January 26, 2012

Balloon Wreath, birthday countdown, and lollipops

So I am loving this Pinterest thing. Not only is it a drug for the craftaholic.......but it is soooo addictive, that you hust have to cave in to it.  Since it was getting close to Baby Bear's 1st Birthday I wanted to be able to make a birthday wreath to hang to celebrate all of our Birthdays during the month, but mostly for him. I found this pin on Pinterest:Balloon Wreath  So I opened it up to find a cute blog loveandkate.com It was pretty cute, and led me to this final blog with all the directions to make this wreath here at howdoesshe.com . I just love this wreath...although I found both to be a bit less than what I wanted. So I bought a big ole wreath. Then I bought some balloons. almost all are 12". Then I bought some more balloons, and more, and more, and more!!!! My wreath is not yet done, but it is fine for display now, and I currently have 500 12" balloons on it, and a few small extra fillers that I found laying around the house. One thing that I did that it did not suggest in the tutorial......was I stuck the pin through the balloon to secure it before pushing it into the wreath.......mainly because Baby Bear could pull them out. I tied it up with some cute blue ribbon that I had, and voila.....I feel like a real crafty person..........I also made a birthday hat for Baby Bear's first pictures....but I am unsure of how I feel about it. I think it had potential, but then just got way out of hand. lol enjoy the pics!! I also made some lollipop props for the birthday party, that can become Christmas decorations if needed. ;0) And a metal pizza pan turned into a birthday countdown for Baby Bear.

XoXo-Mama Bear

500+ balloon wreath

Pizza Pan turned into magnetic birthday countdown

Lollipops that still need sticks

The birthday boy hat that had potential, and got out of control. lol

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