August 19, 2010

Thank You!!!

I just wanted to thank a few people......

1- The Inventor of Pink Lemonade...Henry E. Allott- At 15 he ran away with a circus and obtained the lemonade concession. He later invented Pink Lemonade

2- The Inventor of Mike and Ike candies (grape)- Samuel Born

3-The Inventor of the Trolli Strawberry Puff-German candy manufacturer Mederer Corporation

4-The Inventor of Orange Creme Yoplait yogurt

5-The wonderful individual who invented the spray nozzle that goes on a hose so you can spray evil little neighbor kids. ;0)

These are just a few people I needed to thank for making this crazy pregnant lady a little happier. I have many more to thank.....but I think it is time to sleep...or at least attempt to.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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