August 14, 2010

Good Launch Party!!

So last night was my Scentsy Launch party!! I cleaned the whole week, but was just so overwhelmed with everything that had to be done....I wasn't sure if I would get it all done in time. Luckily Chuck came to my rescue and helped with some of the things I needed to get done. I don't think I could have finished it all by myself. I was very nervous about the whole thing as well. Not about making a little presentation, but I was afraid that no one would come, and no one would want to buy the Scentsy. But people started to show up, and things went pretty well. ;0) It turned out very well, and we all visited and had some fun. ;0) I still need to make a few more sales before I close out the party, but it went well for my first party. I meant to take a picture of everything set up, or even take a video with my new awesome flip....but alas I completely forgot! But the next party I will try to remember. ;0)

Hiccup is doing pretty good. My tummy is starting to get bigger. lol For once in my life I don't mind it. ha ha ha

Well that is all for now. I feel like I need another nap....but I need to clean up from the party! lol

Love and miss you all
XoX0-Andrea Carla

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