June 24, 2010

How did you find out?

I have always wanted to do something cute and fun to tell family and friends when I became pregnant. So when I finally got the test results.....I knew I had to do something neat.

I pulled out my cricket, and spent the whole day making a cute card. I really wanted to tell my family, but again Chuck was making me wait to tell people because he is afraid that I will miss-carry again. So I finally convinced him that I could tell everyone on Father's day.

Two days before Father's day I find out that Chuck has spilled the beans to his family. Then his mother took it upon herself to send a Text to people saying Chuck is Pregnant. Then we got tons of calls saying we heard Chuck is pregnant...what is that about? I felt awful....I mean not only was he making me wait, but then he is the one who spills the beans? Grrrrrr.....Boys!!!

Also apparently when he went to church he had told a few people but told them not to tell, and everyone in our ward seemed to know. lol I have to admit that I was a little scared that someone might slip and tell my parents.....And the day before they got their card in the mail......my mom calls and was asking all sorts of questions. I thought she had figured it out, but I tried to play it down and act like nothing was wrong.

So on Saturday when the family was supposed to get together for the family Fathers day.....I texted my mom and asked if they had received the card yet. She said no, but would drive down to the mail box and see if it was there. I would say maybe a half hour later I got a phone call.

Apparently they didn't know or suspect that I was prego. I was soooo happy that they were surprised. We ended up getting online and used Skype to chat for a while. ;0)

I have to say I was very pleased with how happy my mom was. I wasn't sure what her reaction would be, and was a little nervous. But she was so excited and eager to tell others. ha ha

Also something that came out of this so far that is really awesome, is that my Aunt whom I haven't met yet who talks to my mom a lot is so excited that I am prego she offered to send a Flip camera to help us all stay connected. I am so excited!!! So thank you Aunt Bobbe!!! You are awesome! I really wanted to get one, but couldn't justify spending the money. And so to be able to have the opportunity to include my family in all of this really means a lot, especially with us being so far away.

Love you all Here is what the announcement looked like.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

June 23, 2010

So how ya been feeling lately?

Wow I didn't even have a clue pregnancy would be like this. I have read so many books about it so I would have a better understanding. But nothing has prepared me for this. I thought I would have random morning sickness, and start to grow like a house.

Right after I found out I was prego, I started to feel very very tired. Then I started to feel a little sick. And the sick started to get worse and worse. I felt weak and nauseous 24/7. I couldn't get up and clean I was so sick. It is kind of like when you start to have the flu, and you feel weak and sick. Well I have been feeling that for over 3 weeks now.

It is draining. I can't sleep at night because I feel so sick. I fall asleep around 5 or 6 a.m. and then sleep during the day off and on. My sister and a few other people have told me that pre-natal pills can also make you sick. Well I am really just wondering if mine are doing just that.

Monday however I had an amazing day. I felt great. Now I still felt very tired, but I was finally able to clean my house up a little. It is still not clean enough, but it is better than it was.

I have wondered if maybe I am farther along than I think....but as of right now from what I have calculated I am 9 weeks pregnant today! lol

Baby has been changing my body already. Some I like, and some things not so much. ha ha But I guess those things come with the pregnancy. But I have to say I am soooo not a fan of the acne. I mean come on isn't it supposed to be a mean right of passage that you go through in your teens and then it's supposed to GO AWAY!!! ha ha ha ha

Love you all

XoXo-Andrea Carla

June 20, 2010

You are what?......Pregnant?

So I have been dying to blog about this for a while....but I had to keep this quiet for a little bit.

Soooooo I am finally pregnant!!! I am so excited and scared at the same time! ha ha I mean I have been married for almost 10 years and have been waiting to start a family for so long. But with Chuck deploying so much and everything that has gone on with his parents......He changed his mind. He decided that he didn't want to mess up like his parents did. I was devastated that he changed his mind. But what is a girl to do? So I tried to figure out what to do wit myself. I tried several jobs that I loved, but didn't seem to be that great at. And as the years passed, I tried to change my mind about having kids. I tried to convince myself that I would be fine without kids, and that we could still have a happy family. I think as much as I lied to myself it didn't matter....I just didn't feel it. I wanted a family...a few kids....and some happy memories. But alas I couldn't convince my husband that it would be a good thing.

So the years passed and my friends were all having kids. My sister has this perfect happy little family that is so beautiful. And it just pained me that I would never have that. Her kids are so loved and spoiled by both sides of their family. And I know that my kids would never have that. His parents are concerned only with themselves....and mine live so far away. But I guess that means that when they do get spoiled....it will have to be lots and lots!! lol

I have so many mixed feelings about this, but I can't wait to finally hold that baby. I am so scared that I will be a bad mom. I am scared that something might be wrong with my baby and I won't be able to help him enough. I am afraid that I will go to my first OB appointment and they won't find a heartbeat. I am scared that I won't be able to carry the baby full term because I have already had 2 miss-carriages.

I am sure that I am having normal feelings for being a first time crazy pregnant lady...But it doesn't mean that I am still not scared.

So On mothers day this year I was pregnant and didn't even know it. Chuck had left for work in Norway for a week, I had been invited but couldn't fork out the $2,000 for a plane ticket.

The week Chuck came home, he had to go to Camp Roberts near Paso Robles. He was training the reservists for their weekend drill. They were going to go to the gas chamber, and practice working with their heavy equipment. I have always wanted to go to the gas chamber, and so chucked talked to some people and got the o.k. for me to go. I know it sounds crazy, but the Marine Corps demands that us wives understand everything our husbands do, and support them no matter what. Well that can be very challenging sometimes. So when I have an opportunity to experience something that he does, I jump on it. It helps me better understand the world he lives in.

So I called my Aunt and Uncle and asked if the dogs and I could stay with them for the weekend. They said sure, and so the next day I packed up and drove the three hours to my favorite place in the world. Paso Robles is so wonderful. It is peaceful, and beautiful. I feel so comfortable and relaxed. The next day I went to the base and found out the Cpt. changed his mind or something. ;0( So I drove back to my Aunt and Uncle's and hung out there. I wasn't feeling that great anyways, and I was supposed to be get mother natures gift that day and for some reason I had allergies. I never have allergies. So I was a bum and didn't do to much.

My weekend stay turned into a week long visit because the trucks that were to pick up all of the gear after the drill didn't show up. But we got to spend time with my Aunt and Uncle, and it was great!! I started to come under the weather while I was there, but tried not to let it get me down. One day I was so tired, and even though I slept all night, I couldn't help but sleep all day. It was very weird. Then the next day I couldn't stand smells. I thought I was pregnant, but wasn't sure. Chuck wouldn't let me buy a pregnancy test. He kept telling me that we should wait a few more weeks just to be sure so we don't waste money on a test.

Well I waited and waited, and my pants were a little uncomfortable to wear. When Chuck and I got home we had no food. So the next day we ran to the grocery store to get some grub. When we were almost done Chuck had realised that he had forgotten his wallet. So he told me to walk around for a while and he would run to get it and be right back. So as soon as he left, I headed straight for the isle with the tests and hid one in the cart. Then when we went to the check out stand I put it on the counter and hid it under some things. muah ha ha ha ha

When we got home, I grabbed the bag with he test and ran down the hall to take it. I took the test and then set it on the counter to wait. I have taken so many tests over the years and always felt so broken and sad when they were negative. I was afraid it would happen again. I left the bathroom and laid on the bed. Chuck came in and gave me that look. He asked if I had bought a test and took it. I laughed and said yes. He went in to see the results and came out and told me I wasn't prego. I sat up and was so surprised. What?!! Then he laughed and said just kidding you are. We hugged and that was that!

I'm Pregnant!!!! I am so excited!!!

XoXo-Andrea Carla

June 10, 2010

Movie reviews in short

So I have watched a couple of movies lately that I would like to tell ya about. Now I won't go into a lot of detail like I normally do, but I will give you my 2 cents! lol

Tooth Fairy- with The Rock was great! I thought it to be fun, entertaining, and funny. I think it is a great movie for the family. and give it 3 out of 5 stars.

The Box- with Cameron Diaz was lame! It was weird and twisted, and I think a waste of time and money. I still am not sure about it, but I do not suggest that you see it. It gets 0 out of 5 stars....It was that bad.

Letters to Juliet- with Amanda Seyfried is an Amazing movie! It was fun and light hearted. It was comedy and romance all wrapped into one. I was very impressed with this movie, and suggest that all see it. It is not just a chick flick, but a romantic comedy. It gets 5 out of 5 stars!! I will for sure be buying this when it comes out on DVD.

The Wolfman- I had a lot of high expectations for this film. I mean who doesn't want to watch Anthony Hopkins and Emily Blunt? The previews looked like it would be full of suspense and action. Alas it did not live up to my expectations. I found it good, but lacking a lot. When the movie ended I felt like so much was missing. Kind of like really?....this is it?! So I give it a 2 out of 5. I was disappointed.

The Young Victoria- with Emily Blunt. I had a friend say her family enjoyed it, but I wasn't so sure I would. I had been wanting to watch it, but just wasn't wanting to spend money on it. I caved the other night and got it on PPV. I was very impressed with it. I found it to be fun, romantic, very interesting, and you just love Victoria. I give it 3 1/2 out of 5 stars Because I would have liked to see more into her life than what was given, but found it to be good regardless. I will for sure be buying this on DVD.

Dear John-with Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried. I love both of these actors. I mean Channing is eye candy, and Amanda is a fun actress. I thought the movie would be a great military- romantic film. I found it to be a good story, but really lacking. I give it 2 out of 5 stars. I really wouldn't waste your time with this one folks.

Immortal- This movie looked semi interesting and sounded good. The preview led you to believe that you would be slightly entertained. It looked half real and half CG the entire time. It was confusing and I still don't understand it. I really would not waste your time with this one, and if you already have, I really do apologize for that 102 minutes of your life that you will never get back. I give it 1/2 a star out of 5.

Well that is all the movie reviews for right now..... Stay tuned

XoXo-Andrea Carla