August 6, 2010

Great day so far!!!!

So last night before I went to sleep I decided to really count on the power of prayer!! I prayed with every fiber in my being that I would fall asleep and and stay asleep through the night, and actually sleep....(not do that half asleep and half awake thing that I usually do). I was squinting, and emitting as many good vibes as I could in hopes to make this happen.

Well I finally fell asleep around 2a.m. and didn't wake up again until 5a.m. When I woke up it was because baby isn't making much room for my bladder to live in me any more...and so I did my thing and went back to sleep with two dogs taking up more than half of a Cal king bed. lol The next time I woke up was 8 when the construction started. (and hour later than normal!!! That or I didn't hear them.) So I got up, closed the window, and turned on another fan to help drown out the construction noise. I crawled back in bed...died...and didn't wake up again until noon!!! woot woot I hate sleeping all day, but I really sleep better during the day. I woke and felt so good, and fully rested. Even though I have come to the conclusion there is no point in me eating or brushing my teeth....It still hasn't ruined my day! ;0) So I got up, opened the front windows to the house and determined it's going to be a hot day. I closed the windows but opened the blinds all the way.

I checked the mail, and what do you know I had a huge box on the front porch waiting for me!!! Woot Woot!!!! So I brought it in set it on the floor, and then took the dogs out for their morning business. When I came back in The three of us sat on the floor to open the box! Well I opened it, and the dogs wanted to know what all the weird smells were. ha ha ha
As I opened the box and took out each thing one by one the dogs glued their noses to it to smell everything. ha ha ha It was fun to go through the things. Lot's of baby gifts! woot woot! My parent's had sent me a cute package full of things that I am going to need for baby! ;0) Then hidden in the corner of this box I saw a Manila envelope. I got all excited again, because I was kinda thinking I might know what it is. I picked it up and sure enough It was a package from my Aunt Bobbi!!! Okay so I did squeal a little. ha ha ha

I tore open the package to find a brand new flip camera!!!! Thank you to my beautiful Aunt Bobbi!!!! It is soooo awesome! I have been playing with it since...although I have yet figured out how to get the USB out. ha ha ha It is wicked awesome!! ;0) I am so excited!!! Thank you so very very much!!!!! ;0) This really means a lot to me and my entire family!! You are so awesome!

About an hour later (yes I was still playing with my flip, and yes I still haven't figured out how to get the USB out) The doorbell rang. So I put the dogs away in a room where they won't lick someone to death, and then ran or rather wiggled to the door. It was the UPS man bringing more gifts!!! ;0) Well this time it wasn't really gifts, but Scentsy that I bought to sell. I figured having a few products on hand to sell might be good for business. ;0)

So here I am, hanging out in the bedroom now. The construction has got rather loud now, but I am to excited about my new baby toys and camera to worry about it. Hopefully soon I will have a video to post.

I love you all and miss you even more!
XoXo-Andrea Carla

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