July 4, 2010

First Dr. Appointment

So on Thursday July 1st I had my first appointment. I had a really hard time trying to get a Dr. who would see me, and my insurance would accept. This Dr. was the 6th one I had contacted. and finally they didn't turn me down, and my insurance decided to cooperate for once. Yeaghhhh!

But now I was really worried. I was scared my Dr. would be awful, and not really care about me, and that I wouldn't be able to find another one. My appointment was at 3:30 and we showed up about 5 minutes early. I am very happy we didn't show up any sooner, because that would have been a waste. I was a little stressed out, and so I forgot my water bottle and it was hotter than hades that day. Not having water started to take a toll on me, and I felt like I was withering away. There was no drinking fountain around, and we had to fight to get our parking space so there was no running out to get one either.

An hour later we were finally called back for our appointment. Yah we sat there for about an hour waiting. Then we had to sit there even longer waiting. I have to whine for a moment. When you tell someone to get undressed and you only give them a little paper drape to cover themselves with.....don't make them sit there for half an hour...

So the Dr. finally came in and I started to asses him. I know that sounds harsh, and I usually take whatever crap doctor my ins. gives me....but not this time. Whatever Dr. I get this time is going to be good to me, I am going to like them, and they will take good care of my baby! Wow I feel a little mean momma bear coming out already! lol

The Dr. started to ask me questions, and it seemed for the most part he was listening. Then his cell phone rang and he said he had to answer it to see if his computer was going to live or die. I looked at my husband and rolled my eyes. But hey let's give him the benefit of the doubt I mean maybe it was his work computer, and he desperately needs it. ha ha ha

So then of course he tells me to lay back and then said the classic "Skooch down." that the Dr. always says. lol I had asked in advance if I would have an exam, and they told me no. I was happy because I avoid those things like I do cleaning my house! lol He asked me when the last itme I had one was and I said "A while, I really try to avoid them." He looked at me and said how long? I said a few years. So then he told me that wouldn't do and I would have to have one. BLAST!!! I thought I was getting out of that one. I mean really we have all this amazing technology in the world and women still have to undergo exams like that and Mammograms! Is there no justice in the world? I mean really it is cruelty! lol

Finally they pulled the ultrasound machine around, and it started. At first I was like all right no big deal I have seen a million ultrasound pictures before, and this is no different. But then I saw my baby kick and then start rubbing his face!!! (I do not know if it is a boy or girl yet, but am just saying he instead of it.) All right I started to cry a little. I didn't expect to feel like that, and I still feel like I am a little shocked. I mean it was just a silly picture, but once I saw the baby move...it became very real for me. It became my baby. It was amazing to see. And I had been so stressed about worrying if my baby would have a heart beat or not, that when I saw the little fluttering of the heart, I just melted. I felt such a relief at seeing that.

I didn't feel rushed, and I felt that I was able to ask my Dr. all the questions that I wanted to. He seemed a Little frumpy....like his clothes were to big for him, and he slouched really bad in his chair. But you know he is a busy guy and who knows when the last time he got some sleep was.
So overall I was pleased with the service I was given. He gave me a book with lot's of info in it, and tons of brochures. Afterwards Chuck and I went to Target so I could try and find some shirts that would fit me a little better. I wasn't feeling to sick, so we walked around for an hour and I think that is one of the biggest outings I have had in ages.

Well that is all for now. Love you all

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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