February 3, 2011

Mommyhood Bliss

This weekend was a lot of fun with my family, but has now resulted in me being one sick mommy!

Last week Riley had his one week check-up, and I got a little short with the lady at the front desk when she was stating some things that were getting me upset about our insurance. I think it was because I had just been released from the hospital the day before, and so I still had out of control hormones. I even cried a little in the car while stating that I don't cry over things like this! lol Well today Riley had his 2 week check up and he now weighs 7lbs. 4 oz. I am so not okay with this!!! aughhhh I told him he couldn't grow up.....And already he is ignoring what his mommy is telling him to do!!! lol

I really am loving this whole being a mommy thing, It is so amazing watching Riley every day. This is something I never thought I would get to do in my life.

I have to say some of my favorite things are watching all his funny little faces he pulls. He has some really funny faces while he is sleeping. It really cracks me up. And he has some really good ones while he is awake as well. Also when Chuck burps him he holds him in the air with both hands and bounces him. Riley completely relaxes and hangs his arms to his sides.......and gets the funniest faces of complete relaxation and pure bliss! lol I love it. I love watching him sleep.....He seems completely content......I love rubbing his fat little cheeks as he sleeps. He has so much hair it is pretty fun. I can't wait until I can get to style a little Mohawk on him. lol He will sport it well I think.
I want to go on and on about how amazing and fun this is being a mommy, but I don't want to bore you all. But this is such an amazing thing. I really do love my little man, and I am so thankful for him. ;0)

Well I am pretty tired, and this sick mommy needs to head to sleep now. Love you all
XoXo-Andrea Carla

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