September 29, 2010

10 years and counting!

Today September 29, 2010 is Chuck and I's 10 year anniversary! Holy Moo Cow Batman!!
We have faced so many odds that were against us. From people gossiping at our wedding that we wouldn't make it more than 6 months. To people purposely trying to break us up.

We have survived away from our families for the last 10 years, enduring 4 very long deployments to Iraq, and too many other times where Chuck has been gone for trainings for months at a time.

We have survived each other, and our differences as we have grown from immature kids into semi responsible adults.

We have survived the people trying to tempt us with things that would destroy us and our marriage.

We have endured this war that we are going through, and will continue to do so.

We are generally 99.9% supportive of the others decisions, and compromise on the other 1%.

We have faced people putting us down for being in the military, and for our religion, but we have stood strong and tall.

We have gone through ups and Downs on if we should start a family, and I am so proud to say that today I am 23 weeks pregnant with our first child. We made sure that we were strong enough in our marriage before we brought a child into this world that would challenge us even more.

I am proud of the man Chuck has become. He has set himself apart from the life he was raised in, and purposely made the greatest effort to have a better life, and provide a better life than he had. He has worked extremely hard to earn the respect he has in the corps, and I love to see him at work. He is a good Marine, and I am proud of him.

I love my husband. I am certain I am a challenge to him some days, just as he might be to me, but we push that aside and choose not to let little things tear us down.

I have married a good man, a great Marine, and soon to be a terrific daddy.

I love you Chuck, Happy 10 Year Anniversary!!!
XoXo-Andrea Carla

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