August 28, 2011

Sunday's Shenanigans

1- I LOVE how well you adapt to new things

2- I LOVE how silly you are

3- I LOVE how you laugh and the sound of it

4- I LOVE watching you fall asleep

5- I LOVE seeing you grow in to this amazing little man

X0X0-Andrea Carla

P.S.- Mama Bear loves you!!

August 22, 2011

getting there

I need to update you all on the happenings of the Three bears.......

Papa Bear has checked into his new Unit and so far so good. He got the shop he wanted and gets to enjoy a view of the beach all day. It seems there is a bad case of no discipline in the I am sure in no time Papa Bear will have them all whipped into shape.....that or he will have chewed up and spit out a small private! lol

He got to go out on his first ride with his friend last weekend, and unfortunately they both laid the bikes down. A pothole shot them off the road. After I knew they were fine all I could think of was oh great he could have died because of a pothole and Baby Bear won't have a dad. I was a tad upset over it. But it is a fight I cannot win I guess.

Mama Bear has been working like crazy to get the house unpacked and put together. It does seem like an impossible task sometimes. But the house is slowly taking shape. Again I will say It is hard to get things done, and entertain baby bear at the same time. So the house gets put on hold a lot while we play. ha ha ha

Mama Bear feels like she has been beaten over and over she is so overly exhausted. I have never felt so tired and defeated before in my life. And it kills me that we have been living here for a month now, and my home is still not fully put together. ughhhhh it is frustrating!!! But it is almost done. I have a lot of organizing left to do and it is hard to get the time to do it. I can start a project.....but of course baby bear is very quick to realize that I might accomplish something and demands attention so I have to stop. lol

I haven't made it to our new ward yet, but I think soon we will be able to find all of our stuff and make it there.

And now the most important news of all. Baby Bear!!! He can now sit up on his own very well. He can even get really excited (the type where his whole body wiggles) and not tip over. But if something really catches his attention and his head starts to turn and move....well then his entire balance is thrown off. lol But he is getting so much better at it. He is trying his best to crawl but can't seem to figure it out. He can schooch on his tum tum but it takes some finagling and it's very little at that. But today I got him to really schooch for his bottle. And after some rolling around on the floor and some wiggling.....he got to his bottle!! ;0)

Lately his sleep habits have been horrid! Or should I say lack of sleep! I am lucky if he will sleep two hours. I don't understand....I thought they were supposed to grow out of this! It is slowly eating away at me.

Baby Bear has become a real flirt!! This kid can enter a room and within minutes have everyone oohing and awing over him. He is a hard core little flirt!!! I warn the ladies to be careful that he can flirt.....but they don't listen and within minutes they are completely sucked in by his charm. lol He knows how to work the girls. I think mama bear is in big trouble. lol

Well that is all for now. More updates to come I promise.

XoXo-Mama Bear

August 21, 2011

Sunday's Shenanigan's

1- I LOVE showing you San Diego

2- I LOVE that you are cuious about birds and things that fly

3- I LOVE spending every day with you

4- I LOVE telling you how much I love you and how much you mean to me

5- I LOVE giving your hair a mohawk. ha ha

XoXo-Andrea Carla

P.S- Mama Bear LOVE'S You!!!

August 19, 2011

Five for Friday!

1- I LOVE that you invited us to your new shop to meet everyone

2- I LOVE that you have helped me so much with preparing the house after our move

3- I LOVE that we can eat dinner as a family at our dinning table

4- I LOVE that you are respectful of my concerns about your bike and how loud it is at 4:30 a.m.

5- I LOVE that you are 99.9% honest with me about how bad something looks that I made or did. lol

XoXo-Andrea Carla

P.S.- I LOVE you!

August 14, 2011

Sunday's Shenanigan's

1- I LOVE holdng you while you are sleeping

2- I LOVE watching you play

3- I LOVE singing you to sleep

4- I LOVE your sweet smile

5- I LOVE how excited you get when you see your Mama and Papa bear

XoXo-Andrea Carla

P.S- Mama Bear LOVE'S You!!!

August 12, 2011

Five for Friday!!

1- I LOVE that you let me buy my dream bed

2- I LOVE that we are finding our groove in our new home

3- I LOVE that you let Baby Bear buy what he wants. lol

4- I LOVE that you put Baby Bears swing up for him to play in

5- I LOVE that you assembled Baby Bears race car walker so he can scoot around the house

XoXo-Andrea Carla

P.S.- I LOVE you!

August 7, 2011

Sunday's Shenanigan's

1- I LOVE that you learned how to crawl the first night in our new home

2- I LOVE that you like playing in your new room

3- I LOVE showing you around all the places your dad and I used to hang out at

4- I LOVE that you get excited seeing the helicopters fly over the house

5- I LOVE you more than you will ever know.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

P.S- Mama Bear LOVE'S You!!!

August 6, 2011

The Great Move!!

Once we got back from house hunting in San Diego I started the process of getting our house ready for the packers and movers to arrive in a weeks time. I wish we could have had more time to see everyone and to say goodbye to all of our amazing friends.....but alas we could not.

We spent the week running around packing some things, moving some others, and trying to prepare for the chaos that was about to start.

On Wednesday the 27th of July the Packers arrived. 3 years ago when we had movers....they didn't arrive until around noon. So we weren't expecting the doorbell to ring at 8 a.m. that morning. We jumped up and the movers came right in and started packing. They spent the day packing away and got most of the house and garage packed up. Around noon we noticed that signs were placed up and down our street stating that on Thursday and Friday the road would be closed. It was just what we needed!! Ughhhh So I started calling around the city trying to find out what to do as our semi would be arriving on Friday to load our house. We finally found someone who made it so the construction workers would do the road repair in one day instead of two so that our semi would still have a place to pull in. We were so thankful. One of the packers was an awesome girl named Liz who is 6 months pregnant with a little girl....(her first) Papa Bear and I really liked her. She was pretty cool. So after they left for the day we went to the store and got her a little gift. ;0p

The second day the packers were very prompt again and were finishing up as the Movers arrived early. So the Semi arrived and They started loading our things early. They got a good portion of the house moved out, and returned and finished up on Friday. We had been trying all day on Friday to get the movers finished by 2 p.m. so that we could make it to Papa Bear's farewell party. But alas they took until about 5 in the evening, and then I needed to shower and get dressed for Papa Bear's going away party the Marines were throwing him. We all got ready and drove on over to Grandpa Ron's house. It was a great evening. The guys gave him an amazing Chest with his name engraved on it. I will post photos as soon as I can. We had a great meal, and laughed and talked with everyone. It was fun to see the guys one last time and say goodbye to the wives who have become my friends. ;0) It was sad to say goodbye to everyone. Walnut Creek, and Concord has been so amazing to us over the last 3 years. Working for the Y was an amazing experience, and I made some lifelong friends. It was so great to be in a leadership role and feel needed. I only wish I had been better at the job. I felt like I wasn't good enough most of the time, but I really did try to be great. Having Papa Bear work with the Concord Marines was the best thing that ever happened to us. Yes he worked like crazy, Yes he had to do some unpleasant things like work funerals, but I think at the same time it was an honor for him to be able to do that for the families. But being part of the Concord Marines was amazing. Even though I know I wasn't.....I felt like I was a part of them the whole time. It was nice to not feel on the outside like I usually do with a unit. I was able to experience the life a little, and I am so thankful for that. ;0)
And Our Walnut Creek 2nd Ward family is the best!! We had so much fun, learned so much, and grew up a little. ;0) I will miss this ward so much. They are an amazing group of people. We love you and will miss you so much! ;0)

Saturday we ran errands, packed up some items a little and had some people come to clean that did not do a very good job at all. Then our landlord came in for his final walk through, and we found out he also scheduled an open house without telling us!!! ughhhh So we had people ringing our doorbell for half the afternoon.

Sunday we got up early and started packing up the rest of our junk we were taking. The freezer was loaded and I got some dry ice for it. I also picked up some coolers for our chow and we packed up the fridge. We were hoping to be on the road by 9, but alas we finally got on the road by 1. lol We had told our landlord that we would call him when we left and he said he wanted to be in the house by 10:30...well we hadn't called him yet so instead of him calling us....he showed up at 10 wanting in and getting all chit chatty with us...which held us up. Then the neighbors wanted to talk. ughhhh I just wanted to be on the road already.

I was really scared about the drive as I couldn't be with baby bear the whole time and I was worried about him screaming. I wanted him to ride with me, but he wouldn't be able to have his visor up because I was driving the avalanche and the back window is right there and the sun would be blinding baby bear the entire trip. So it was decided that Harley and Baby Bear would ride with Papa Bear and I would drive the Avalanche with the bike. Well as it turned out the trip went great!! Baby Bear slept almost the entire time, and he only had one small melt down and that was because he woke up hungry and wet and we were stuck in construction and couldn't pull over.

I pushed the emergency button for OnStar once as I saw a girl on the side of the road with the hood of her car up, and she was crying her eyes out. I couldn't merge over due to traffic and I pushed the button and told them it wasn't an emergency, but she looked like she needed help badly.

We pulled into our new home around 10:30 p.m. and unloaded the important items, and then crashed out on the floor. We woke up early the next morning so Papa Bear could go weigh the cars so we could offload them, and then the movers arrived at 10:30 a.m. and the chaos started. at noon the t.v. guy came, and it was a real mad house here!!! The movers were so slow, it was frustrating. They would get distracted by the smallest thing, and then they had a story they wanted to tell you. It took 12.5 hours for them to offload the truck!! ughhhhh I was so tired and burned out by the end of the day. 3 years ago when we moved it took the movers 2 hours to offload the truck. Now I know know we acquired some stuff when we got Baby Bear....but I am pretty sure it wasn't that much junk!! lol

Well that is all. Now it is time for the fun of unpacking!!! ;0)

XoXo-Andrea Carla

August 5, 2011

Five for Friday

1- I LOVE that we have moved into OUR new home

2- I LOVE that you have organized the garage and made it work for all of us

3- I LOVE that you broke in the BBQ to entertain our friends

4- I LOVE that you have been making runs to Nessy Burger for me so that I can have FRY SAUCE!!

5- I LOVE that you got the station, and shop that you wanted.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

P.S.- I LOVE you!