December 6, 2011

Dr.'s, Parades, and Christmas...Oh My!

Things are starting to get a little festive here. We have Christmas set up, and I am slowly making new Christmas crafts to set around the house. I have so many crafts I want to get done, and so little time. lol
I am super excited that it is Baby Bear's first Christmas. I love that I am getting to show him all the festivities of the season. We just took baby bear to his first parade. He was fascinated by the lights, music, and animals. I think he loved the music the most. He really perks up and pays attention when he hears music. It is pretty cute to see. ;0)
Baby Bear had a Dr.'s appointment recently and it didn't go so well. Baby Bear's Dr. wasn't happy that he hasn't really gained since his last visit.....So she ordered some tests and then we could go home. But unfortunately those tests were horrible for my little man. I felt awful. He had to have his blood drawn, but his little veins were so small that they had to do it twice. Once in each arm to get the amount of blood they needed. Then they had to put a catheter in him to get a sample to see if his liver is functioning well. listening to him cry while they drew blood was bad, but listening to him scream in pain while they did the catheter was horrid. I felt so awful that he was in so much pain and screaming and screaming. And they couldn't get it just they wiggled it and he screamed and screamed some more.....I was tearing up and then finally they stopped. I hated it....and at the same time I felt awful for the man who had to do it. He hated it just as much. My poor little man cried and cried and all I could do was rock him and rock him until he stopped crying and then after a little while his hiccups died down. I took him to the park at Lake O'Neill. It is a really nice park where they have the fake turf instead of mud and grass, and the playground is made out of plastic instead of splintered wood. It was really nice. Baby Bear just sat in the grass for a little bit taking in everything around him. Then he started to crawl around in it a little. But he wasn't about to venture away from me to far. lol Then Papa Bear showed up on his bike and took him down the slide and gave him love and hugs. We headed home after and I loved on my little bear the rest of the day....playing with his trucks, hugging him, and cuddling.
A few days later Baby Bear had another appointment with his nutritionist. She told us that we have been feeding him everything we are supposed to. As well as giving him his meats, veggies, and fruits.....we have also been giving him gobs of sour cream on his crackers, or strawberry or blueberry cream cheese on crackers......whip cream mixed into his fruits....but in two months he has barely gained 1 lb. so now we will be going to a G.I. Dr. at Balboa hospital. Deep down I feel he is fine and is just a skinny little man....but I wonder if I should let the Dr.s continue poking and prodding my little man. It is a hard decision to make.
Well it is now 2:30 a.m. and I just fed baby bear again and got him back to sleep. I should probably try to get some myself before his next feeding. I will update later with pictures of the parade and such.
XoXo-Andrea Carla

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