June 24, 2010

How did you find out?

I have always wanted to do something cute and fun to tell family and friends when I became pregnant. So when I finally got the test results.....I knew I had to do something neat.

I pulled out my cricket, and spent the whole day making a cute card. I really wanted to tell my family, but again Chuck was making me wait to tell people because he is afraid that I will miss-carry again. So I finally convinced him that I could tell everyone on Father's day.

Two days before Father's day I find out that Chuck has spilled the beans to his family. Then his mother took it upon herself to send a Text to people saying Chuck is Pregnant. Then we got tons of calls saying we heard Chuck is pregnant...what is that about? I felt awful....I mean not only was he making me wait, but then he is the one who spills the beans? Grrrrrr.....Boys!!!

Also apparently when he went to church he had told a few people but told them not to tell, and everyone in our ward seemed to know. lol I have to admit that I was a little scared that someone might slip and tell my parents.....And the day before they got their card in the mail......my mom calls and was asking all sorts of questions. I thought she had figured it out, but I tried to play it down and act like nothing was wrong.

So on Saturday when the family was supposed to get together for the family Fathers day.....I texted my mom and asked if they had received the card yet. She said no, but would drive down to the mail box and see if it was there. I would say maybe a half hour later I got a phone call.

Apparently they didn't know or suspect that I was prego. I was soooo happy that they were surprised. We ended up getting online and used Skype to chat for a while. ;0)

I have to say I was very pleased with how happy my mom was. I wasn't sure what her reaction would be, and was a little nervous. But she was so excited and eager to tell others. ha ha

Also something that came out of this so far that is really awesome, is that my Aunt whom I haven't met yet who talks to my mom a lot is so excited that I am prego she offered to send a Flip camera to help us all stay connected. I am so excited!!! So thank you Aunt Bobbe!!! You are awesome! I really wanted to get one, but couldn't justify spending the money. And so to be able to have the opportunity to include my family in all of this really means a lot, especially with us being so far away.

Love you all Here is what the announcement looked like.

XoXo-Andrea Carla


  1. You have such a totally different relationship with Chuck then I have with Paul - I don't think Paul would every dream of asking me not to tell people and then go ahead and do it himself, or try to tease me about not being pregnant when I really was!