May 23, 2011


Chuck's almost done with Staff academy!!! Wooohooo So far we have survived playing the single parent role. Granted there were a few days where I wasn't sure I was going to survive and Baby Bear was probably wondering what the heck I was doing or thinking. But he always got fed on time, and changed. The little guy was taken care of just fine. lol I may not have been completely sane the entire time.....but hey it's all good. I didn't lose it completely. lol

I feel bad that I haven't really been keeping up with my writing lately. I have barely been able to keep up with my five for Friday's and Sunday's shenanigans. lol So I don't have to much free time at the moment, but I thought I would try and update ya a little.

This last week has been busy. Yesterday Riley got to meet some of his cousins for the 1st time. Like always he was a huge hit and a little flirt. They brought him a cute giraffe toy that he loves. It has blinking lights, and you can stretch out his long legs. It's pretty cute.
The other night it was about midnight when I was finally able to crawl into bed for the night. I had finished pumping, doing the dishes, and getting everything ready for the night shift. I crawled into bed in my old bedroom at my parents house and out of the corner of my eye I saw someone else in the room. As I turned to scream in surprise and wake Baby Bear.......I realised that it was just my reflection in the mirrors. Yah! My closet doors are these huge mirrors. And I am nerd enough that I forgot for a moment, and scared the tar out of myself! NERD ALERT!!
I have recently found that no matter is physically impossible for me to hold onto bubble wrap and not try to pop it. Even when it is wrapped around something delicate and it has to protect it on the long journey home and if I pop it I will have to buy more to protect that item.....I still can't help myself....I HAVE to pop the bubbles!!! I think it's a condition I have. Maybe it's called BubbleWrap poppingitis. Even if it might wake Baby Bear........I can feel the urge to pop it trying to take over. lol It's out of control. lol

It has been really crummy weather here in Idaho these last two weeks. It was sunny and pretty for a very short time, and then it just shifted and got crummy. So lots of rain, and a little bit of snow. Poor Harley thinks that he got the shaft on this trip as he can't go play in the fields and all over the property like he normally does because I don't want to have to bath him each time he comes back in from playing. Poor boys. Harley is doing a bit better since Paige passed. He has become really clingy to me. As in he follows me everywhere. More so than he used to. Poor boy. But can you blame him? His sister died, and his daddy left him all within the same week.

Well Baby Bear is calling so I need to go. I will try for more of an update later

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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