September 3, 2010

It's Riley!!!

Well it is 4a.m. and I am still not asleep. So I thought I should make myself useful and post some pics of Riley that we got. I feel more confident that it was our baby that we saw in the scan. I had noticed the date on the DVD we were given, and saw that it said date created and date modified was 12/2006. I became a little scared that what I saw and we paid for was not really my baby. But after talking with my dad, he told me it was more than likely the program that was created. And after I thought about it, that is when the guy went into business. ;0) Then we received our envelope with some nice quality pictures printed from our scan, and a CD with the pictures on it as well. I looked at all the creation dates on the pictures, and they are correct!!! ;0)The time stamp is wrong, but that just means the guy hasn't ever changed his computer clock. So I am feeling more confident in the fact that This little person really is my Riley Patrick!! ;0)

Oh yah and I felt a small kick twice in the last couple of days! ;0)
Here are the pics of Riley! lol
XoX Andrea Carla


  1. Yah!!!! Congrats! I love looking at all those ultrasound pics...doesn't it make your heart flip flop all around!

  2. Oh yah!! I love it. I am really starting to feel him move now, and I just love it.