February 16, 2011

Nonnie's no good very bad day

I took this title from one of my favorite kids books and just adapted my name to it. ( http://www.amazon.com/Alexander-Terrible-Horrible-Good-Very/dp/0689711735 )

Today was going to be great. Riley and I had an amazingly great 1st day alone together, and so the plan was to have another great day. We got up early, but not to early. Riley let us sleep in just a little. And let me tell ya mommy really was happy about that. Riley ate some chow while mommy snacked on a pop tart and snuck one of Chuck's Pepsi's out of the fridge. (shhhhhh don't tell) ;0) While we were eating, I got a phone call from family saying my grandma had slipped into a coma. This was really depressing news to hear, as I am close with my grandma and love her so much. While Riley napped a little I pumped for 30 minutes, and then got myself dressed, and did my hair. Then Riley woke up and I changed and dressed him. I got the diaper bag packed and everything ready to go. You see we were on a mission today. We needed to go to the store, buy some more diapers, because my Riley bug seems to have a nasty habit of pooping a lot. ha ha ha And we needed to buy some hangers, dusters, and a few little odds and ends. We also were going to go to the Tute (Institute) because on Wednesdays they have a forum, and lunch. Everyone comes out for Wednesday forum so I thought it was a great time to turn in my parking permit, see everyone, and show off my Riley bug. Once everything was done and ready to go I placed Riley in his swing and locked the dogs in the bedroom so they wouldn't bother him. I went outside and down the street to get my car and pull it up to the house since it was sprinkling outside and I didn't want Riley to get all wet. I got in my car and it wouldn't start. ;0( REALLY?!!! So I came in the house and called Chuck. He said he was in Sacramento and so he couldn't come jump my car. I called around and one of the guys from the ward came over and jumped my car. I was so thankful for this. Things were looking up a little, as we would still make it to the forum in time. So I pulled the car up to the house and was worried to leave it running while I got Riley and strapped him into the car. I thought the car would be okay, so I turned it off. Then I was worried so I tried to turn it back on, and nothing!!! Aughhhhhh I wanted to pull my hair out! The guy that jumped my car had said if I had another problem, then to give him a call and he would come over. But I felt bad enough for asking for his help in the first place. I always feel like such an inconvenience to people and hate to have to bother them. So I called Chuck again. He laughed at me for turning off the car. Thanks babe! ;-P

So I called around to everyone in my contacts list that I thought might be in the area. Out of all the people I called......no one could help. ;0( I called my visiting teacher again as her phone was off......and glory glory she answered and came to rescue me. She picked me up and drove me to Concord. While on our way we got stopped in the road by none other than a flock of wild Turkeys in the middle of the city next to the 680 freeway! What?!! It was funny to see them and reminded me of all the turkey's at my home in Idaho. I was dropped off in Concord at Chuck's work so I could get the Yukon. Thank You Brouge for saving the day!

We didn't make it to forum on time, and missed mostly everyone. But we did get to see a few friends, and Riley was a huge hit. While a friend held Riley, I checked my phone and realized I had missed 3 calls and 3 text messages, and had voicemails. My grandma had died at 2:48 p.m. and I had missed every one's call. ;0( This was hard to hear as I have been holding on to the thought that I have always wanted my grandma to meet my child. But it took me 10 years to get Chuck to agree to having children.....and apparently that made it to late. ;0( But she is young now, without pain, and with my grandad in heaven. So I need to be grateful for her because I believe she is so much happier now.

We went to Target and got the supplies we needed. As I loaded everything in the car and was strapping Riley in I realized we forgot a few things. I sat in the backseat contemplating if I should load Riley back in the shopping cart and go back in the store, or just wait and Chuck and I could go when we picked him up from work. I felt so tired and beat from the day that I opted to wait for Chuck's help. We drove to his work and waited for him. By the time we got out of there it was to late, so we grabbed a little chow at Diggers and went home.

Riley got some din din and we were off to bed. Riley and I had a good heart to heart about him sleeping until 4 a.m. I mean I would love to sleep till 5, but I would settle for 4. ha ha ha Well apparently Riley listened and thought that he would help his mommy out a little and he slept until 4:30 in the mornin!!! I did a happy dance!! He started to wake up but hadn't got fussy yet, so I got up and warmed his bottle while he hung out in his swing. I picked him up and carried him into his room so we could rock in our chair, and I could feed him. I walked in his room and found that Paige had pooped on the carpet!!!!! Aughhhhhh ;-O I was mad! She is house trained!!! What the heck!!!! So I woke Chuck up because by now Riley was getting upset that I was holding his chow in my hands and not giving it to him! Chuck was awesome and got the wet vac and cleaned it up for us. Thanks Babe!!!! You saved us from a mommy and baby unified melt down!!!

So that was my day! But tomorrow is going to be better! ;0) I love my grandma, and am happy she is pain free now.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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