February 8, 2014

Christmas Time 2013

Wow so I am super late posting about Christmas. But hey at least I am getting to it within a year. lol

We stated out the morning pretty rough. At 5 a.m. Poor baby bear had an air bubble in his tummy from his night feeding. (common with children with feeding tubes) He woke up screaming and crying. I tried rocking him but wasn't fast enough. So he lost his entire night of feeding all over the two of us. And I mean the bed, hair, clothes, everything.  so I shut and locked the bedroom door so a cute little baby bear couldn't see that Santa had in fact visited.

We stripped the bed, the pillows, ourselves, and threw it all in the washer. Then we climbed in a nice warm shower and cleaned up. Unfortunately our Christmas Jimmer Jammers (pajamas) were not going to make it for pictures. lol but oh well.  After we were once again so fresh and so clean and ready for the day's excitement I dashed down the hall in the dark to plug in the tree, boot up the computer to record, and turn on the lights. I realized while I was doing this I could not prevent bear's from seeing. I didn't want him to see what was to come, but if I closed the bedroom door he would freak out and cry. we already had a rough morning, and we didn't need more tears. so I placed the baby gate in front of the door. He could still see so while I was putting the finishing touches on everything he screams out....... SANTA!!!  It was so cute, and I wish I could have got that on film. Oh well. So I loaded the camera and got ready for the festivities.

Now while you look at pictures I was also recording. I was also having so much fun that I forgot to pick up the camera to take pics a few times. But I am hoping I can take some shots from the recording off of my computer. I just have to find the time for it first. lol  I will say this one last thing. This was by far the best Christmas I have had in the last 13 years!!! It was so much fun to be able to finally have a fun Christmas in this house. ;0D I hope you enjoy the pictures.
Santa has gone a little overboard this year. But his lovely wife figured it was well deserved seeing as how baby bear had just had a surgery, just had had his daddy deploy, and was having a hard time adjusting.

who knew a little spit shine could really spiff up some second hand toys. ;0D

when in doubt just dump the stocking out! lol

dressed up just like his Papa!!

awesome new bath toy

he loves his fort!

what a mess of fun chaos!!

he was checking out his new kitchen that I found. A girls was getting rid of it because the movers lost the kitchen sink and faucet. I figured who the heck cares. lol Bear's loves it!! But then..... his fort fell........TIMBER!!!

This look he  giving me just cracks me up!

Oh Mama, your not supposed to take pics of everything. lol

Notice his headlamp. He wears this everywhere. He even wants to go get the mail in the dark so he can wear it while walking up the long driveway.

by 10 a.m. he had crashed out.

I noticed later on in the day that he was really quiet with his toys. Oh crap....what's he getting into? Yah he opened the markers from Santa.....

whoops....my bad. I should have been more on top of it. lol

Giddy up cowboy!!!

He loves his therapy trampoline
XoXo- Mama Bear

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