January 31, 2012

January's Sunday Shenanigans

1-I LOVE that you are a walking Bear

2-I LOVE that we celebrated your first birthday!!

3-I LOVE that you got to meet your cousin Bart...or Bart Bear...and you two became best buddies

4-I LOVE that you went on your first plane ride, and loved it!!

5-I LOVE that we have been snuggling by the fire in the mountains at Gwama, and gwampa bears

XoXo-Mama Bear

January 26, 2012

Balloon Wreath, birthday countdown, and lollipops

So I am loving this Pinterest thing. Not only is it a drug for the craftaholic.......but it is soooo addictive, that you hust have to cave in to it.  Since it was getting close to Baby Bear's 1st Birthday I wanted to be able to make a birthday wreath to hang to celebrate all of our Birthdays during the month, but mostly for him. I found this pin on Pinterest:Balloon Wreath  So I opened it up to find a cute blog loveandkate.com It was pretty cute, and led me to this final blog with all the directions to make this wreath here at howdoesshe.com . I just love this wreath...although I found both to be a bit less than what I wanted. So I bought a big ole wreath. Then I bought some balloons. almost all are 12". Then I bought some more balloons, and more, and more, and more!!!! My wreath is not yet done, but it is fine for display now, and I currently have 500 12" balloons on it, and a few small extra fillers that I found laying around the house. One thing that I did that it did not suggest in the tutorial......was I stuck the pin through the balloon to secure it before pushing it into the wreath.......mainly because Baby Bear could pull them out. I tied it up with some cute blue ribbon that I had, and voila.....I feel like a real crafty person..........I also made a birthday hat for Baby Bear's first pictures....but I am unsure of how I feel about it. I think it had potential, but then just got way out of hand. lol enjoy the pics!! I also made some lollipop props for the birthday party, that can become Christmas decorations if needed. ;0) And a metal pizza pan turned into a birthday countdown for Baby Bear.

XoXo-Mama Bear

500+ balloon wreath

Pizza Pan turned into magnetic birthday countdown

Lollipops that still need sticks

The birthday boy hat that had potential, and got out of control. lol

Dr.'s, Birthday's, and crying...Oh my!

Yesterday was Papa Bear's 31st Birthday!!! ha ha ha ha ha Yah he thinks it's funny making fun of me getting older....well he isn't far behind me. lol

   So our adventure for the day started by the three of us heading to San Diego. Some friends of ours took us out to lunch and a really great place called Brian's American Eatery. I had a Monte Cristo sandwich, and it was divine!! Baby Bear had some eggs and sausage, and loved it. His girlfriend was with us, and was sharing her cheerios. It was super cute.  Our friends gave Baby bear and us some gifts. Super cute!!! And he really loves them!!! Thank you so much!!! We ate until we had no room left. lol

    After we headed to Balboa Naval Hospital for Baby Bear's pediatric gastroenterologist. His Dr. was awesome. She was so nice, gentle, and explained everything she was thinking. I really like her. I wish she was at Pendleton. She is actually a civilian Dr. who works there once a week I think. That makes me really happy.

    Right away she said Baby Bear is a failure to thrive baby. that makes me sad, and it is really hard not to take that personally. I mean since day 1 I have struggled to get my little man to gain weight....and a year later we are still struggling with it. It is pretty frustrating. Baby bear is at 0% for weight, and 0% for height. She showered us some graphs and he is way below where he should be. ughhhh

   She ordered a bunch of tests for Baby Bear. Yeaghhh we might find out what is going on with our little bear, but Booooo it will hurt him. ;0( He had to have blood drawn, and I just couldn't be with him again in the room. So Papa Bear went with him this time. I could hear him screaming  and crying, and all I could do was stand outside and tap my foot and feel my anxiety climbing higher and higher. I hated it.  They couldn't find his veins because they are so small so of course they were poking and poking my poor little bear. As soon as that door opened I rushed in and snatched up my bear and took him outside so he could be distracted a little, and calm down. I felt so bad. I hate hearing him cry like that. I know it needs to be done to find out if anything  major is wrong....but I just can't stand it. If they don't find anything out from all of these tests that we did...I am pulling the plug on more tests.  He is not a lab rat, and I don't like him being treated as one.

   After his appointment we swung by my Grandma's old house. I was really missing her yesterday as we drove down the 5 freeway as that is the way I would always go when heading to her house. So we stopped by and saw a bunch of construction trucks outside. I went and talked to one of them and he said it was okay to walk through the house. I was able to take pictures with my phone, and love what they did with it, but am sad as well with all the changes. I was really happy that I could see the house.  We drove around the area and saw all the changes in the neighborhood.  Next we went to Target and used our gift cards that we got for our birthdays!!  We got baby bear a toy, and a date night movie for ourselves.

   We swung by base and ran a few errands, and then headed home where I hurried and made Papa Bear's favorite cake.  I made sure to add the Happy Birthday Chunk on it that is tradition. ;0) Next Baby Bear had dinner, a bath, and then it was his bedtime. He fought it for a bit, but finally fell asleep.  Then Papa and I watched the movie Real Steel together while I did scrapbooking on my computer. It was a great movie, one that I recommend.

Well that is all folks.....

XoXo-Andrea Carla

Papa Bear's Chunk cake
Here is a pic of what Grandmas house now looks like

January 22, 2012

12 months of awesomeness!

I want to write about how much I love my Baby Bear, and how awesome he is. I want to tell you all how madly in love I am with my bear. He took my completely meaningless life and made it worth something. I felt like I had no direction before. I wasn't even aware of how much love I could have for this little guy, and how much more love I get everyday!! He has made me so much happier than I thought I could ever be.

     I want to tell you how amazing he is, how awesome, cute, and smart my little man is. But I just cannot seem to put that all into words well enough.....So here are some pictures that might.....just might help you see how I feel. ;0)





 So this is 1 year of pictures....from the day he was born until the day he turned 1!!! I hope you enjoyed the pictures. I love this little guy so much. He means everything to me. I feel so blessed, and thankful to have him in my life.

    I love you with all my heart Baby Bear!! You are so amazing. Thank you for the last 12 months of complete Awesomeness!!! ;0)

XoXo-Mama Bear!!