July 28, 2010

Starting to feel well again!!

Do I dare say it out loud? I am a little afraid that if I do I will jinx the whole thing....but here it goes!

Today is day 4 of me feeling good!!!!! ;0) I know I am shocked as well!! lol I will catch you up over the last few days.

Sunday- I haven't been to church in a few months, since Hiccup has kept me occupied with lying in bed nauseous 24/7. So I have really been wanting to go, and get back to my old self. I decided to try sacrament meeting which is only an hour, and I was thinking I could survive it I think. So we went, I didn't get to sick, and I survived. I was a little nauseous at the end, but I did not humiliate myself in front of the congregation by losing my breakfast. ;0)
After Sacrament, I really needed something to eat. Lately Cheeseburgers have really been hitting the spot for me. lol So we went home and Chuck changed out of his suit, and we headed to McDonald's. Then we got back in my car, and headed to El Cerrito. I love my car a lot, but I noticed it doesn't ride nearly as smooth as the Yukon does, and I get a lot more car sick in the Honda (Isabella..or Izzy) than I do in the Yukon (Lola)..Yes we name our cars. lol So I took my barf bag, and we headed out to the coast for a book signing!! I was really excited that I was able to go. I really am enjoying Melissa Stiefvater's writing. She was really fun to listen to, and very nice. I wish I would have thought to get a picture with her, but alas I forgot. So I got 3 of her 5 books signed. The book store didn't think to stock up on her books for her signing....and ran out! So I did get her newest book signed, and two from another series she writes. But I still need to get two more.....Luckily she signed a lot of stock at another book store, and so I will buy from them. ;0)
After the signing we headed home. I have figured out that I do better in slow traffic, but freeway traffic really makes me sick. lol Chuck said we were invited to a BBQ at someones house that is in the church that evening, and so I was feeling semi well, and so we headed over. The food was really good, and the little cheesecake bites afterwards sent me into complete bliss!!!! ;0) We headed home, where I collapsed in bed snoring happily!

Monday- I woke feeling good again. I know it was a shocker for me to! I mean really two days in a row where I feel good? It's almost unheard of! lol So I got up and made some breakfast. Yes I had waffles with pears and bananas! lol I was worried that me feeling well was a fluke, and the next day I would be back to my sick old self.....so I decided to overdue it as much as possible, and try to reclaim my house! I got a load of dishes done, started some laundry, and vacuumed the living room. Then Chuck came home for a short visit, and brought Hiccup and I some Krispy Kreme doughnuts!! I haven't had those in ages.....and felt like I was in heaven!! Chuck had to go back to work, and I felt I needed to as well. I fed and watered the dogs and birds, and then started another load of dishes. I dusted the living room, and changed over the laundry. I also managed to clean out the fridge!! I listened to a new band I really like called DetektivbyrÄn My favorite song is E18. Their music is relaxing and yet fun at the same time. I always feel like I am in a circus when I hear it. If you have iTunes, check it out, or look them up on youtube. I feel like I got a lot accomplished. Chuck came home from work happy that I had finally gotten something accomplished in the house. lol And when he was done making a new pen in the garage.....he made my first pregnancy craving run to the store.....I was craving Spaghettio's! Yah I know it was really random! lol I had also felt that I was well enough to start taking all of my vitamins again. So that night I took my evening pills which included two rather large fish oil pills. Fish oil is the most rancid stuff ever! And.....it always makes me burp the nasty taste.....yuck! Well I took all my pills, and was still feeling pretty good. I decided to hit up the little girls room one last time before bed, I got up, made it halfway across the room, and lost my dinner due to the taste of fish oil!! ;0( So not cool! And what a way to end my perfect day! lol go figure

Tuesday- I woke up with a huge headache....and unfortunately had it the entire day.....but I still felt pretty good. I felt really tired the entire day, and had a really hard time motivating myself to get going. I opened the windows, and forced myself to do one load of dishes. Then my Scentsy kit came in the mail, and I spent the rest of the day playing with that! I had so much fun with it, and made myself pretty sick smelling all the different smells over and over. lol Then Chuck came home, and I did it again....I had to show him all the scents! lol
I got my first two sales for Scentsy and I am halfway to my goal!!! I thought I had to sell $500, but I need 500 points. Which isn't much of a difference. I get one point per dollar spent. So I am at 269 points right now out of 500!!! I have to reach my goal by August 6th!! If I reach my goal, I then get 10 warmers, for the price of 6. So I pretty much get $100 profit from it after selling them! ;0) That's good.

Wednesday- Well so far so good, although I have been lying in bed now wide awake for 2 1/2 hours being completely lazy! lol I need to get up now and be productive, but it feels so good to be all cozy in bed and not have to hear the construction going on outside!! ;0)

So that is all that is happening here at Casa Chaos lately! lol I was told that I won't find out what we are having until Sept 15th!!! And that really bums me out....Even though my books say you can now see what baby is. So I am going to see if we can find a 3D ultrasound tech that won't make us pay an arm and a leg, and possibly our first born.... If we can do the 3D, then we can find out sooner. I have heard it is about $100 and hope it isn't more than that, because that is already a lot. ;0)

If you haven't checked out my website.....go ahead and try it out. If you have questions about it, go ahead and text me, e-mail me, or give me a call. I promise you will really enjoy this stuff. Some of the scents are so light and mild that they are just perfect and relaxing! I am ordering some smaller samples that I can mail to you if you are really interested....And you can also have your own basket party if you want. If you really think about it, it is the better and cheaper way to go. I really like Salt City, and Yankee candles, but for each large one, you pay $25-$30...for Scentsy...You pay $15-$30 for the warmer, and only $5 for each scent. And there are 8 cubes per bar! ;0) I think it is really worth it. And if you are like me, and forget to blow out candles......there is no flame with these, and you won't burn your home down!

I love you all
XoXo-Andrea Carla


  1. Andrea I just found your blog. So how are you? And where do the pointe shoes come into the picture?

  2. Hi, I am doing good. I danced for 13 years with Cache Valley Civic Ballet, so I have a deep love for the art. What about you?