August 2, 2010

Cheeseburgers, and SpaghettiOs

So I am still feeling pretty good!!! (does a happy dance) My house is slowly returning to some sort of normalcy, and I am wanting to get out of the house more. ;0)

Chuck is away for the week at Scout camp, helping the boys earn merit badges. I thought I would be okay, but after the first 24 hours I really wanted him back home. He has really been taking care of me lately, and it was really nice to have him around. I guess I didn't realise how much I was needing him.

I had another doctor's appointment last week. It was more of a waste of time than anything. But I kinda saw the baby. The screen was really whited out, and blurry. The Dr. tried to see what we were having, and I was looking right at baby's bottom, but it was just to fuzzy to make out anything besides a bum and two legs. It was really neat to see the heart beating a lot bigger now. And like always Hiccup was having a dance party in my tummy. He jumps around a lot. lol

I am pretty sure I felt Hiccup move the other night. It was a really light tapping or popping on my stomach three times. It kinda woke me up. I tried to move around a little and see if he would do it again so I could make sure it was the baby, but alas I felt nothing else.

I haven't been sleeping well the last few nights, and this morning when I got up I filled my water bottle, made some cereal, and accidentally poured my water into the cereal instead of the milk!! Blast!!!

My food cravings haven't been to extreme yet. I have craved Apricots a lot, and eat them with bananas or pears every day. And strangely enough I have really been craving cheeseburgers. That is very random for me. I normally never eat cheeseburgers. If we go get fast food, I always order a chicken sandwich, or fish. But lately it is all about the cheeseburger. Like I want them more than once a day....not that I eat them that much....but still it's funny to me. I have been craving tuna and a fish sandwich, but Chuck removed all the Tuna from the house and won't let me get a fish sandwich. ;0( My other odd food craving is SpaghettiOs. I ate a whole can yesterday. It grosses me out to think about it, but it tastes sooooo good. lol

My Scentsy selling is going fairly well. I will host my first party on the 13th, so if anyone would like to come, just let me know. If you live to far away but want to know more about it please check out my website. This really is a good product, and I stand by it. There is no flame, and the wax never gets hot enough to burn. If you stick your finger in it when it's been melted for hours, it is hot but doesn't burn. I really love it. And even when it isn't plugged in, you can still get burst of scent from it. I am excited to start earning enough that I can buy things for the baby that aren't so cheap.

Everything else is going good. If you want to come clean my house, I would love you forever! lol I am still really tired, and have been wanting home cooked meals lately. lol Like my moms eggs and potato breakfast that no matter how hard I try to replicate never tastes the same.....And the comfort food my dad makes of Rice, with chicken or beef cut up with cream of mushroom soup all stirred in. Shoot now I just made myself hungry!!! lol Well I guess that means it is time for a late lunch. ha ha ha

I love you all, and I miss you even more!
XoXo-Andrea Carla

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  1. I want to come visit you and pamper you for a week! Is there anytime this year Chuck will be gone? Not that I don't want to see Chuck too lol, I just figure we could get some real girly time in and you wouldn't have to be alone if you didn't want to be. Let me know so I can start saving for a ticket and planning a trip up there if possible.