February 18, 2011

95 years of History!

95 years of history is what my grandma was able to experience.

1-Born during world war 1

2- experienced world war 2

3-The shooting of the Romanov family

4-landing on the moon

5-The great depression

6-Freedom for African Americans (Rosa Parks)

7-The Korean War

8-The Vietnam War

9-Desert Storm

10-Operation Enduring Freedom

11-Operation Iraqi Freedom

12- The roaring 20's

13- Prohibition

14- The industrial Revolution

15- Invention of the cell phone

16- Invention of refrigerator

17- Invention of Computers from large to small

18- The evolution of music

19- The repeal of Prohibition

20- The hippie movement

21- The birth of modern air travel

22- Lived during 17 American Presidents

23- Saw the best and the worst president's

24- The assassination of JFK

25- Martin Luther King

26- L.A. Riots

27- She was alive during the only invasion on U.S. soil

28- The two biggest catastrophes in U.S. history...Pearl Harbor, and 9/11

29- The building of the Hoover Dam

30-The birth of Las Vegas

31- Al Capone

32- Valentines Day Massacre

33- The birth of Nascar

34- Evolution of the Television

35- The Dust Bowl

36- The birth and death of the planet Pluto

These are just a few things she experienced. I would really love it if each of you would comment on this post with something else in history from 1916-2011 that she would have experienced. Thanks everyone! She was an amazing woman, and a wonderful friend and grandmother.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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  1. These were things to add from my mother:

    · Grandma could remember belonging to a “I Love Lindy” club, so Lindbergh’s crossing and the Lindbergh kidnapping

    · On the day Grandma was born the headlines in the papers was that Helen Keller eloped with her the journalist Peter Fagan, her secretary, but it was stopped and they did not marry.

    · The 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, considered one of the worst natural disasters in human history

    · 18th Amendment (Prohibition) came and went (21st Amendment)

    · On August 26, 1920, the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution became law, and women could vote in the fall elections, including in the Presidential election.

    · 1927 talking movies

    · 1930 jet engine

    · The Great Depression

    · Penicillin

    · Vaccine for polio at a time when all mothers feared it would strike their children.

    · The 20th Amendment (terms for elected federal officials and what to do if there is no elected Vice President)

    · Granddad served in the Navy during the Korean War

    · 22nd Amendment (term limits for Presidents)

    · 1962 Cuban missile crisis

    · 1964 segregation abolished

    · 1969 man on the moon (Mom and Dad graduated high school)

    · Voting age dropped from 21 to 18 years old

    · Alaska and Hawaii admitted to the United States

    · Invention of television and microwave ovens

    · The Internet was invented