August 26, 2010

It's a...Well look and see!!

So today was amazing, and a little hectic. I went to the Dr. yesterday, and asked for an ultrasound. I haven't really felt Hiccup move yet, I mean nothing really positive. And so I wanted to see it's heartbeat, and hopefully see if it is a boy or girl. Go figure this time......Hiccup was just sitting in a yoga position.....and being a little too modest. I was really bummed out. And the doctor couldn't turn the baby or get it to move. ;0( I was able to talk Chuck into letting me get a 3D ultrasound. Chuck thought it was a waste of money to pay, but I have been aching to know. I have had a feeling I would have a boy even before I got pregnant. I just knew. A lot of people kept telling me that it would be a girl, or that I shouldn't get my hopes up. But I really did feel with every fiber of my being that this would be a boy.

So today I called our ins. and the perinatal center to see what the Sept 15th visit would be billed as. Because it the perinatal center billed as gender, then my ins. would deny it, and we would be sent a hefty bill. So I made sure all was good on that end. Then I called the 3D ultrasound place, and asked how soon I could get an appointment. He said for my would be three weeks. I instantly was bummed again. Because there is no point in paying the $70 in three weeks when we would just find out that week from my Dr. anyways. Then the tech said that he had an opening tonight in Antioch at 7 p.m.!!!! So we decided to take it. I scarfed my late lunch/snack down, and hurried and got ready. We left 1 1/2 hours early because traffic on the 4 going east is always brutal! We turned on our Onstar Lars, and gave him directions. We got to the place a little early, but no big deal. We walked in, and I felt it looked a little off. It was a massage and 3D/4D center. It had one room, and only one employee at the time. Chuck was certain that the guy who did our ultrasound was Iranian, but who knows. The guy said he was a Captain in the military back in the day. Hmmmmmm

We heard him telling the people in the exam room before us that they had a healthy baby boy. I was just praying it wasn't going to be a creepy experience. We went in, and at the end of a very comfy table sat probably a 50+ inch t.v. screen. It was really cool. We started the ultrasound, and it was really neat to see baby moving again. He took his time, and for once I could really see detail in Hiccup. I could see hands and toes, and face. I could see ribs, and the backbone. Then Hiccup turned over and what do ya know......Hiccup is a boy! I am sooooo excited!!!!

So I am trying to upload the video now that he gave us. But it is taking forever, and I don't think it's going to work. And we were allowed to use our flip video camera that my amazing Aunt Bobbi gave us, and we recorded the heartbeat!!! ;0) Thank you Aunt Bobbi!!!

I don't know why, but at the back of my mind I still feel like maybe the whole thing isn't real. Like the video is fake or something. You know like it was just a video of someone else's baby I was looking at. But the tech said he is 95% sure it is a boy. So we will get the final say on Sept. 15th!!! ;0) yahhhh for baby boys!!!! So officially Hiccup is Riley Patrick Cardon!!! ;0) But we like calling our little Viking Hiccup too. he he he I am sooooo happy and excited!!!!!

Love you all and miss you tons!
XoXo-Andrea Carla

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  1. I'm so glad you got to have that experience. Congratulations!