February 6, 2011

Flirting & Chaos

Yesterday Chuck and I had to go to the mall so I could get some of my jewelry serviced. I have to take it in every 6 months to keep up the bond on it. So we loaded Riley and I in the car and he didn't get upset about being in his car seat this time!!!!! woooohoooo we unloaded the stroller and loaded Riley in it. We went to Zales and then treated ourselves to a little Ice Cream Riley hammed it up for all the girls in the mall, and was a flirt at Target as well. lol Here is a pic of what he looked like. I love his pom pom hat. Chuck hates it, but it really helped his game of flirting with all the girls! lol

Today was Super Bowl Sunday! I am still pretty sick, but Chuck said we would make an appearance at his friends bowl party. I have been so sick at night that I actually kept Chuck up with my snoring which was so loud he could not sleep! Sorry Chuck!!! He said it was the worst sound! lol I can't help it though. I am so congested........and tired from taking care of my little fuss bucket Riley.......and then when the temperature lowers at night it makes it hard to breath....so I snore up a storm! But we went to the party....and I hung out in their bedroom the whole game because the t.v. was pretty loud in the other room. But Riley and I had a fun time hanging out. The chow was good, and the game was awesome. I was cheering for the Packers......and was thrilled they won! Although the Steelers tried to pull out a win in the end, and came close.

After the game we watched Glee.....and that was fun. Then we came home to start getting ready for bed. It is almost 10:30 p.m. and my little Riley bug is wide awake hanging out with his dad! lol Chuck is watching Top Gear, and Riley is sitting in his lap just looking at him. When we were watching Glee tonight Riley noticed the t.v. for the first time. It was so funny to see. He was watching the performance of Thriller by the Glee cast and football team, and watched the entire thing. It was so funny. He just stared at the screen. ;0) After the performance he lost interest in it. lol I told him he could like Thriller, but not Michael Jackson! lol

Our house is a disaster area......sheer CHAOS......It really looks like a bomb went off in it. Poor Riley's room has all his clean clothes just dumped into his crib.....I did get a few things put away the other day. I just placed Riley in the crib full of clean baby clothes and he hung out with me while I folded things. But now it is full of unfolded clothing again. lol oops I hope my sister didn't think it was awful when she was here. lol I know I just had a baby....but I don't feel that is an adequate excuse anymore. lol I just don't feel up to cleaning most days.....and all I want to do is sleep one night through. lol Oh the wishful thinking of a new mommy! lol I know I just need to suck it up and clean the house........I would just rather sleep instead....ha ha

Chuck only has one more week off with me before he heads back to work. I am a little scared as after that it will be me on my own! I am just hoping that Riley and I will be good on our own, and that we can manage to get the house back in order, and survive the first week! lol I found out that there is a new mommies group at the women's center on Wed or Thurs.....it is free, and I hope Riley and I can join and have some fun. After they are 3 months....then they move to a different group and so on with each age milestone. I hope it will be fun and a good place for me to go and get out of the house. But I am very timid about putting myself out there now. I used to be so outgoing, but with my weight gain....I fin d that I would much rather hide in the shadows than shine in the spotlight! Oh well....I guess I will never know until I try. ;0)

Well I am exhausted, and Riley is eating his bedtime chow....so we need to get cleaned up and ready for bed.

Love you all
XoXo-Andrea Carla

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