August 30, 2010

Updates from the Mommy!

So things have been completely backwards lately. I am relieved that I am having a boy...Since we have been collecting boy things since before I got But hey I guess it is not to late for baby to change his mind and it's really a girl. But we will keep our fingers crossed that it is for sure a boy. lol

So lately I have found out one of the reasons I am not sleeping at night. That's right folks.....I am falling asleep anytime between 5-7 a.m. and waking up around 2-4 p.m.!!! I know your jaw just dropped open. I hate it that I sleep all day. But I really sleep well during the day opposed to waking up constantly all night long. I have no idea why I do this, but I have always been a night person. So I think I have come up with the conclusion.....that BOOKS are one of the reason's I am not sleeping at night. Mom I am soooo blaming this one on you. lol I guess I figure it this way. I shouldn't be sitting around if I am awake during the day reading. I should be cleaning or being productive. So then I end up reading when I crawl into bed. So then I end up getting really into my book....and I cannot put it down.....and I end up reading until I can't hold the book up anymore! GO ME!!! Yah I know I am a nerd. I just finished two 500+ page books in 2 days each. They were really good, and very well written. I couldn't put them down!! lol But then I thought of something that might be on the plus side. You know how Pregnant women are kept up all night by baby kicking because that is the time mom is moving, so the baby wakes up?.....well If I am still awake and moving, then that means I am getting my child in the habit already of sleeping at night, and being awake during the day right? Yah I have no idea if that is true or not. lol

So I still have good days and bad days. Mostly just exhausted days. I am loving selling the Scentsy wickless candles. I just love this stuff. I am planning another party for next month to showcase all the new products, and new scents. I am excited. And then hopefully if all goes well I will be finally coming home for a visit to see the family in September. It will be the first time Chuck has been home during the summer in 10 years. lol But from what I heard....It snowed back home today. Hmmmmmm But I am Uber excited to have a baby shower! I am soooo excited to see some of my old friends whom I haven't seen in years.....we keep in touch on the phone with texting, and through facebook, but there are some of them I just want to hug!!!! I miss my friends. I think it is also funny how some people who were absolutely cruel to me in school, have now apologized to me, and we are friends. I also find it very funny that some of the people we looked up to in school that seemed to have it all......are the ones doing the worst as adults. And the people that were picked on the worst in school are now lawyers, teachers, doctors, and police officers! I love it because when you are a kid and you come home crying because the kids at school were mean....your parents try to make you feel better by telling you it won't be like this forever, and that they don't matter. And you feel a little bitter at your parents like...."How would you weren't there!" But look....they were right!!!!! who woulda thunk?!!! lol ha ha ha

Not to much else is going on here. I love and miss you all! ;0)

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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