November 29, 2014

Reindeer Trek at the zoo

We took a trip to the zoo in December to visit Santa!!  By then I knew I was pregnant. I took a test November 29th 2014 and as I thought, it was positive. I wasn't so sure what to think of the whole thing. I was really overwhelmed with the entire situation. 

I had him wave to Papa in this picture because once again Chuck was going to have to miss Christmas. So I wanted him to have some sort of Christmas picture.

Getting to pet the cool reindeer.

Bear's loved the petting zoo

August 28, 2014

Not playing with a full deck

So I got a whole whopping 4 people who read my last post. lol I guess not blogging for a few months really took it's toll. lol Oh well.

So after our move we started to get settled. We got situated with our new nursing company. We used the same company just a different office than last time.

   Our first nurse (We will call her Nurse A) showed up her first day looking awful. I was a little surprised. But to be fair the last few months I looked pretty dang awful as well. So onward and upward. I just did not feel comfortable with her since the first day. I kept brushing it off as I was just being over protective, and a worry wart. But it was always a nagging feeling.

Every day for almost a month a drove back and forth from my parents house to our new place. I would unpack and assess the damage. I had to take pictures and document it all. Every day I left I didn't want to leave my baby bear with her. But I had to.  I called the nursing company a few times and told them how uncomfortable I was.  One day when it was time for her to arrive she just walked into my parents house instead of knocking or ringing the doorbell. I was really taken aback that someone would just walk into someone Else's home without being invited in. She was constantly complaining to the neighbors how we were working her 8 hours a day 6 days a week, and it was just to much. Yet she was getting angry that we were searching for another nurse to take some of the slack. Another day she came running in the house from being outside with my son and puked her guts out in the bathroom. I sent her home for the rest of the shift and sanitized everything she had touched praying Riley wouldn't get sick. She texted me that evening telling me it was because she had been off of her meds for months and since she had insurance again she took them and all her shots all at once. Ummm I have no medical education or training and I know better than to do that. I gave her 3 days off to recover. When she came back she gave us her 12 year old daughters toddler bed that she had in storage and gave it to Riley because we didn't have one. I thought that was really sweet of her. I left it at my parents while I was still trying to put our new house together.  I called the nursing company again and expressed my concerns and how I couldn't pin point one thing, but that I had a bad feeling that wouldn't go away. I also asked for them to find a new nurse to replace her. Well they decided to just call her and tell her all these things while she was still on her shift. what?!!! It got really uncomfortable and weird the last two hours she was there that day.  The next day she came in and sat down at the table and started bawling about how much she needed the job, and she wanted to make things work. I felt totally ambushed and the fact that she did this in front of my kid was not okay.
   After we calmed her down. I contacted the nursing company pissed. I should have been warned that my concerns and my comments were being shared outside our private conversation. They convinced me to give her one last chance. She forgot to close the med port on my son's extension so for two hours of his feeding it pumped all over my parents leather couches and on him. She blamed it on the bag saying it was bad and threw it out without asking me. These are expensive and you only get 4 a month. We have to make them last. I asked several times if it was the med port open and she kept telling me no it was the bag. When I checked the garbage to see it, what do you know the med port was open. It wouldn't have been such a big deal if she would have noticed the mistake and owned it. Instead she denied it and wasn't even looking to see if that was in fact the problem and an easier fix.

   We got a second nurse (Nurse B we will call her) and she was also hired for full time, but would be starting out as part time until we got into our new place. Nurse A was not happy that nurse B was also to be full time. Ummm okay it isn't her decision. I never felt comfortable with Nurse A being alone with Riley. Someone was always home to keep an eye out. My poor family really had to work around that and made a few sacrifices to help us out. I am so thankful we had family around to help. I think it was about two weeks after nurse B started Nurse A got an e-mail that I had approved from the nursing company stating that her hours would be reduced just a few in order to even out the hours a bit so Nurse B could also keep working for us. Sounds fair as they are both adults and have bills to pay and a roof to keep over their head. I was only expecting to be in our situation another week until we could move into our new place. Also in the e-mail she was informed that we had hired nurse C to fill in with when others needed a day off, to fill in, or someone was sick. nurse C was just a back up person who did not live close, but could help out if in need. Well Nurse A threw a huge temper tantrum. She called the nursing company and yelled at them. She was mad because she would go to part time for a week, maybe two. She gave her two weeks notice. They tried to calm her down. The e-mail that was sent was very fair and okay. And she new since her first day we would have more than one nurse. She was mad because she needed the hours. (yet she was constantly complaining to the neighbors about the hours and how many days she had to work.) She then told the nursing company she was quitting and to have nurse B come now to finish the shift.

    The nursing company called me and told me, and I hurried back to my parent as fast as I could. When I got to my parents she had left. I was furious. It was sooo not okay for her to just leave like that it isn't allowed in her paperwork for her to leave my son with anyone else but me. I didn't want to have to run into her, and am glad I didn't have to. But the fact she couldn't keep herself in check and finish it out till I got back is unprofessional.  She was crying and all upset and got Riley really upset. He talked about it for about a week afterwards. She was at the neighbors when she did this. So then she had to stop him from playing with his friends, then make him go home. He was upset and confused. She was crying and being all sorts of weird. She barely filled out the right paperwork and had my mom sign it before she left. My father came in and took Riley out to get him away from her. Then on her way out she tells them I'm taking my bed back. So she loaded the toddler bed back in her car after giving it to my son. Ummmm okay what is she like 12?

    I have tossed the idea back and forth several times about calling the state licensing board and letting them know about her and then if they choose to do something fine at least I gave them the info. That way if something like this happens again and it is reported they can see a pattern. I am not sure though. To call the board and report someone is a huge thing. But at the same time she seems really unstable. What would you do? As a parent I don't want someone so emotionally unstable to upset another child like that. I don't know what to do. It's been two wonderful months since she has been gone, and I still wonder what I should do. I know I need to act soon, but am torn on what to do. I know to become an RN you have to go through a lot of schooling and hard work. She passed that. But has been fired or quit all her nursing jobs in the last two years because she couldn't handle it. IDK.

Now we have to awesome nurses that we love. They do such a great job and are part of the family. One in particular I have really bonded with. We have so much in common and I adore her.

So with the great nursing care we have now, I am able to really work on improving me. ;0)

XoXo- Mama Bear

August 23, 2014

The Big Move!

Ohhh where to start.

So May 21 was the start of the big move.  It was set up as a 2 day pack and 1 day move.  

So the first day packers showed up and seemed to be doing good. That was until the evening came and they went home. I found that one of the packers couldn't figure out how to close my son's toy chest. So he forced it shut ripping the swing arm out. Then he didn't even tell me he did that. They all spoke Spanish the whole time around me. It made things uncomfortable.
 The second packer I found had opened the Tiki punch I had bought for bears and the move. It was brand new. He opened it and drank it with one of my glasses. Then he didn't rinse it out and pack it with the others. He just left it in my sink. grrrrrrr
      The third packer was the worst.  He broke and ruined a lot of things. I was in tears as I was going through the mess he made. He didn't even bother to use packing paper or follow any directions I had asked of him. He did a lot of damage.  So that night I e-mailed our main company with pictures of the damage. They responded and the next day a new team was sent out.

The second day team of packers were a lot better.  I still found a lot of mess from them. But they were nice and did a pretty good job. But what stank was they showed at 9 a.m. and worked until 12:30 a.m. Our poor nurse couldn't stay that late.

The third day I kept telling the moving team we had a lot of stuff, and to show up early. They kept telling me its fine we will be there by 11. I told them over and over they had to come earlier and to trust me. And at the least to bring 4 people because  they also had to bring a shuttle and while two are offloading, 2 can be reloading. All they did was argue. But hey they did show up at 9 with 4 people. phew!!

The third day went pretty well. And even with 4 or 5 (I can't remember) pick-up loads full of stuff I had donated, and the loads of stuff I got rid of. We still filled an entire semi. WOW! But yah I guess 14 years of marriage and accumulation will do that. lol  The 2nd day of packing, and the 3rd day moving day I kept asking the driver of the truck, and calling the company when my House Hold Goods would be delivered. The driver kept telling me he didn't know, and the company wouldn't call me back. This went on for a week with no returned phone calls. I mean I get it if you don't know who is delivering the stuff or when, the human thing to do is call your customer back and tell them I am sorry I don't know but I am working on it.    So I called the east Coast company in charge and they fired the moving company. But now what happens to my stuff.

    Well a company called Grable picked up my stuff. Turns out they couldn't just pick up the trailer and haul it. Nooooo all my belongings had to be offloaded from the truck, unwrapped from the blankets and such, and then re wrapped in Grable's blankets and reloaded in Grable's truck. So it had been loaded in the order it was to be unloaded. With the items that were to go to my house at the back of the trailer, and the items I needed to store at the front. Now it was a mess.  The new truck driver called me while he was loading his truck and asked me 12 times..... got it 12 how many bookcases went to each location. Really because it was so hard. 2 went to the first stop. My house. and 3 went to the second location. Ughhhhh He still couldn't get it. IDIOT!!

    So another week after he picked up my belongings the Grable driver finally drove from California to Utah. Why it took so long I do not understand. (he didn't have any other deliveries)

So after way to long our HHG's were finally delivered.  It was a mess. Our driver was such a creeper.  When I met him he pulled me aside and asked me to sign the paperwork and lie saying he had rented a shuttle to move our belongings to our house since he couldn't pull the semi close to the apartment. I had told him for a week he had to do this but he wouldn't listen. Then when it came down to it. He said if he went to do this it would take at least 2 hours and we would lose all that time. Jerk.

So for 3 hours the movers who were actually pretty cool. offloaded the semi. Some things were mixed up like what was to go to each location. So they would set it aside for the second drop off. The driver started getting really pissy with me stating I should have told him ahead of time about it. Ummm pretty sure this move was already a mess and the first semi was packed right. Sorry you got the bad end of the stick.  The driver refused to help his workers. I had never seen that before. Normally the driver wants to make sure things are okay, and helps. But this guy was a real jerk. He even started arguing with me and my dad. He was horrible insulting my dad, and I was so shocked by it.  He kept asking my dad why I couldn't just move in with my parents. And I kindly explained they had both just retired and bought a smaller retirement home and also I needed a home to take care of my son. He even looked at my dad and said "C'mon man why you gotta do her like that? That's just wrong man."  WOW!!! Pretty sure his opinion was not asked for. And then he just kept insulting him over and over. I wanted to yell at him and scream. but my belongings were in his truck!!! My dad had to leave he was so angry.

    At one point the driver who didn't know I could hear him told his moving team that he hated the military. Really man? I am pretty sure the military is the one paying for this move. Jerk.

So halfway through the truck the driver declared my house was to full, and he wouldn't unload any more. I went in and checked and the house still had tons of room. I went back to the truck and told them a few of the larger pieces still had to be offloaded before he stopped because I couldn't move them by myself. He refused and sat and argued with me until I caved. Grrrrrrrr He then went into my house and started taking pictures of my belongings. So not cool. I told him I didn't feel comfortable with it and to please stop. I had to tell him to stop 3 times and to get out before he actually did. Creeper!

    So we went to the second location my parents house. Well I had planned for everything just perfectly but now with this tool of a driver all the items being delivered to my parents wasn't going to fit. So most of my stuff was at my parents now.  My dad has a very beautiful old car that he has put a lot of time into restoring. He covered it so the driver couldn't see it. He didn't like this guy and I agree with him. The driver showed up and kept asking what kind of car it was. My dad kept telling him it was an old junker and the driver kept saying "c'mon man is it like a gangsta car?" Ughhhhhh  he was such a snake and a slimeball!!!
And with not enough room to store it all it sat in the garage and in the driveway for a month getting rained on and super dusty. I had covered it with tarps but that can only protect it so much.

A month later I was able to move into my place. The damage I found from unpacking was awful. after I finished unpacking it all. And found all but 3 boxes and my power drill.  I was able to move in and get settled. After I filled out all the claims forms the total in damages came out to $9,304.00   We have had an inspector come out to check the damage and now we wait to see how much if any they will reimburse.   But this is just the outline of what happened. I would share the pictures of the damage, but I have over 200 and it's a lot of damage. I just don't even know where to start. Ughhhhh

It was a lot of stress to deal with.  But I am slowly figuring this whole thing out.

XoXo- Mama Bear

April 20, 2014

Hippity Hoppity Easter's on it's way!!

Ohhh how fun is it to look forward to the Easter Bunny coming for a visit?!!!
    First to get ready we colored eggs. Now I remember dying eggs being so much fun. But now that I am on the other end and trying to prevent major spills......It wasn't as entertaining. lol But the bear sure had a good time.
my sweet cuddle buddy

One oil drip pan outside....check! cups for eggs....check! eggs, spoons, and coloring.....check! And of course baby wipes, and extras so we can clean up the mess. lol He was having such a blast with the eggs.

Checking out the eggs. Why not smell them as well.. lol

He dropped it, and is inspecting the egg. ha ha
Telling me he dropped and broke the egg. Ooops.

Next  while the Bear was getting his bath I started in on hard boiling some eggs, and making Rice Krispie treats. lol Now I am not experienced at making these and it was my first time doing this all by my onesies. lol I just googled best Rice Krispie recipe and ran with that. lol Ohhhhh foolish me.   So I had bought two large bags of marshmallows and let Bear's choose what color he wanted out of them. lol He chose pink. Well as it ended up I didn't have enough. So the whole bag went in, and ended up turning the color a little mustardy. lol Then the recipe asked for butter, and dry cake batter mix. So I added it all. Everything it asked for. lol But alas things started getting sticky. Like majorly dry and sticky. ha ha ha  So it got harder and harder to try and stir and mix. And I had promised Bear's that after his bath he could help with this. But then it seemed more and more impossible. ughhhhh. It was leaning more and more into a disaster zone. lol Go figure. But thank goodness it kind of worked out in the end.  After it cooled down a tad I was able to scoop it into a glass dish and Becca (the nurse) brought Bear's in and he helped pat down the mixture into the pan while I continued to scoop. ha ha.  It wasn't a complete disaster, but it came pretty close. lol
the messy treats!

While I was making the Rice Krispie treats, I was also boiling eggs to make deviled eggs when the phone rang. It was the neighbor across the way. (the one who rescued Bear's ball) They told me that they were excited to watch Bear's Easter Egg hunt at the other neighbors house, and were even hiding a few eggs that night with money in them for him. How cute is that?!! They asked if they could come over and watch. ha ha ha It is kind of cool to see how a community can wrap around you sometimes. ;0)

So we boiled and chilled the eggs.  Then we peeled them and I sliced and gutted them. After that I made deviled eggs for the first time. And they turned out fantastic. he he he.

Best Buddies!!

Yummy eggs.

Packing and Playing!! What a great night!!

Last night my sweet little Bear fell asleep in my lap while skyping with his papa.  After I laid him down  and was doing Bunny Prep work, Bear's rolled over and said twice "Easter Bunny Coming." Ohhhh my heart melted. Then I really started thinking about the next day and what would make it excellent. I suddenly remembered that the dang Easter Bunny had forgotten to get a new ball to replace the one that had popped. Uh Oh!!!!  Just to recap......

* Ball was kicked into tree.....
*Ball got UBER stuck....
*Neighbor used a long, long irrigation pipe and popped that ball right out of the tree.....
*Ball was rescued and fine.....
*two days later Ball was flat. revived for only 24 hours, but is deader than dead.
*Bear's asked if Easter Bunny could bring him a new ball for Easter. Mama replied yes.
*MAMA FORGOT............Night before Easter and NO BALL!!!!! Bear is talking in his sleep and expecting a new ball.....UGHHHHHH

Late last night I did a little prepping for the morning. I grabbed some of the packed up Easter that hasn't been taped and boxed yet and put out a little treat for the Bear. I just put out a tiny little basket with a big purple egg in it with some candy he loves.
the Easter Bunny stopped by and left an egg for the morning.

When he got up he was super excited. He opened his egg and asked for a piece of candy. I gave him a bite of Kit Kat (his fav candy bar) and he chewed it for a second and then told me yucky!!!!! Are you flipping kidding me? Now what do I do? I have over 100 Easter eggs filled and now he doesn't want any candy? Oh No!!!!

So as soon as Becca his nurse arrived I hopped in the car before she even made it in the house and (hopped) drove to the store. I grabbed some stuff that wasn't candy and a BALL or two and flew out the door back home.

As I was walking up to the house I noticed the front door open. And right as I rounded the corner two little birds flew in the house. Ughhhhh really?!! So the egg hunt was on hold. I grabbed bear's bug net and ran around trying to catch them. That must have been entertaining to watch. I mean I was flapping and flailing my arms trying to get them to fly to a certain area so that I could attempt and catch them in the net. lol  I imagine it was similar to watching Winnie the Pooh doing jumping Jax. lol
   Next I loaded the goodies in the car and drove up to the neighbors house to do the Easter egg hunt on her front lawn since we don't have lawn at all.  I dropped piles of them all over, and put out all the goodies. ;0D The neighbor came out to watch, and we had fun watching, chatting, and trying to get Bear's to get the eggs and put them in the basket. ha ha ha 
   It was pretty entertaining. Afterwards we went back to the house and dropped off all the now insanely melted candy. lol And picked up Bear's helmet so he could ride his new scooter around. He has been wanting one of these things for a while now. lol (almost 2 years)  He gets to play on one at his Occupational Therapists.
  When we came back (to the neighbors flat driveway), He didn't understand that you have to keep pushing the ground to make it go. He instantly had a massive meltdown thinking it was broken and he couldn't make it go. It was really tragic, and kind funny and sad. My poor little sweet bear. But it has been a pretty good day, and Bear's has had a lot of fun. ;0D
Sorry, I had the settings on night time. lol

Telling the neighbor a story.



The neighbors hid Easter Eggs filled with $!!! So sweet.

Look Mom MONEY!!!!

Phew the Easter Bunny provided a new ball!!

Kick Ball!!!

Playing Ball with the girls!!

Going after the big one!!

Ohhhhhh!!!!! Cars!!!!!

trying to carry it all.

Right before he kicked it down the street and it almost went down the big hill on the next street over. lol

Instead of carrying them to mom or his basket he figured hey I'll just toss them over. lol This kid can throw!!

Carrying the load of eggs.

So proud of what he found!!!


Tearfully explaining that it won't keep going.

Full on melt down mode. Poor sleepy bear's.

The nose winds up and the eyebrows and mustache wiggle.

SIGH.........It's so frustrating when you find a sunbeam, and then it goes away and you can't find it again. lol

XoXo- Mama Bear