December 14, 2011

Jingle bells and sparkling lights

So I am pretty sure I posted I would share photos of the parade and baby bear and never actually did it. So here are a few.....

We had some fun, and Baby Bear loved seeing all the lights and animals.

I can't believe the holidays are going to be here in a few days. Wow!! Where did all the time go?  So as far as being ready for Christmas....I guess we are as ready as we will ever be. Baby Bear is pretty much taken care of I think...and hopefully he will have a good time.  We have all the trimmings put together, and all the goodies that I think we will need. And we will be all set for a lazy day of Christmas fun. ;0) I wish we could go home to family this year, but alas we cannot.  So we will just hang out here and find something to do.

Next month is going to be Baby Bear's 1st. Birthday!!! I cannot believe this!!! It is insane....time has flown by this year.   I have decided that we will be doing a Candy Land Theme for his birthday party!! I have invited a lot of the military wives so that we will have tons of kids to hang out with and play games, and just have a good ole time!!  Plus I think every kid should be spoiled with presents and cake on their birthday. So even though we don't know everyone 100%....We can still return the favor for them when they have a birthday party for their kid. ;0) It may sound silly to a lot of you, but just think....Most of us who are military families do not live anywhere near our family. And since we move so much we don't know a lot of people that well. So if us wives just get together and create an awesome party for our least they will have a blast and it will be full of fun memories for them.  And just think if we all just donate like $5 towards a present.....each kid that has a party will still get to open presents that are awesome, and won't feel that they aren't as special as the other kids at school who do get to have big parties. Just because our kids parents choose to be in the military....doesn't mean that our kids have to go without the normal fun things that kids get to experience growing up. So no matter how old they are.... they should still get to have a big party. So we are going to try and rent a bounce house, and I have all these awesome games for kids of all ages, and I am going to buy some graham crackers and we can make gingerbread houses that are from Candy Land, and all sorts of fun stuff. I am going to try and make all the decorations so that we don't have to put to much money into it...because Papa Bear won't like that. lol  And hopefully  we can borrow or rent some tables and chairs for super cheap. I have looked online for a lot of ideas and I think it will be pretty fun. ;0) And then most of the decorations can be put away for Christmas decorations. Because who doesn't like a lot of candy decorations around Christmas time? lol

Papa Bear now works for a different part of his shop. And I have to say.... He is a lot less stressed. ha ha ha He will be taking leave next week for Christmas and we are all very excited about that.  We could all use some down time here. lol

I have been crafting my little heart out this month. I have to say so far I am loving making Christmas crafts.  I just wish I had a few million so that I could have unlimited crafting supplies. lol  But then what woman wouldn't want that. lol Or I guess I could settle for a Hobby Lobby gift card with no limit. ha ha ha  You can't blame a girl for wishing right? lol
Here are a few pictures of what I have been making:

Fired and glazed Ice cream bowls

finished fused glass

Making my weekly menu planner

1 of 2 Thanksgiving wreaths

Finished weekly menu planner

Fired and glazed family platter

I call this my leaning tree tower of 180 bulbs of awesomeness. lol

So I didn't so much make this, but I did help decorate it. lol


Some extra bulbs I had, so I hung them..

The semi finished family advent calender I made...I am so stinking proud of this thing. I still need to buy a few more ornaments, and numbers...then it is finished. And yes that is an EGA in the O. lol

My first Ornament wreath!!! I can't wait to make a lot more. My ribbon needs some serious love...but hey it's all good. lol

The lights on the left are made by my pinkie.. ha ha And Rudolph on the left is Baby Bears little tootsie. ha ha

So as you can tell i am really finding the domestic goddess in myself. lol We have also had a few other here are some pictures of fun things we have been up to......:

Visiting the pet store

Checking out all the col fish at the pet store

Oh wow....lizards, snakes, and spiders!!

Can I pet it?

Mmmmmm a peppermint lollipop

 For some reason he loves putting socks in his mouth

He naps so well on Papa Bears chest. He sure loves his daddy!

I think it is so cute finding him in these funny positions sleeping.

Helping Mama Bear peel apples so she can cook them and make me applesauce.

Helping Mama Bear peel apples and eat them lol

Help, help, helping you Mama Bear....Yah that is the pump he pulled down on himself.

Is this a look of guilt and an Uh Oh...I'm busted or what?! lol

His hair stands up great on the couch. lol

Ummm Baby Bear you have something on your face!

Petting the horses at the base stables.

Petting the horses at the base stables

Baby Bear's first Thanksgiving. He sure loved his stuffing, taters, and turkey!!

Our first Thanksgiving as a family

A silly hat Papa Bear found
Baby Bear would you care to explain what that red is on you?

Ummm Papa Bear I don't know what you are talking about.

Bused...Th evidence is clear....

Clearly all over do you not laugh at this?

Well I need to go o sleep and try to get a little before Baby Bear wakes up. lol Nighty Night

XoXo-Mama Bear

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