March 5, 2015

Playing catch-up with recent events

So I am super behind in my blogging. I have really missed it, but the last few months have been full of drama and a little chaos. lol

Bear's got to go to his first 24th of July or Pioneer Day parade and loved it. In fact I think it might have been his first ever parade. It was great.

I started getting really into painting my nails and doing something called nail stamping. I am not good at it yet, but I am getting better. lol

We had summer fun with cousins at the local water park and celebrated cousins birthdays. I even made a pretty awesome cake.

I am so proud of how this awesome cake turned out

We had some great summer time fun.

 He played so hard h passed out.

He played so hard at the park, he got some awesome hair!!
Overall a pretty good summer.
XoXo- Mama Bear

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