August 4, 2010

It's a sad day indeed!

You know sometimes you have a food craving and so when you happen to be at the grocery make sure that you get to indulge a little. Well today I had to go to the pharmacy and then to the grocery store. I had to get some milk, and some fruit. I was also craving something sweet. So I decided I wanted a cookie. I got what I needed and then headed to the sweet isle where I walked the whole thing and didn't find one cookie that looked good! ;0( I know I am shocked! So I settled for a little cake and ice cream, and it didn't hit the spot!! In fact I was so worn out from my first outing by myself in a few months.....and Mint ice cream didn't fix it!!!! Mint ice cream always fixes everything!!!! It's scary!!! What is this world coming to? Aughhhhhh What a sad sad day indeed! lol

Now that the drama is over......on a happier note.......we got a new Ihop across the street so hopefully I will get to eat at an Ihop for the first time soon. And I finally got to talk to Chuck for a few minutes today as well. Yeaghhhhhh
Although I need to be a little braver. I mean it's only been a few days and I feel all needy and missing him. I need to get stronger because in probably another year........Chuck is going to have to deploy again once we get to our new duty station and I need to be a heck of a lot stronger, because I will have a very young baby and be by myself. So I need to be a bit braver. ha ha ha

I am only 100 points away from my 1,250 points for my Scentsy goal. Then once I reach that goal, my next one is 5,000 points!!! ;0) I am really loving doing this.

Well that is all for now. Love to all
XoXo-Andrea Carla

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  1. Let me correct one thing here... lol I am 100 points from being halfway to my 1,250 points for my goal with Scentsy! lol