January 3, 2012

Double Standards on your kids dating

Last night Papa Bear and I were driving back form the Safari park with Baby Bear passed out from to much excitement in the back, and we started talking about if we had more kids.  The subject quickly went from more kids, to if we had a boy and a girl.  Then it turned to dating.

Papa Bear said it was fine if Baby Bear brought his girlfriend over to hang out at the house. They can even watch a movie together. Not to much cuddling, but they can hold hands in the house. I laughed. I asked what about our girl? (we will call her Jemma Bear for now since she doesn't exist) I asked if she could bring her boyfriend over, kinda cuddle but not really on the couch while watching a movie, and hold his hand. His response....."Ohhh Nooo!!"  I turned to him and did that high pitched WHAT? You can't do that. Papa Bear stated that oh yes he can, and that his daughter won't be bringing any boys home. I laughed again.....How can you have such a double standard? You can't do that with kids. But Papa stands firm by his answer.

    So I would like to know what your point of view on dating for your children is....from the parents point of view. Also I would like to know what you plan on doing when your child decides to do (or wants to do) something that you did as a kid....that you disapprove of. What will your tactics be?

Please keep it kind and classy.

XoXo-Mama Bear

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