August 30, 2010

Updates from the Mommy!

So things have been completely backwards lately. I am relieved that I am having a boy...Since we have been collecting boy things since before I got But hey I guess it is not to late for baby to change his mind and it's really a girl. But we will keep our fingers crossed that it is for sure a boy. lol

So lately I have found out one of the reasons I am not sleeping at night. That's right folks.....I am falling asleep anytime between 5-7 a.m. and waking up around 2-4 p.m.!!! I know your jaw just dropped open. I hate it that I sleep all day. But I really sleep well during the day opposed to waking up constantly all night long. I have no idea why I do this, but I have always been a night person. So I think I have come up with the conclusion.....that BOOKS are one of the reason's I am not sleeping at night. Mom I am soooo blaming this one on you. lol I guess I figure it this way. I shouldn't be sitting around if I am awake during the day reading. I should be cleaning or being productive. So then I end up reading when I crawl into bed. So then I end up getting really into my book....and I cannot put it down.....and I end up reading until I can't hold the book up anymore! GO ME!!! Yah I know I am a nerd. I just finished two 500+ page books in 2 days each. They were really good, and very well written. I couldn't put them down!! lol But then I thought of something that might be on the plus side. You know how Pregnant women are kept up all night by baby kicking because that is the time mom is moving, so the baby wakes up?.....well If I am still awake and moving, then that means I am getting my child in the habit already of sleeping at night, and being awake during the day right? Yah I have no idea if that is true or not. lol

So I still have good days and bad days. Mostly just exhausted days. I am loving selling the Scentsy wickless candles. I just love this stuff. I am planning another party for next month to showcase all the new products, and new scents. I am excited. And then hopefully if all goes well I will be finally coming home for a visit to see the family in September. It will be the first time Chuck has been home during the summer in 10 years. lol But from what I heard....It snowed back home today. Hmmmmmm But I am Uber excited to have a baby shower! I am soooo excited to see some of my old friends whom I haven't seen in years.....we keep in touch on the phone with texting, and through facebook, but there are some of them I just want to hug!!!! I miss my friends. I think it is also funny how some people who were absolutely cruel to me in school, have now apologized to me, and we are friends. I also find it very funny that some of the people we looked up to in school that seemed to have it all......are the ones doing the worst as adults. And the people that were picked on the worst in school are now lawyers, teachers, doctors, and police officers! I love it because when you are a kid and you come home crying because the kids at school were mean....your parents try to make you feel better by telling you it won't be like this forever, and that they don't matter. And you feel a little bitter at your parents like...."How would you weren't there!" But look....they were right!!!!! who woulda thunk?!!! lol ha ha ha

Not to much else is going on here. I love and miss you all! ;0)

XoXo-Andrea Carla

August 26, 2010

It's a...Well look and see!!

So today was amazing, and a little hectic. I went to the Dr. yesterday, and asked for an ultrasound. I haven't really felt Hiccup move yet, I mean nothing really positive. And so I wanted to see it's heartbeat, and hopefully see if it is a boy or girl. Go figure this time......Hiccup was just sitting in a yoga position.....and being a little too modest. I was really bummed out. And the doctor couldn't turn the baby or get it to move. ;0( I was able to talk Chuck into letting me get a 3D ultrasound. Chuck thought it was a waste of money to pay, but I have been aching to know. I have had a feeling I would have a boy even before I got pregnant. I just knew. A lot of people kept telling me that it would be a girl, or that I shouldn't get my hopes up. But I really did feel with every fiber of my being that this would be a boy.

So today I called our ins. and the perinatal center to see what the Sept 15th visit would be billed as. Because it the perinatal center billed as gender, then my ins. would deny it, and we would be sent a hefty bill. So I made sure all was good on that end. Then I called the 3D ultrasound place, and asked how soon I could get an appointment. He said for my would be three weeks. I instantly was bummed again. Because there is no point in paying the $70 in three weeks when we would just find out that week from my Dr. anyways. Then the tech said that he had an opening tonight in Antioch at 7 p.m.!!!! So we decided to take it. I scarfed my late lunch/snack down, and hurried and got ready. We left 1 1/2 hours early because traffic on the 4 going east is always brutal! We turned on our Onstar Lars, and gave him directions. We got to the place a little early, but no big deal. We walked in, and I felt it looked a little off. It was a massage and 3D/4D center. It had one room, and only one employee at the time. Chuck was certain that the guy who did our ultrasound was Iranian, but who knows. The guy said he was a Captain in the military back in the day. Hmmmmmm

We heard him telling the people in the exam room before us that they had a healthy baby boy. I was just praying it wasn't going to be a creepy experience. We went in, and at the end of a very comfy table sat probably a 50+ inch t.v. screen. It was really cool. We started the ultrasound, and it was really neat to see baby moving again. He took his time, and for once I could really see detail in Hiccup. I could see hands and toes, and face. I could see ribs, and the backbone. Then Hiccup turned over and what do ya know......Hiccup is a boy! I am sooooo excited!!!!

So I am trying to upload the video now that he gave us. But it is taking forever, and I don't think it's going to work. And we were allowed to use our flip video camera that my amazing Aunt Bobbi gave us, and we recorded the heartbeat!!! ;0) Thank you Aunt Bobbi!!!

I don't know why, but at the back of my mind I still feel like maybe the whole thing isn't real. Like the video is fake or something. You know like it was just a video of someone else's baby I was looking at. But the tech said he is 95% sure it is a boy. So we will get the final say on Sept. 15th!!! ;0) yahhhh for baby boys!!!! So officially Hiccup is Riley Patrick Cardon!!! ;0) But we like calling our little Viking Hiccup too. he he he I am sooooo happy and excited!!!!!

Love you all and miss you tons!
XoXo-Andrea Carla

mommy, mom, My mom, Me!!

At the age of 4: Mom knows everything. At 8: Mom knows a lot. At 12: Mom doesn't know everything. At 14: Mom doesn't know anything. At 16: Mom doesn't exist. At 18: She’s old fashioned. At 25: Maybe Mom does know about this! At 35: Before we decide, let’s ask Mom. At 45: I...wonder..what Mom thinks about this? At 75: I wish I could ask my Mom about this.

I saw this, and wanted to share! ;0) And doesn't my mom know this was and is me all to well!!! lol

XoXo-Andrea Carla

August 19, 2010

Thank You!!!

I just wanted to thank a few people......

1- The Inventor of Pink Lemonade...Henry E. Allott- At 15 he ran away with a circus and obtained the lemonade concession. He later invented Pink Lemonade

2- The Inventor of Mike and Ike candies (grape)- Samuel Born

3-The Inventor of the Trolli Strawberry Puff-German candy manufacturer Mederer Corporation

4-The Inventor of Orange Creme Yoplait yogurt

5-The wonderful individual who invented the spray nozzle that goes on a hose so you can spray evil little neighbor kids. ;0)

These are just a few people I needed to thank for making this crazy pregnant lady a little happier. I have many more to thank.....but I think it is time to sleep...or at least attempt to.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

August 18, 2010

It's Hiccup!

So Today I have been pretty sick. Not a good way to start out the day especially when I hadn't even had anything to eat yet, or even got out of bed. But the funny thing is I could tell Hiccup was in my tummy. I couldn't feel him moving.....but I could tell the little guy was in there. ;0)

Well more later
XoXo-Andrea Carla

August 17, 2010

Getting closer!!

So I closed my first party!! I am very proud of how well it went. I am a lot closer to some of my goals. I am only about 136 points away from my 1,000 goal. Once I reach that, I get a promotion!! ;0) Also I am only 386 points away from making my 1,250 point goal. And at that point, I receive recognition from Scentsy, and receive $50 in free product!!! I am pretty excited about it! ;0)

So I am planning another party for next month to introduce all the new products for fall/winter. I am also hoping that I can have a booth set up at the Family fun day at Chuck's work, and sell some of the military warmers, and more scentsy products.

Also I found out that if I earn enough to qualify between August 2010, and January 31, 2011 I can get Chuck, Hiccup, and I a trip to Disneyland for selling so much. I am excited about it. I mean I probably won't make that much.....but hey it is a fun goal to work towards. Also the 2011 convention for Scentsy this year is in Forth Worth, Texas!! And that happens to be only 30 minutes from my bestie!!! ;0) I am not sure if I can go yet or not, and I would think that driving would be best for me since I would have Hiccup with me, and receiving a lot of product....And if I could stay with my friend.....then I will be able to save that money from a Hotel room, and spend it on food, and travel so I don't have to ask for a ride everyday. ;0) And who knows if it will work.....because we might be getting our transfer at that time as well. But I really hope I can go for a few days of training and such. ;0)

Well that is all for now. This week I need to go in for the 2nd half of my blood work to see how Hiccup is doing. I am really wanting to get the 3D ultrasound to see what we are having, but Chuck isn't to fond of the idea of paying almost $70 for it. ;0( Oh well.

Love and miss you all
XoXo-Andrea Carla

The Reckoning Review

So I finished this book in one day. I liked it a lot. It was pretty good. The entire book was the big escape, and conclusion. I thought this was a bigger series.....but apparently it was just a trilogy. No bid deal though. I really enjoyed it.

In this book Chloe, Tori, and the boys are in a safe house. But things are going so well. Derrick makes his first full change into a werewolf. Something seems really bad, and the kids start to think that maybe this place isn't as safe as they thought it was....and someone is still out to get them that might be in their group. The kids need to get safe soon, but someone is out to foil the escape plan. Chloe realizes her powers are a heck of a lot stronger than she thought.....and she really has to be careful.

I give this book 3.5 our of 5 stars. I really enjoyed the series, and am excited to hear the author talk about her books on the Smart Chicks kick it tour next month!! ;0)

XoXo-Andrea Carla

August 14, 2010

The Awakening Book Review

So on payday I managed to talk Chuck into letting me get the next to books in this series. I stayed up late for two nights.....and finished the book. ;0) I really liked this one a lot. Chloe and her friends are on the run from this group we learn is called The Eddison group. They do experiments on supernatural kids, and see if they can live among humans, or if they need to be terminated. A few of Chloe's friends have already disappeared and been killed. Chloe's Aunt has betrayed her, and she and another girl manage to escape again. They are on the run, and manage to come in contact with two of the boys from Lyle House. Now there is a group of Supernaturals on the run. Chloe the Necromancer, Derek the Werewolf, Simon the Sorcerer, and Tori the Witch. All three have been genetically altered by the group and are on the run. They are coming into their powers a lot sooner than they should, and they are realizing that emotions can really mess with their power. They have one option......make it to New York and contact their dad's friend who might be able to help them find Simon and Derek's dad who has disappeared.

This book keeps you very interested, and wanting more.

I give this book a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

The Summoning Book review

So I found a book a while ago called The Summoning. I wasn't to sure about it, but thought it looked interesting. I started the book over a week ago, and read the first two chapters. But I think that due to not feeling so great, and the fact I wasn't sure about the book to begin with...I put it down and didn't pick it up for a while. I picked it up again the other day, and decided to give it another try. When an author is introducing a new series...I feel bad for them because they have so many introductions, and explanations to make so you understand the characters....but it is very hard to do so without losing the interest and attention of your audience. So I gave it one more chance before ditching the book. I really try and finish a book even if I do not like it so I can give it a chance. So....I picked it up and finished it in one night. I couldn't sleep.....and so I read all night long. The book turned out to be pretty good, and so I was eager for the next one.

The book is about a girl named Chloe. She is going to a special art school, and one day....finds out she can see ghosts. But when she See's one, she freaks out not understand what is going on. Her school sends her away to a group home for an eval before she can come back. But the group home turns out to be more than she thought it was. All the kids at the Lyle House seem to not have a mental illness.....but they seem to be a little more than that. As it turns out Chloe is a Necromancer.....And she is part of a bunch of supernatural kids that are really a science experiment. Chloe and her friends decide things are so good....and make an escape......

The book was really good, and I would give it a 3 out of 5 stars.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

Good Launch Party!!

So last night was my Scentsy Launch party!! I cleaned the whole week, but was just so overwhelmed with everything that had to be done....I wasn't sure if I would get it all done in time. Luckily Chuck came to my rescue and helped with some of the things I needed to get done. I don't think I could have finished it all by myself. I was very nervous about the whole thing as well. Not about making a little presentation, but I was afraid that no one would come, and no one would want to buy the Scentsy. But people started to show up, and things went pretty well. ;0) It turned out very well, and we all visited and had some fun. ;0) I still need to make a few more sales before I close out the party, but it went well for my first party. I meant to take a picture of everything set up, or even take a video with my new awesome flip....but alas I completely forgot! But the next party I will try to remember. ;0)

Hiccup is doing pretty good. My tummy is starting to get bigger. lol For once in my life I don't mind it. ha ha ha

Well that is all for now. I feel like I need another nap....but I need to clean up from the party! lol

Love and miss you all
XoX0-Andrea Carla

August 6, 2010

Great day so far!!!!

So last night before I went to sleep I decided to really count on the power of prayer!! I prayed with every fiber in my being that I would fall asleep and and stay asleep through the night, and actually sleep....(not do that half asleep and half awake thing that I usually do). I was squinting, and emitting as many good vibes as I could in hopes to make this happen.

Well I finally fell asleep around 2a.m. and didn't wake up again until 5a.m. When I woke up it was because baby isn't making much room for my bladder to live in me any more...and so I did my thing and went back to sleep with two dogs taking up more than half of a Cal king bed. lol The next time I woke up was 8 when the construction started. (and hour later than normal!!! That or I didn't hear them.) So I got up, closed the window, and turned on another fan to help drown out the construction noise. I crawled back in bed...died...and didn't wake up again until noon!!! woot woot I hate sleeping all day, but I really sleep better during the day. I woke and felt so good, and fully rested. Even though I have come to the conclusion there is no point in me eating or brushing my teeth....It still hasn't ruined my day! ;0) So I got up, opened the front windows to the house and determined it's going to be a hot day. I closed the windows but opened the blinds all the way.

I checked the mail, and what do you know I had a huge box on the front porch waiting for me!!! Woot Woot!!!! So I brought it in set it on the floor, and then took the dogs out for their morning business. When I came back in The three of us sat on the floor to open the box! Well I opened it, and the dogs wanted to know what all the weird smells were. ha ha ha
As I opened the box and took out each thing one by one the dogs glued their noses to it to smell everything. ha ha ha It was fun to go through the things. Lot's of baby gifts! woot woot! My parent's had sent me a cute package full of things that I am going to need for baby! ;0) Then hidden in the corner of this box I saw a Manila envelope. I got all excited again, because I was kinda thinking I might know what it is. I picked it up and sure enough It was a package from my Aunt Bobbi!!! Okay so I did squeal a little. ha ha ha

I tore open the package to find a brand new flip camera!!!! Thank you to my beautiful Aunt Bobbi!!!! It is soooo awesome! I have been playing with it since...although I have yet figured out how to get the USB out. ha ha ha It is wicked awesome!! ;0) I am so excited!!! Thank you so very very much!!!!! ;0) This really means a lot to me and my entire family!! You are so awesome!

About an hour later (yes I was still playing with my flip, and yes I still haven't figured out how to get the USB out) The doorbell rang. So I put the dogs away in a room where they won't lick someone to death, and then ran or rather wiggled to the door. It was the UPS man bringing more gifts!!! ;0) Well this time it wasn't really gifts, but Scentsy that I bought to sell. I figured having a few products on hand to sell might be good for business. ;0)

So here I am, hanging out in the bedroom now. The construction has got rather loud now, but I am to excited about my new baby toys and camera to worry about it. Hopefully soon I will have a video to post.

I love you all and miss you even more!
XoXo-Andrea Carla

August 4, 2010

It's a sad day indeed!

You know sometimes you have a food craving and so when you happen to be at the grocery make sure that you get to indulge a little. Well today I had to go to the pharmacy and then to the grocery store. I had to get some milk, and some fruit. I was also craving something sweet. So I decided I wanted a cookie. I got what I needed and then headed to the sweet isle where I walked the whole thing and didn't find one cookie that looked good! ;0( I know I am shocked! So I settled for a little cake and ice cream, and it didn't hit the spot!! In fact I was so worn out from my first outing by myself in a few months.....and Mint ice cream didn't fix it!!!! Mint ice cream always fixes everything!!!! It's scary!!! What is this world coming to? Aughhhhhh What a sad sad day indeed! lol

Now that the drama is over......on a happier note.......we got a new Ihop across the street so hopefully I will get to eat at an Ihop for the first time soon. And I finally got to talk to Chuck for a few minutes today as well. Yeaghhhhhh
Although I need to be a little braver. I mean it's only been a few days and I feel all needy and missing him. I need to get stronger because in probably another year........Chuck is going to have to deploy again once we get to our new duty station and I need to be a heck of a lot stronger, because I will have a very young baby and be by myself. So I need to be a bit braver. ha ha ha

I am only 100 points away from my 1,250 points for my Scentsy goal. Then once I reach that goal, my next one is 5,000 points!!! ;0) I am really loving doing this.

Well that is all for now. Love to all
XoXo-Andrea Carla

August 2, 2010

Cheeseburgers, and SpaghettiOs

So I am still feeling pretty good!!! (does a happy dance) My house is slowly returning to some sort of normalcy, and I am wanting to get out of the house more. ;0)

Chuck is away for the week at Scout camp, helping the boys earn merit badges. I thought I would be okay, but after the first 24 hours I really wanted him back home. He has really been taking care of me lately, and it was really nice to have him around. I guess I didn't realise how much I was needing him.

I had another doctor's appointment last week. It was more of a waste of time than anything. But I kinda saw the baby. The screen was really whited out, and blurry. The Dr. tried to see what we were having, and I was looking right at baby's bottom, but it was just to fuzzy to make out anything besides a bum and two legs. It was really neat to see the heart beating a lot bigger now. And like always Hiccup was having a dance party in my tummy. He jumps around a lot. lol

I am pretty sure I felt Hiccup move the other night. It was a really light tapping or popping on my stomach three times. It kinda woke me up. I tried to move around a little and see if he would do it again so I could make sure it was the baby, but alas I felt nothing else.

I haven't been sleeping well the last few nights, and this morning when I got up I filled my water bottle, made some cereal, and accidentally poured my water into the cereal instead of the milk!! Blast!!!

My food cravings haven't been to extreme yet. I have craved Apricots a lot, and eat them with bananas or pears every day. And strangely enough I have really been craving cheeseburgers. That is very random for me. I normally never eat cheeseburgers. If we go get fast food, I always order a chicken sandwich, or fish. But lately it is all about the cheeseburger. Like I want them more than once a day....not that I eat them that much....but still it's funny to me. I have been craving tuna and a fish sandwich, but Chuck removed all the Tuna from the house and won't let me get a fish sandwich. ;0( My other odd food craving is SpaghettiOs. I ate a whole can yesterday. It grosses me out to think about it, but it tastes sooooo good. lol

My Scentsy selling is going fairly well. I will host my first party on the 13th, so if anyone would like to come, just let me know. If you live to far away but want to know more about it please check out my website. This really is a good product, and I stand by it. There is no flame, and the wax never gets hot enough to burn. If you stick your finger in it when it's been melted for hours, it is hot but doesn't burn. I really love it. And even when it isn't plugged in, you can still get burst of scent from it. I am excited to start earning enough that I can buy things for the baby that aren't so cheap.

Everything else is going good. If you want to come clean my house, I would love you forever! lol I am still really tired, and have been wanting home cooked meals lately. lol Like my moms eggs and potato breakfast that no matter how hard I try to replicate never tastes the same.....And the comfort food my dad makes of Rice, with chicken or beef cut up with cream of mushroom soup all stirred in. Shoot now I just made myself hungry!!! lol Well I guess that means it is time for a late lunch. ha ha ha

I love you all, and I miss you even more!
XoXo-Andrea Carla