February 15, 2011

First day

The day is almost over so I thought while my little man is napping........I will let you know how our first day on our own has gone. I am happy to report that it has gone splendidly well!! Last night we never woke Chuck up to help us with feedings or diaper changes, and it went well. Riley woke up around 3 and and after about an hour.....we finally got back to sleep. It was great. Then we woke up shortly after Chuck left for work, and we never really got back to sleep. Well Riley got a 26 min nap then woke up again. I was working on sleeping....but didn't get the opportunity to. Riley was a little fussy this morning but after I was able to fill his belly with some warm milk.....he finally went down for a nap at noon. I really wanted to take a nap as well, but knew that things needed to happen around the house. So I placed Riley in his bouncer, and turned on the vibration which he doesn't seem to be able to fall asleep without it. And I was able to pump for 30 minutes, and then start a load of dishes. I picked up a little and then Riley woke up. I changed him, fed him, changed him again, sang to him and then he passed out for another nap. Then I ran around and did another load of dishes, picked up a little in the bedroom, and then cleaned the kitchen counters. I cleaned out the fridge a little, picked up the doggy toys and put them away. filled the garbage can with junk that was hanging around, and moved some things around in the house. I made a trip out to the garbage, and moved the kitchen table aside to make a better area for Riley's swing to fit into (while he was sleeping in it). The 3rd load of dishes is almost done, and I need to pick up the fluff from the dog toys on the floor, and fold Riley's laundry. Then I am calling it quits for the day. It really feels good to start to reclaim my house again after 9 months of me not really feeling well enough to ever get a good cleaning done in it. ;0) Maybe if we have another good day tomorrow, I might even tackle the bathrooms!

Yesterday I also cut off all of my hair! It is Uber short! lol

Well that is all for now. I will keep you updated.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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