July 21, 2010

Hiccup's Nuchal Translucency test

So yesterday was Hiccup's first big test! We decided to call our little Viking Hiccup from the movie How to train your Dragon. We love Hiccup, and thought it to be a fitting name for our baby until we find out what we are really having.

So we had to get up Uber early so I could get ready, puke if needed and get out the door on time. lol

We found the John Muir facility easy enough, and went up to the 3rd floor for our appointment. By the time we got to the Dr.'s I wasn't feeling so well. I started to feel really nauseous and just wanted to go lay down and relax. But alas I needed to stick it out for the visit. As the time wore on.....women kept coming into the office and were being taken back for their appointment while I still sat in the most uncomfortable chair ever. I started to get so sick I couldn't hold still. I surveyed the room and found only one tiny garbage can in the room, and the public bathroom was out of order on that floor!!! How can you have a floor of crazy pregnant ladies and not have a bathroom available for them?

Well as time wore on and the time for my appointment came and went....I was really getting to be bad. I looked around the room and decided I needed to sit on the floor and that would help me feel a little better. For some reason right now I cannot sit up for very long. Laying down, and leaning back are about all I can accomplish.

Just when I thought I had reached my limit, my tech came and called me back. I remember my reaction time was getting pretty slow by then, so I slowly stood up, and Chuck got my things, and I waddled over to where the Tech was waiting for me. I feel like a soda pop bottle most of the time. To much jostling, or shaking and I will burst. My Tech, Ali looked at me and asked if I was all right. I just looked at him and said I'm trying not to puke. So he waisted no time and got me on the table and laid me down. I was worried I was going to have to have the wand again for my exam since I am still not that far along.....but my wonderful Tech just poured about half a bottle of jelly on my tummy and went to town with a normal ultrasound. ;0)

Almost immediately I started to feel better, and was able to enjoy my ultrasound. I was hoping to take a picture or video of the whole thing, but alas.....the Tech put his hand in front of it when I did it, and told me no. ;0( Blast!!! So we started looking at Hiccup, and I was so happy to see how big he was since the last time I saw him. He was jumping and kicking, but he was at the wrong angle for the tech to measure him. So out of nowhere without any warning......the Tech takes the ultrasound thing and jabs it into my stomach back and forth really fast to make Hiccup move. I was surprised and caught off guard by this! lol I mean come on man I feel fat enough, I don't need ya to make waves with my belly fat! lol

So Hiccup wasn't to pleased with the jolt the Tech gave him, and so each time the tech would do that......Hiccup would push back or kick back. But he was not about turning over! lol The Tech had me sit up, lay down, he tilted the table so I was almost upside down, and then sitting back up, then down, then laying slanted. I wanted to ask him if he would like me to do a somersault or something. ha ha ha

This jolting of my belly went on for an hour! And Hiccup was being extremely stubborn. Finally he said let's take a break. I had to sigh in relief because my stomach was getting sore, and each time he would sit me up, I would almost toss my cookies! So he brought in someone who took my blood. I warned her that my veins roll, and that a lot of people have a hard time drawing my blood. She kind of laughed and dismissed whatever I said. She stuck me with a needle, and it didn't even hurt. I was so surprised!!! I mean normally it kinda hurts a little. I would know, I am like a human pin cushion!! But she got it all hooked up, popped the bottle in, and I started to give blood.....but alas she only got a little before my vein decided it wasn't going to give her any more! lol Go figure....I can't do anything easy! lol

So after the blood drawing the Tech went back to jabbing me in the stomach for about 20 more minutes before he finally got all the measurements he needed. Then the Dr. came in, and she showed us the two hands, and two feet. We also got to see the brain and such. It was so awesome to say baby Hiccup, and it was extremely entertaining to see him be so stubborn. I mean aren't the rumours true? Difficult baby....easy teenager, and easy baby is a difficult teenager? So I am fine with Hiccup being stubborn for now. lol

The Dr. was very appreciative for Chuck being in the Military, and so printed us a ton of photos! Chuck was even so proud, he hung one at his work. ;0)

Here are the pics of Hiccup at 13 weeks.....The first day of my second trimester!!! ;0)

Love you all
XoXo-Andrea Carla

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