January 1, 2012

And they proved my point!

So my Mum made a suggestion today. Maybe someone linked your blog to a nursing site. So I played around a bit and found it in a few places. What I found not only made me sad, hurt my feelings, but proved my point.....that I do not believe a protest (Nurse In) gets your point across when you are being so agressive towards others. This is what I found, and my response:

Ugh.... http://combatbootsanpointeshoes.blogspot.com/2011/12/real-classy-ladies.html

  • Becci  Drivel.
    Friday at 11:32am ·
  •  Name calling is a good way to make other mothers feel welcome in the nursing world. Good Job!
    Paula  I was too distracted by her overuse of ellipses to take her seriously.
    Friday at 11:32am ·
  •  LoL
    Anne  Since when is EATING a sacred and personal thing?
    Friday at 11:33am ·
  •  When did I say eating was sacred? I think Breasfeeding is. But I guess that is the glory of MY opinion.
    Karen  Ugh is right.
    Friday at 11:34am ·

  • Catherine  So if feeding your child is so private, can the mothers who bottlefeed also go to the car and the dressing rooms?
    Friday at 11:34am ·

  • Becci She'd love to know our comments, but only if they are in alignment with hers.
    Friday at 11:35am ·
  •  Nope I wanted all points of view, just in a non attacking way.
    Becci I am bad at ellipses! I do them way too much but she was out of control Paula!
    Friday at 11:36am ·
  •  Out of control on my own blog.....No posting it on the NNIPL site and encouraging other mothers to attack was out of control!
    Rachel  It boggles my mind that people think that way. Sad.
    Friday at 11:36am ·

  • Catherine  I doubt she'll approve my comment, oh well!
    Friday at 11:38am ·

  • Jessica  Ugh
    Friday at 11:38am ·

  • Amanda she didn't have the opportunity to nurse on demand- she wrote that she EP'd...so I don't think she really understands what she is saying. Not that EPing moms couldn't understand the concept of convenience, she just hasn't experienced bfing on demand obv...
    Friday at 11:51am ·

  • Penny  I'm sad to say most marine wives I know are actually that obnoxious in real life. I am a marine wife and I nursed in public for a year and a half and will nurse the baby I'm pregnant with too. Life doesn't stop because a baby needs a boob. What's NOT classy is whining bc you are jealous you didn't get the help you needed with your child's latch. She probably wouldn't be so bitter if she had got the help she obviously needed.
    Friday at 11:51am ·
  •  Penny-I am the most dissapointed in you, and as a Marine Corps wife to do this to another person. I am not jealous. I am able to provide for my son. I got the help I needed. 3 Lactation Consultants. My son has tried and tried. He has eating problems and cannot latch. I am in no way bitter towards breastfeeding. I think it is amazing.
    Erinn  Far as I'm concerned, as long as she supports women's rights to BFing in public, she may choose to BF however she wishes.
    Friday at 11:52am ·
  •  Thank you Erinn for being a kind compassionate mother.
    Kai  UGH, is so right, i was gonna comment but since she hasn't allowed any, what's the point?!
    Friday at 11:54am ·

  • Danelle
    Friday at 11:54am ·

  • Clare  Gotta love the argument that breast feeding is a beautiful, natural thing that should never ever be seen by anyone else.
    Friday at 11:55am ·
  •  No where did I say it should never be seen.
    Natalie  e will see if any of her comments get approved. i believe she is just trying to be argumentitive to gain attention to her blog
    Friday at 12:05pm ·
  •  No, just wanted to have a conversation with my friends who do read my blog. Not be attacked by complete strangers and fellow mothers.- Next time Natalie if you are going to post a photo of you and your child on a public site...then do not get offended if you find it in another place. The NNIPL is open for all to see as well as your facebook. Everyone can see that photo.
    Molly  Even if she doesn't post any of our comments, hopefully she at least will read them!
    Friday at 12:33pm ·
  •  Yup, I have read every single one, and published them all.
    Jodi  dumb dumb. We feed whenever where ever convenient. Its about HOW that mother was treated because she was nursing her baby.
    Friday at 7:55pm ·

  •  Thanks for sharing my blog in such a kind way! While I may not have worded it in a great way..(I am still a learning blogger)....I did not deserve the attack I received from it. I am a mother. I fought for 11 years to become a mother. I support breasfeeding, but I do not prefer to do so in public. I do not like the type of confrontation that a Nurse In creates. I don't feel it really works. And that is my opinion that I get to have (attack free) because My husband fights for our freedom to be able to do so. How else does a person learn and grow if not by talking and educating each other? That is all I wanted from my blog. TO HAVE A DISCUSSION.....I asked people to be kind when posting, and apparently no one could wrangle in their anger and do so. I did not call nursing mothers Granola girls. If you know me at all....you know that is my silly sense of humor towards 60's and protesters, and bra burning girls. It also says WONDERED when I started reading the article...NOT that they are. Next time before you attack someone....why not get to know them, or see why they are talking from that point of view.
    26 minutes ago ·

  • And shame on you all for name calling. How tacky is that. I do NOT prefer to breastfeed in public. That is my choice. I do support women who breastfeed.....I just don't choose to support the Nurse-In. So that makes me a bad dumb person? For a group of women who are all about educating and making your voice heard.....you sure are going about that the wrong way. Instead of welcoming a new mother with open arms and helping her. You are attacking her. And to the responses....apparently I haven't nursed on demand because my son has eating problems and cannot latch. He also has a thrusting problem and has a hard time keeping food or milk in. But I have tried and tried. I had three LC's at one point. I have not only pumped for 12 months for him, but also feed another baby (born at 26wks.) for the last 12 months. So again I am a bad person I guess for doing so and I don't support breastfed babies? Educate yourself on the person before you attack them. Or better yet.....be kind to one another....Now there is a concept! I approved all the comments so a conversation could happen. Even from the women who didn't read my blog, don't know me, and don't know my struggles as a mom. Attacking someone shows who you really are as a person.
    12 minutes ago

*** I removed your last name from my cut and paste from Facebook*** Remember no one needs your permission to post what you have made public!

XoXo-Mama Bear


  1. Thank you to this person:

    motorT said...
    You know that you are blowing this whole thing way out of proportion and being a little rude to someone that is just sharing their own thoughts. Did you ever think the she may have been talking about covering up to protect yourselves from the perverts out there that may want to catch a peek. So I would suggest that you think about all what you say before you throw verbal stones.

    January 1, 2012 10:34 PM

  2. So I must admit when I first glanced at your post a few weeks ago I thought wow that is very bold to post something that could and probably will offend so many women. (at this point I did not read the post). Then tonight it caught my attention even more when it seemed you were being attacked because of this post. So because I could not sleep and it caught my interest I took the time to read it along with some of the many many comments.
    I am a mother of three beautiful children. I have chose to nurse my babies because of the health benefits to the baby and to me. (although I have not been able to nurse as long as I would have liked) I too feel it is a wonderful bonding moment between a mother and her child. I on the other hand had no problem breastfeeding my babies in public, although I would always cover up out of respect to those who it may make uncomfortable and due to the fact my boobs aren't as pretty as they use to be. Lol :) but when I had my first baby I was at a restaurant with some of my family. My new born got hungry so I covered up and fed my baby. No big deal right? well that's what I thought till later I found out I had completely embarrassed two of my family members. They thought it was completely in appropriate of me to do this. Instead they would have preferred me to take my new born to the nasty smelly germ filled bathroom and fed her there. Never would I do this but if I had, my food would have been cold and they would have all been finished eating. (I must point out that neither of these people have children yet so maybe one day they will change their opinion). At first I was pretty offended by this and thought about confronting them but instead I just let it go and kept doing my thing. They have the right to their opinion as I have the right to nurse my child where ever and whenever I need to. Isn't that the great thing about the country we live in!
    When I finally read your post. It did not come across like though it was going to. I am not sure how feel about the nurse in. Was it really necessary? Not sure if I would have joined in on this nurse in. I too feel like there could have been a more tactful way in getting your point across and protecting there rights, but it seems to have accomplished part of their goal. It made national news and I am sure most business owners will think twice before embarrassing a mother nursing her child and asking her to feed the child somewhere else,
    Just because I chose to cover my self while nursing I don't think you should be required to. Face it we see worse when we walk into a mall. Boys with their pants hanging off their butts and girls with both their butts and boobs exposed. How many times do you think they have been asked to leave a target?

    Very nice post. Got the conversation flowing, although some should express their opinion in a more tactful way. No need for name calling and personal attacks. Keep it up girl. Isn't one of the reasons why your husband risks his life for this country is so we have freedom of speech and the freedom to chose?

    (hopefully this post made some sense can't sleep and am very tired) :).

  3. Oops, I posted on the wrong blog post. Ha! Anyway, you'll notice a great majority if the comments on your original post came way before I did my blog. Your blog was shared all over the Target Nurse-in Circuit. No where do I tell folks in my blog to attack you or go comment. I simply quoted you as I have a really hard time with breastfeeding women who split hairs about the NIP issue. No hard feelings I hope, and good luck with your blogging.

  4. Attention whore much?

    You seem to be full of excuses as to why your child couldn't breastfeed. You do realize, not too long ago, he wouldn't have survived infant hood, right?! Wait no, because back in "the old days" moms sucked it up and did what they were suppose to instead of leaning on whatever was convenient. But today with all of our modern conveniences...it seems that women like to lean on a lot of lame excuses. So, you make your excuses and judging others for doing the job properly. Hmmm...get over yourself sweetheart.

  5. my name is Kai, and i am right in the middle of that, and all i can say is TAKE MY PICTURE DOWN NOW

  6. So, you perfectly okay with your husband killing innocent women and children overseas for your "freedom" yet you have an issue with women quietly having a nurse in to bring awareness in a positive, peaceful way to gain their freedom to nurse where and how they wish? You are ass backwards my friend. You need an edumakashin in a serious way.

  7. Are you serious? After insulting the "granola" women who attended and supported the nurse in, and basically saying they had no class, you're complaining about women being mean to YOU? I think you got what you deserved. Sure, you're allowed to feel the way you want about nursing in public, or nurse ins as a form of protest, but you chose to insult thousands of women when you could have respectfully stated your opinion, or better yet, just shut your mouth about the whole situation. How ironic that you're the one "whining" on the internet now. I guess its like they say, if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen!

  8. Anything child-rearing related is bound to produce VERY strong sentiments, no matter what your opinion or method is.

    I read the original post, as linked from NNIPL, and I just shook my head. I disagree with you about nurse-ins being aggressive or not doing any good. But that is my opinion. I don't think 'Ugh' was an inappropriate response, but NNIPL could have reminded their readers to be more conscience of HOW those differing opinions were expressed. I DID take offense to you saying that a nurse-in is the work of the 'granola' type mom that probably doesn't shave either. If that wasn't an attack on another group of people, I would love to know what that was supposed to imply. It did not come across well. Yes, this is your blog. But it is also a public conversation on the web.

    Websites like NNIPL, and others, are support for breastfeeding or specifically nursing in public. Why? Because there is a distinct lack of support for both. How do people who have no one in their family or friend circle who knows about breastfeeding supposed to get the idea if other women hide when nursing? It takes a lot of support to make a successful breastfeeding relationship. I am sure you are aware of that because it sounds like you have run into some difficulty yourself. Kudos for finding a solution that works for you and your family. (truly, that is not a sarcastic comment) With your experiences, wasn't there ever a moment that you thought "I wish there was someone else I could ask for help"? That is the point of these sites. I for one didn't try nursing in public until after I saw another woman do so at the salon I frequent. I know my breastfeeding relationship would have suffered if I had not found a way to feed my daughter outside the home, especially when there are no designated facilities. There isn't always a private area to nurse or it may be unacceptable. One nursing room at the local amusement park is not air conditioned-it was about 90 degrees and very humid. The other room was on the opposite side of the park. Even on a nice day when the nursing room was comfortable, I still wouldn't nurse in it-if I am comfortable nursing on a bench, maybe a new mom with a much younger baby could use the privacy more. It even depends on the baby-some are distracted nursers who may yank a cover off their head, others enjoy the quiet of a more secluded location.


  9. (continued...)

    Sometimes when people respond, their passion on the subject colors the message they are trying to get across. But the message I would like to say is this: Please don't assume you can fit all breastfeeding mothers into the category of 'granola'-I am an engineer and a Navy vet. And the same thing with nursing mothers who would participate in a nurse-in. I would have gone to one locally if I wasn't working. Breastfeeding mothers (thankfully) come from all backgrounds and bring all kinds of points of view.

    Secondly, if you didn't like the tone of the responses then maybe you should have been more careful with your tone when posting. I think The Leaky B@@b has a wonderful series of posts on the subject of Un-supportive Support. One on nursing in public: http://theleakyboob.com/2011/11/unsupportive-support-out-in-public/

    I think the important thing from that post and the series of posts is what you say and how you say it can really determine the type of response you get in return. And it may just influence someone else at the same time.

  10. Oh my. I just read the past two comments...and I want to apologize on behalf of everyone with a heart. Although I disagreed with some of what you said in the original post, I am proud of you for EPing for your child and doing everything you could for him in the way you felt was best. I also want to give a huge THANK YOU to your husband (and you for being supportive of him) for protecting and serving our amazing country. Many blessings to you! ~ Meagan

  11. Whuhahaha!!! Good job Girl!!! They did prove your point. BOO!!!

  12. I'm not sure what your husband has to do with nursing in public. I thank your husband for doing what he does. BUT for nursing in public, I thank the women who fought, here on our soil, for my freedom to do so.
    - Hollie

  13. Also, although I very much disagree with your point of view, I would like to say that I am appalled at the language that some of my fellow breastfeeding and nursing in public mamas have used. It was difficult to read.
    - Hollie

  14. Wow that last comment is horrible! When did a discussion about a nurse in turn into an attack against soldiers who sacrifice so much for this country? You should be ashamed. Attacking this woman's husbands because she has a different opinion than you do.

  15. I have no other way to get ahold of you but i would like my phto from my facebook removed from your blog immediatly. it has picures of all of my children and you do NOT have my permission to post it on a public blog. It is blocked on fb except to all i friend. i have reported you for taking my photo without my written or verbal permission and posting it on a public place. please remove immediatly. i do not have a problem with you putting my first name but not my photo. i have reported this as a complaint You do not have my permission to use my last name either

  16. You are using photos of women and their chuldren withot their permission. This is against blogger rules that you agreed to when you created an account. You will be reported. FYI other blogs have been shut down for just that.

  17. Adina thanks for your post...loved it

  18. nurturing nature doula-Thanks for your post. It was great!!

  19. As far as the photos ladies....I took them from a public site, and copied and pasted them. I will remove those that could ask in a semi nice way. But this posting is done. No more comments will be published. Throwing stones does not make your point of view heard....it shows what type of person you are. A teacher is kind, nurturing, and soft spoken. If you wish to teach the world, and educate your point of view....I suggest you start with yourself first.

    The END!!!