January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Wow what an amazing year this has been. 2011 You have been challenging, beautiful, and have given me a beautiful gift.

This year has been pretty active for us.  We welcomed our 1st child.  He came sooner than we thought. An Emergency c-section. But he was okay after a little while, and we came home to start learning how to be a family.

  Introducing.....Baby Bear!

Our new little man in the NICU

Papa Bear saying goodnight in the NICU

The first morning home

fell asleep in Papa's arms

Our first time going out to eat.
Caity Bear brought her family out to California for a small Vaca and took Baby Bears photo. Wow she is good.

Baby Bear and I spent a few months without Papa while he attended Staff academy. It was lonely, and Mama Bear questioned her sanity a few times when Baby Bear kept her up all day and all night. But she had some amazing friends who supported her, and helped her out.

Mama and Baby Bear took a 20 hour road trip with Baby Bear to Gwampa and Gwamma Bears house deep in the Mountains of Idaho for a few weeks.  Caity Bear took Baby Bear's pictures since he was 4 months old, and she did a great job!

Finally Papa Bear came home, and we started to get ready for our big move this summer. We were lucky enough to find a great home. And then began the chaos of the move.  The Military did a great job this time. We had two great companies who packed us and moved us. They took a while to get it done, but they took time and care with our belongings. It was such a great experience.

Baby Bear has been our entire world this last year. Nothing else has even come close to how amazing out little man is to us.  He has mastered crawling, he is in the process of mastering climbing, and is a master at cruising around on furniture. He is the biggest flirt you will ever meet. He knows how to work a crowd, and loves it.  Every time we go out into town, he flirts it up with all the girls. Just the other day we were at Home Depot and he had this sweet little old lady just swooning over him. She was talking to him and he would tilt his head to the side and smile at her while looking at her from the side.  He is such a crack up. Mama Bear sure has her hands full with this little guy!!
But he sure is amazing.

We had a fun time dressing up for Halloween
And even have taken a few pictures with funny faces
Working in the Garage with Papa

We also fit in the diaper bag. lol

Papa this doesn't go on my head!!

Go Chargers!!!

ha ha ha ha

Bhwa ha ha ha

Mama's weak moment

1st time playing at the beach

Yah I am handsome and I know it

Ummm Baby Bear you have something on your face!

It's not so much on your head, but more every where else

Our first Thanksgiving as a family

Stellar hair Baby Bear

Alert the presses....We have a bear on the run!

Awesome Hair little man!

Baby Bear sure loves his lasagna

Christmas Eve lunch with family

Christmas day

Our first Christmas as a family
Rockin the glasses

Feeding the ducks!

Hangin with Gwampa Bear

Bear Stew

We have had a great year, and we are so excited for all the amazing things that will happen in 2012.
We love you all, and are so thankful you are a part of our life.

Happy New Year!!

Mama, Papa, and Baby Bear!

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