December 25, 2012

A very Bearrry Christmas!!!

Today Baby Bear had his second AMAZING Christmas!!

   I woke up before him and started getting things ready. I got him a bottle and went into his room pulled his Binky out and stuck his bottle in. Then I went and turned all the lights on, and  plugged the battery into my camera (yah I even thought ahead on that one. lol) 

Then I made sure that Papa and the Bear were up, and started to take pictures as they came down the  hall. I tell you what saving presents all year long really pays off well. lol
      I took pictures of Bear's face and he wasn't so sure of what was going on in the living room. He was a little confused. ha ha ha

So Papa Bear put him down and the fun started!! He couldn't believe his eyes.  There was just so much awesomeness to behold. ha ha ha Bears started opening presents and it was great watching him and how astonished he was at everything.


So we had a pretty great day, and Riley had such an amazing time. ;0D He was sooo pleased with himself the entire day. Finally at around 1:30 Papa Bear decided to put him down for a nap thinking he has been so amped up he has got to be tired. So we made him a bottle and Papa took him in to rock him to sleep, and the poor little bear passed right out before he could even drink his bottle. LOL I guess he was a little tired. ha ha ha He slept until about 4 and then woke up fully energized again.  It was awesome to watch how happy he was and how amazed with everything he was. lol

Well we finished off this great day with a fantastic dinner made by Papa Bear, and watching the movie Men in Black 3. It was super duper funny.  Now some sleep!

XoXo- Mama Bear

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