February 19, 2011

Little Man

Poor Riley had another Dr.'s appointment yesterday. It was his one week check up after getting the snip snip done the week before. Things were supposed to be all healed up and the ring fallen off, but alas of course something didn't go right and so things weren't finished yet. So unfortunately Riley had to get a little more snip snip done to him last night. But it seems like things are on the mend now and this morning his ring fell off, and so all should be good now.

Afterwards we ran to Target to get a few things that I forgot to get last time, and then Chuck wanted to stop at Fudruckers on the way home. We had never tried it before, and I wasn't to keen on going anywhere as the lack of sleep caught up with me yesterday and I just felt blah! The place looked really fun, but was very loud. Luckily Riley was passed out and was able to sleep through the whole thing thanks to the Tylenol that the nurse gave him. ;0) The food was really good, and cheap as well. And my Chicken sandwich was amazing! I think hands down it is the best Chicken sandwich I have ever had!! The fries were pretty good, but I didn't care for the seasoning on them. And Chuck indulged a little and got us a treat to share afterwards. ;0) The thing I like the best about it is that I was able to add my own toppings, and make the sandwich how I like it. I was able to add Ranch Dressing and everything to it, and it was YUMMO!!! They even have different kinds of soda there to try. (different as in ones you don't normally find in the grocery store). All around I give this place a 4 out of 5. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 is that it was insanely loud, and it felt over crowded like we were packed in like sardines.

Today has been good. Chuck has a full honors funeral he worked today in a place called Windsor. I guess it is about an hour North of here. So he was gone pretty much the entire day. He was awesome enough to get up with Riley last night and feed him and change him. But I ended up trying to get him to go back to sleep, and that kept me up until past 5a.m.!!! Then Riley's next feeding was at 7. So Chuck changed Riley and got him started on a bottle while I got up and got myself ready so I could take care of him. Chuck left early for work, and Riley and I hung out the rest of the day. We got some laundry done, and clothes folded and hung. It was pretty nice. I also got some dishes done, and the kitchen tidied up. I washed some of Riley's bottles and picked up in the living room.

Things have been going well for Riley and I. It is so fun to watch him sleep. He makes the cutest faces. And watching him smile is awesome! I can't wait until he figures out how to smile on purpose. He has such a cute little smile! ;0) Being a mom has been so awesome so far. I really love it. Sure I am sleep deprived, and I hurt from pumping. But it is all worth it. I feel like my old self again and so have been able to slowly reclaim the house cleaning. And Riley is such a mellow little man that he doesn't mind just hangin out in his swing while I pick up around the house.

I have loved taking him places. And everyone always comments on how handsome he is. I love it. Well that is all for now, I need to figure out what we are having for din din tonight. Here are some pictures that we have taken.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

Chuck caught Paige sleeping in Riley's bed!! ooops!

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