January 2, 2012

Our first Safari!

Today has been great!

After dealing with more hate mail from women who love to throw stones while trying to make their point heard. I have closed all that off. I stand by what I said, and I love that my friends chimed in with all their different views. The good stuff (adults actually being able to have a discussion) was fun. I love you ladies, and to the ones who were kind and still shared.....Thank You!

The past few days Baby Bear hasn't been feeling so hot. He has been pretty fussy and clingy. He had a tad of a temperature once, and sometimes grabs at his mouth. Hmmmm I wonder if he is teething again. He has had his bottom front two teeth for a little bit now. So we decided today to try and visit the Safari Park. We bought annual passes at the beginning of the year and haven't been able to visit until now.

    So we packed all of Baby Bears stuff. I swear it's like moving our house any time we go somewhere with him. ha ha ha  We drove to the Wild Animal / Safari Park, and were surprised to see that they now charge for parking. Oh well with membership it is now $7. No biggie. As soon as we got in, the parking lot was full. Now I haven't been in years, but the last time I was there I remember that people did not really park up at the top of the lot for some reason. So we drove to the top and what do you know only one isle away from the front gate were several open spaces. So we pulled in and unloaded. Baby Bear had taken a very short nap this morning. I think he lasted a whopping 10 minutes maybe. So after giving his opinion in the car of how tired he was.....we lost our sweet little bear to sleep.  He got about a half hour nap in. So he was in a semi good mood when we entered the park.  It was a little after his lunch time and since we have to stay on his strict schedule.....we found our old place to eat we liked and ordered, sat down, and fed the bear then ourselves. We had a very curious crane hanging around our table the whole time and Baby Bear thought he was awesome! He would take a bite of his carrots and sweet taters, and then just gaze at the bird. we ate for about half an hour and the bird hung out the entire time waiting for some scraps. But I wouldn't let any fall because you aren't supposed to feed the birds!!! lol So...... 2 burgers, 2 drinks, and $32 dollars later......and we were ready for some fun.  We stopped in at the petting zoo first. 
Mama is this okay?

Ohhhh Soft

Hey they aren't scary

I like this one the best Papa

Can I keep him? Or at least a fist full of his hair?

Wow....Hey now some one's getting fresh with Papa!!

At least Buy me lunch first!!

This one was over being petted for the day

Next we walked around the park. We were going to take the Tram, but then by the time it was all over The park would be closed since it is a long ride. I figured Baby Bear would have a hard time seeing the animals from that far, and I wanted him to have some fun. So we walked past the new Zip Lines!! Awesome!! And Baby Bear and I went to see the birds....We didn't take any pictures because they had all flown up into the canopy to rest for the night. As it turns out the Syrup you buy to feed them is now $3 for a teeny tiny cup. It was $1 last time I was at the park. Only three birds had come down to check out the funny looking humans. Baby Bear thought they were pretty cool to look at until they were squawking pretty loud....then he gave me the look of.......I'm done! ha ha So we walked up the hill and decided to visit the Gorilla's. Now I have never been to this part of the park. We always stayed at the bottom of the park....so it was fun to see them. Baby Bear was enthralled. He thought they were amazing. We spent a good amount of time watching them. And let me tell you what a great looking family they are.....

I found it funny how he pushes the female out of the way.
My Safari Bear
A Bear on an Adventure!

Baby Bear sure was a fan of the Gorillas. Next we walked around the Lagoon. We stopped to admire all the ducks, and I think Baby Bear wanted to go swimming. Since we started feeding the ducks at around 3 or 4 months pretty regularly in Concord He has really become a fan.  Today was like he had never forgotten. We spent some time watching all the different ducks, and taking in our surroundings.

We then walked up the hill a little to find the FLAMINGOS!! Who doesn't love flamingos? They are so fun. Baby Bear once again thought they were awesome.

It was pretty much time for the park to close, so we walked around the gift shops a little and nothing really caught our eye except a cute lion that Baby Bear seemed to really love. We had a hard time not getting it for him......but this kid has a zillion stuffed animals already. lol So we said no....for now. lol

On our way out we tried to get some pictures in, but it was hard with everyone leaving....so here is our attempt at a family picture......

The Three Bears first visit to the Safari Park!!!
This is one Uber tired little Bear

Maybe Mama can squeeze into the picture

We weren't even out of the park and Baby Bear passed out asleep he was so tired. He slept the whole ride home which was good. It was his normal nap time anyways.

We got home and Papa carried out all the Christmas totes that we had packed up yesterday. How is it every year we seem to need to buy another tote and seem to fill it. lol I think we are up to 10 large Rubbermaid totes. One of them being the x-tra large one. I guess all of my crafting is adding up. ha ha ha. Papa broke down the tree and stored it away. Next year we will get a real one for sure.

I bathed Baby Bear tonight, so I figured it should be a fun one since Mama is doing it. (Normally it is Papa who feeds, baths, and puts him to bed. It's their guy thing. lol) I filled the bath up and then threw in one of the xx-large chem lights from the military. I turned off the lights and then called in the bear. He loves his bath time. It is soooo cute. If he hears the water start running he trucks it as fast as he can down the hall to his bathroom. So tonight he had a blast. He was super tired though and fighting it the entire time. He loves to stand in the tub and touch the wall and such. Well tonight he fell down hard on his bum and then fell over backwards. I had my hand on him the whole time but watched him. He just laid there with his head half in the water (up to his ears) and got this huge grin on his face. I held him until he wanted to get up then I pulled him up and helped him get the water out of his ears. He loved it though. He sat back down and opted to try and put his face in the water. I let him do it for a second then stopped him. He sure is a daredevil. I really had to wrestle with him to bath him, then I lifted him out of the tub, and he took off out of the bathroom and down the hall towards Papa. It was funny to see a wet naked little bear trying to slip and slide down the hall. But alas.....Mama caught him in his Lion towel (thought it was fitting since we had a Safari adventure today). It was funny. He thinks it is so funny to play with us like he is going to come to us, then he just pivots and trucks it in the other direction. lol Aughhh I just love this little guy!!!!  We put him in his Cammie Jammie's, and tucked him in bed. It was a very good day! Papa has to go back to work tomorrow after having two weeks off. It was great having him home since he never takes leave. He has almost 70 days on the books so he needs to take more this year before they are lost.

Well that is all for now........

XoXo-Mama Bear

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