September 13, 2010

Knock Knock....anyone home?

Oh my what a day I have had. I did not sleep well last night, and fell asleep at 6:30a.m. I slept for almost 4 hours, and then had to get up to start my day. I have been dragging the entire day. I had to re-schedule my dr. appointment with Dr. Klein since he would be out of the office on Friday. And so I had a 4:40p.m. visit. Chuck trimmed the nails of the dogs, so they won't scratch grandma and grandpa's new floors when we visit. And they both got a bath! Hot diggity dog...we have two cute kids who stink good. ha ha ha

We ran to the bank and made a deposit, and then hurried over to Babies-R-Us where I registered. I had everything from my wish list moved over to the registry now. I am hoping to have a baby shower in Cali with all my friends here, but am not sure if it will happen. But if it does I will let you all know. While we ran around town before the dr. appointment, Chuck took me out to snitch some Yogurtland yogurt!!! Then we went to Marshall's to see if they had any Maternity clothes....of course they didn't, but I did find two things that I really wanted for the baby, but they were really expensive.....and they were so cheap at Marshall's!!!! ;0) I am soooo happy about it.

My dr. appointment of course started off really late. It turned out my doctor had an emergency c-section this morning. One of his patients had a ruptured uterus at 27 weeks with twins...But the delivery turned out well. ;0) While we were waiting I asked the nurse if we could play with the handheld heart beat machine....and she laughed and said yes. She gave me the jelly for it, and turned us loose. We played around with it, but heard nothing. Then the doctor came in, and told me I got all my results back for the baby. I have a 1/100,000 chance of Riley being a Downs baby. I like those odds. Not that I wouldn't want him if he was, I am just very afraid of failing. You know, not being able to give all my child would need and such. I guess I am scared about that regardless.....but more so if my child would never be able to be independent. I am afraid of letting my child down. Aughhh okay enough of that......So the doctor told me I am good for traveling, but to just take a lot of stops, and stretch my legs a lot. Also he used the heart monitor thing....and found my little Riley Man's heartbeat!

After Chuck was done working out at the gym with the guys.....we were heading home. I complained that Riley and I were pretty hungry. So Chuck took us to Ihop!!! I have always wanted to go. I could picture the waffles stacked higher than I could see as we pulled up just dripping with apples, and strawberries, and topped with Whip Cream. But when we actually looked at the menu, I had to many options. It came down to 3 things....
1)-A Belgium waffle, with eggs, bacon, and hash browns
2)-blueberry pancakes with eggs, bacon and has browns
3)-cream filled cinnamon and raisin french toast, with eggs, bacon, and hash browns

I settled on the french toast. I am a sucker for it. When we go to Denny's I always get the French Toast Slam. So my meal came, and I ate the eggs and such. Then once that was gone I moved on to the piece of french toast. It was topped with apples, and was amazing. I didn't care for the sweet cream filling. I thought it was a little to sugary, and to much for me....but the bread was divine!!! I am now a true fan of Ihop, and thank goodness one just moved in across the street! I have a feeling Riley is going to be wanting a lot of it! lol

That is all for now, but I will keep you updated!! ;0) Oh yah...And Riley is now a kicking machine!!!! lol Right now he is rocking out in my tummy! lol
Love you all and miss you tons
XoXo-Andrea Carla

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