February 13, 2011

Last Day

So tomorrow is the last day with Chuck before he heads back to work. I am not to sure how this is all going to go, but hey we will figure it out I guess. That or Riley and I will be complete basket cases and Chuck will have to come rescue us. lol

So Chuck and I were wondering something. Does it make you a better parent if you get Pooped on, peed on, or thrown up on? If so.....I am a horrible parent. lol And Chuck is a great parent! ha ha ha ha Yah that is right he has been sprinkled on, tinkled on, and sprayed on. lol Poor guy is really experiencing all the joys of being a parent while on leave. Most people spread all those experiences out over a few months or a year........but hey he wanted to do it all at once. lol You know experience it all up front. ha ha ha

Chuck has really been awesome with helping with Riley lately. He has helped a lot at night with Riley, and would take Riley in the morning so I could get just a little extra sleep. ;0) It has been really nice, and I feel a little spoiled. Yesterday Chuck was gone most of the day with his friend on a Harley ride. Riley took a nice nap and I got a little cleaning done. Then I kept hearing all the voices of friends who were saying you need to nap when baby is napping. So I carried his bouncer he was sleeping in into the bedroom and got all ready for a nap. I laid down got uber comfy, and then.....Riley woke up and decided he was hungry for some chow. I tried to get him back to sleep.......but he really wanted some chow. So instead of sleeping, I got him some chow. After he finished, I got him back to sleep, and then I was finally able to fall asleep. Paige crawled into bed under the covers and Harley slept at the end of the bed. We took a beautiful and glorious 2 hour nappity nap!!! It was awesome and I can't even begin to tell you how much I really needed it. So I made myself get up and got some chow myself. Then I moved Riley to the living room where he slept through me vacuuming the living room. ha ha ha it was funny. I was vacuuming around him and he slept through the entire thing. lol So it was pretty nice....I got a great nap in, and the house got a little cleaner as well. ;0) It was a pretty good day all around.

Well that is all for now.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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