was already stressed being in the NICU. Then when we got out of the hospital and went to the Dr.'s office.......they told us we had to pay $375 up front!!! What??!!!?? Our ins. never makes us pay anything at the Dr.'s!!!! So it was a while before we finally got the office to call the ins. get it verified.......And then finally we don't have to pay the stupid fee up front. So we took Riley to the Dr. and I waited in the room next door while Chuck went with him into the exam room where the deed was performed. I couldn't go in the room because I knew I would be "THAT MOM" and so I waited next door. I could still hear him crying, and it took all the strength I had to not go in that room and snatch up my baby and save him. I felt so bad!!

The deed is now done, and so my poor little man is just hanging out with his mommy today. He was a good sport though. And last night he tried to be good even though he was a fuss bucket for almost the entire night. I feel so bad! Good thing my little man can't talk, because I would end up giving him anything he asked for. lol

Well I need to clean up the house a little before my little man wakes from his nappy nap.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

February 10, 2011


Today was a good day!!
So as some of you know Riley and I have been having issues with the whole latching thing. So I have been pumping night and day so that all he gets is my milk. It has been a tiring process, but hey it needs to be done because my little man needs it. I have been trying to feed him just all natural, but we just can't seem to get it down. And when I was in the hospital we just never got a good session with the Lactation consultant. So we never figured it out. They tried to help a few times, and a visit would consist of maybe 5 minutes, but I never got any helpful info that I didn't already know about. So Riley has been pretty much feeding from a bottle, or a shield from me. I have tried just plain me and it ends up hurting so bad I almost cry. And it takes a lot of pain for me to cry.
I was tol I would have a lactation consultant sent to our house after we got out of the hospital, but none ever came. When I called to ask about it....they told me no one was coming. Aughhh I called the women's center to try and get an appointment with them. It is $100 an hour for a lactation consult even if you aren't very successful. Also to rent a Medela Symphony hospital grade pump is $100 a month. Ouch! I know babies are expensive.....but I never figured this would be an expense for them. I just couldn't justify spending $100 an hour to try and figure out if we can latch or not....and maybe or maybe not being successful with it.
I have been getting desperate to try and figure out what to do. I want to be able to have that experience with Riley, but am not sure if I can. I have felt like things happened to fast at the hospital and I missed out on things. I mean I am grateful that Riley is okay and that he is healthy....but I just never got the whole nesting voodoo powers, the whole preparing for baby mentally by going into labor and such. And I feel a little jipped. I am not ungrateful I promise.....I just feel like I missed out on some of the things that you go through when you go into labor. And so I have been very determined to not miss out on this.
I wasn't sure what to do as paying the consultant was out of the question. And my family is far away. So I called Travis Air Force Base and asked them if I could rent a pump from them. The lactation consultant was really nice, and very helpful. She even said we could drive up to the base and have a meeting with her for free! So today Chuck and I loaded Riley up in the car and we drove to Travis. With traffic and such it is about an hour drive. Without.....you can get there in about half an hour. But we always seem to hit some traffic. lol We made it to our appointment on time, and even though we were only set for an hour, she ended up giving us an hour and a half. She was full of all sorts of helpful info. And I am very pleased to say that we got some successful latches from Riley. Now that I understand better on how things work and how to make it work for him.....we just need to keep practicing until we get it just right! ;0) She gave me tons of hand outs, and even gave me a pump for a month to try out from the hospital. It is called the Medela classic, and this thing is wicked awesome!
She researched stuff online for me and everything. She really is great at her job. And she said I can come back any time for help with Riley. And it was all FREE! You got to love the military at times like these where they really do help out families. I mean they don't have to provide a consultant for families, and they don't have to have equipment for us to borrow for free. So it awesome that we had a resource somewhat close by for us to use.
The consultant was really pleased with how determined I was to do this. She said that most first time moms would have given up already on the whole thing and just gone with formula. I have cracked, bled, and have been in pain a lot. And yet I have kept at it knowing that eventually I would get the hang of this thing. She said she was impressed with how well we are doing, and how patient I am. It felt good to have a complete stranger tell me these things. I mean your mom tells you that, but it's your mom.....she needs to tell you these things sometimes. lol But a stranger noticing you doing these things makes you realise that it's not just your mom telling you that you sing like an angel when you really break glass.....it's real! ;0)
When I first started pumping, I would sit in the hospital bed holding both the bottles while I pumped. I was pumping so often and for a while each time that my hands started hurting. Well I kept at it no matter what, and now the pain in my hands has gotten worse. The day I came home from the hospital I lost feeling in my right hand. I can barely feel anything in my fingers. Then the next morning my left hand was having the same issues! It has got a little better in my left hand, but my right has become worse. I even bought a hands free top for pumping, but the damage is done. I was informed today that it is Carpal Tunnel!! Awesome sauce! I know very little about it, and need to research more on it......but I am hoping that it will go away after a while. I am going to start wrapping my right hand at night so I don't bend it while I sleep, because it is worse at night and in the morning. I just hope the pain goes away after a while because this is no good. So now you know why I named the title of this post Car...pull...tunnel! lol

Not much else is going on here. I seem to get headaches every day since I had Riley. And some days they are to much. Today my headache was unbearable. So after our consult I tried to tuff it out so we could go get some chow, and go to the exchange. I wanted to look around for some stuff I figured would be cheaper on base. But the headache just seemed to get worse. Finally we made it off of base and home around 5-ish. I was in bad shape by then. Light even hurt my eyes. So I sat in the dark in a hot shower for a while then crawled into bed and Chuck let me sleep for an hour. I then made myself get up because I felt bad for sleeping while Chuck was taking care of Riley. The headache isn't as bad now, but it is still there. ughhhh What am I going to do next week when Chuck has to go back to work?!!!

That's all for now. Riley has his big snip snip appointment tomorrow, so I will let you know about that.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

February 8, 2011

Thank You!!!

If you asked me I couldn't tell you what day it is, and I can't remember what day it was when I last showered and washed my hair, or slept the whole night through, I can't remember what a clean house looks like, and I can't remember what it's like to not be sick and sleep deprived! I can't remember when my heart felt so full, I smiled so much, and cried tears of joy! I love my little man!! Thank you Chuck for such an amazing gift!

XoXo-Andrea Carla

February 6, 2011

Flirting & Chaos

Yesterday Chuck and I had to go to the mall so I could get some of my jewelry serviced. I have to take it in every 6 months to keep up the bond on it. So we loaded Riley and I in the car and he didn't get upset about being in his car seat this time!!!!! woooohoooo we unloaded the stroller and loaded Riley in it. We went to Zales and then treated ourselves to a little Ice Cream Riley hammed it up for all the girls in the mall, and was a flirt at Target as well. lol Here is a pic of what he looked like. I love his pom pom hat. Chuck hates it, but it really helped his game of flirting with all the girls! lol

Today was Super Bowl Sunday! I am still pretty sick, but Chuck said we would make an appearance at his friends bowl party. I have been so sick at night that I actually kept Chuck up with my snoring which was so loud he could not sleep! Sorry Chuck!!! He said it was the worst sound! lol I can't help it though. I am so congested........and tired from taking care of my little fuss bucket Riley.......and then when the temperature lowers at night it makes it hard to breath....so I snore up a storm! But we went to the party....and I hung out in their bedroom the whole game because the t.v. was pretty loud in the other room. But Riley and I had a fun time hanging out. The chow was good, and the game was awesome. I was cheering for the Packers......and was thrilled they won! Although the Steelers tried to pull out a win in the end, and came close.

After the game we watched Glee.....and that was fun. Then we came home to start getting ready for bed. It is almost 10:30 p.m. and my little Riley bug is wide awake hanging out with his dad! lol Chuck is watching Top Gear, and Riley is sitting in his lap just looking at him. When we were watching Glee tonight Riley noticed the t.v. for the first time. It was so funny to see. He was watching the performance of Thriller by the Glee cast and football team, and watched the entire thing. It was so funny. He just stared at the screen. ;0) After the performance he lost interest in it. lol I told him he could like Thriller, but not Michael Jackson! lol

Our house is a disaster area......sheer CHAOS......It really looks like a bomb went off in it. Poor Riley's room has all his clean clothes just dumped into his crib.....I did get a few things put away the other day. I just placed Riley in the crib full of clean baby clothes and he hung out with me while I folded things. But now it is full of unfolded clothing again. lol oops I hope my sister didn't think it was awful when she was here. lol I know I just had a baby....but I don't feel that is an adequate excuse anymore. lol I just don't feel up to cleaning most days.....and all I want to do is sleep one night through. lol Oh the wishful thinking of a new mommy! lol I know I just need to suck it up and clean the house........I would just rather sleep instead....ha ha

Chuck only has one more week off with me before he heads back to work. I am a little scared as after that it will be me on my own! I am just hoping that Riley and I will be good on our own, and that we can manage to get the house back in order, and survive the first week! lol I found out that there is a new mommies group at the women's center on Wed or Thurs.....it is free, and I hope Riley and I can join and have some fun. After they are 3 months....then they move to a different group and so on with each age milestone. I hope it will be fun and a good place for me to go and get out of the house. But I am very timid about putting myself out there now. I used to be so outgoing, but with my weight gain....I fin d that I would much rather hide in the shadows than shine in the spotlight! Oh well....I guess I will never know until I try. ;0)

Well I am exhausted, and Riley is eating his bedtime chow....so we need to get cleaned up and ready for bed.

Love you all
XoXo-Andrea Carla

February 5, 2011

MilSpouse Friday Fill-in

I am not very good at having this filled out on Friday's, but hey at least I am not to far off on when it is supposed to be posted! lol I have been pretty busy lately and I guess the excuse of having a new baby is good enough for falling behind on this I guess. ha ha ha

1-Since most if the country has had nasty weather, what has your weather been like this week? We have had very nice and warm weather. I still feel cold, but I think that is because I have been hot and pregnant for 9 months, and now I don't have that built in heater now. lol

2-What is/are your best money saving tip(s)?
I am horrible at saving money, but the one thing we have been good at, is setting up an allotment into a bank account that we don't live near, so we can't get to it that often.

3-What was your favorite vehicle you've ever owned??
I love our Yukon. Each one we have owned has been such a great car. Also I love my Honda CRV.....it's a great car.

4-What is a question you'd like to see asked in a future fill-in? (Your question & blog just may appear one week!) How do you deal with military life when it gets to be to much or to hard?

5-Fill in the blank: You might be a MilSpouse if.... You can catch flaws on your spouse's uniform better than they can. lol

XoXo-Andrea Carla

February 3, 2011

Mommyhood Bliss

This weekend was a lot of fun with my family, but has now resulted in me being one sick mommy!

Last week Riley had his one week check-up, and I got a little short with the lady at the front desk when she was stating some things that were getting me upset about our insurance. I think it was because I had just been released from the hospital the day before, and so I still had out of control hormones. I even cried a little in the car while stating that I don't cry over things like this! lol Well today Riley had his 2 week check up and he now weighs 7lbs. 4 oz. I am so not okay with this!!! aughhhh I told him he couldn't grow up.....And already he is ignoring what his mommy is telling him to do!!! lol

I really am loving this whole being a mommy thing, It is so amazing watching Riley every day. This is something I never thought I would get to do in my life.

I have to say some of my favorite things are watching all his funny little faces he pulls. He has some really funny faces while he is sleeping. It really cracks me up. And he has some really good ones while he is awake as well. Also when Chuck burps him he holds him in the air with both hands and bounces him. Riley completely relaxes and hangs his arms to his sides.......and gets the funniest faces of complete relaxation and pure bliss! lol I love it. I love watching him sleep.....He seems completely content......I love rubbing his fat little cheeks as he sleeps. He has so much hair it is pretty fun. I can't wait until I can get to style a little Mohawk on him. lol He will sport it well I think.
I want to go on and on about how amazing and fun this is being a mommy, but I don't want to bore you all. But this is such an amazing thing. I really do love my little man, and I am so thankful for him. ;0)

Well I am pretty tired, and this sick mommy needs to head to sleep now. Love you all
XoXo-Andrea Carla

February 2, 2011

Two Weeks!

Being a mommy is pretty fun. Our first week home was actually really easy. I was waiting for all the screaming and crying, but didn't get any. Riley has been pretty consistent with waking every 2 1/2-3 hours for a feeding and diaper change. And he really doesn't cry. He has had a few times where he gets so mad that he cries......but it's not a blood curdling scream. He grunts a lot, and that seems to be his main way of crying so far.
The day after we got back from the hospital, Chuck and I went to his work so he could check on some things. We also went to Babies R Us so I could get some feeding supplies. As we walked to the front doors my alarm on my phone went off saying that it was time for Riley to get fed. He was still asleep so I figured we had a few minutes. Well I was really wrong. As we entered the building my little man woke up and started to fuss. Then he started to fuss more, and louder. As it turned out I had to take him to the car for an emergency feeding, while Chuck purchased the stuff we came for. It was a little bit of an interesting day. Then we made it about half way to Panda Express before he needed a diaper change. So while Chuck grabbed some din din I changed Riley on the front seat of the car. lol

My sister and her family came into town this weekend to take pictures of my little Riley bug. We have spent a few days together, and I of course thought I was up to a lot more than I was. I wanted to go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium with them, and so Chuck and I tagged along. I have to admit that i do not know what the big deal is about that place. I have been to a better aquarium before, but it was cool I guess, and the kids had a good time. It was a 3 hour drive to and from and Riley did great. On the way there I pumped in the car, and then while everyone ate, I fed Riley and then he ruined 3 outfits so we spent the whole time in the car trying to get all cleaned up. lol
We then made it to the aquarium and that is where I felt like I was going downhill. I started to hurt and was really tired. I really tried to keep up and such, but found myself needing to sit down constantly. Soon my incision was really hurting and I had to sit out for the last half of the tour. I just didn't have any energy left to do anything. I felt bad as I should have known better than to try and go out on such a big outing so soon. Riley did great the whole time, but I was a basket case.
My sister started taking pictures of my little man, and when she told me how long it would take I thought HOLY MOO COW BATMAN!! Why on earth will it take 5 hours?!! Well now I know why........she was so patient with him. He would fuss and get fidgety with her, but she would just sit there and comfort him and wait for him to go back to sleep. It was fun to finally see her taking pictures. And it was so cool to see her taking my little man and posing him so cute. I loved watching her work. Riley was a little fuss bucket........but she got some great pics of the little guy. he he he I can't wait to see the finished pictures! ;0)

I can't believe that Riley is 2 weeks old now. I don't like it one bit. I have tried to talk to him about not getting any older or bigger.....but he hasn't been listening. I even think that he has grown a little. I don't want him to, I love how small he is. ;0)

I seem to be coming down with a cold now........Boooooo!!!!! I hope I don't give it to my little Riley man. That's all for now.

XoXo-Andrea Carla