August 22, 2011

getting there

I need to update you all on the happenings of the Three bears.......

Papa Bear has checked into his new Unit and so far so good. He got the shop he wanted and gets to enjoy a view of the beach all day. It seems there is a bad case of no discipline in the I am sure in no time Papa Bear will have them all whipped into shape.....that or he will have chewed up and spit out a small private! lol

He got to go out on his first ride with his friend last weekend, and unfortunately they both laid the bikes down. A pothole shot them off the road. After I knew they were fine all I could think of was oh great he could have died because of a pothole and Baby Bear won't have a dad. I was a tad upset over it. But it is a fight I cannot win I guess.

Mama Bear has been working like crazy to get the house unpacked and put together. It does seem like an impossible task sometimes. But the house is slowly taking shape. Again I will say It is hard to get things done, and entertain baby bear at the same time. So the house gets put on hold a lot while we play. ha ha ha

Mama Bear feels like she has been beaten over and over she is so overly exhausted. I have never felt so tired and defeated before in my life. And it kills me that we have been living here for a month now, and my home is still not fully put together. ughhhhh it is frustrating!!! But it is almost done. I have a lot of organizing left to do and it is hard to get the time to do it. I can start a project.....but of course baby bear is very quick to realize that I might accomplish something and demands attention so I have to stop. lol

I haven't made it to our new ward yet, but I think soon we will be able to find all of our stuff and make it there.

And now the most important news of all. Baby Bear!!! He can now sit up on his own very well. He can even get really excited (the type where his whole body wiggles) and not tip over. But if something really catches his attention and his head starts to turn and move....well then his entire balance is thrown off. lol But he is getting so much better at it. He is trying his best to crawl but can't seem to figure it out. He can schooch on his tum tum but it takes some finagling and it's very little at that. But today I got him to really schooch for his bottle. And after some rolling around on the floor and some wiggling.....he got to his bottle!! ;0)

Lately his sleep habits have been horrid! Or should I say lack of sleep! I am lucky if he will sleep two hours. I don't understand....I thought they were supposed to grow out of this! It is slowly eating away at me.

Baby Bear has become a real flirt!! This kid can enter a room and within minutes have everyone oohing and awing over him. He is a hard core little flirt!!! I warn the ladies to be careful that he can flirt.....but they don't listen and within minutes they are completely sucked in by his charm. lol He knows how to work the girls. I think mama bear is in big trouble. lol

Well that is all for now. More updates to come I promise.

XoXo-Mama Bear

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