August 17, 2010

Getting closer!!

So I closed my first party!! I am very proud of how well it went. I am a lot closer to some of my goals. I am only about 136 points away from my 1,000 goal. Once I reach that, I get a promotion!! ;0) Also I am only 386 points away from making my 1,250 point goal. And at that point, I receive recognition from Scentsy, and receive $50 in free product!!! I am pretty excited about it! ;0)

So I am planning another party for next month to introduce all the new products for fall/winter. I am also hoping that I can have a booth set up at the Family fun day at Chuck's work, and sell some of the military warmers, and more scentsy products.

Also I found out that if I earn enough to qualify between August 2010, and January 31, 2011 I can get Chuck, Hiccup, and I a trip to Disneyland for selling so much. I am excited about it. I mean I probably won't make that much.....but hey it is a fun goal to work towards. Also the 2011 convention for Scentsy this year is in Forth Worth, Texas!! And that happens to be only 30 minutes from my bestie!!! ;0) I am not sure if I can go yet or not, and I would think that driving would be best for me since I would have Hiccup with me, and receiving a lot of product....And if I could stay with my friend.....then I will be able to save that money from a Hotel room, and spend it on food, and travel so I don't have to ask for a ride everyday. ;0) And who knows if it will work.....because we might be getting our transfer at that time as well. But I really hope I can go for a few days of training and such. ;0)

Well that is all for now. This week I need to go in for the 2nd half of my blood work to see how Hiccup is doing. I am really wanting to get the 3D ultrasound to see what we are having, but Chuck isn't to fond of the idea of paying almost $70 for it. ;0( Oh well.

Love and miss you all
XoXo-Andrea Carla

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